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Bits from Training Camp, 10/4

October 5, 2013
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ty jeremy

Tyrone Corbin
** On his defensive focus this season
Man-to-man. It start man-to-man first. Guy on the ball, you and your man first. And then we’ll build from there. We will get help where we need help, but we don’t want to starting axing for help [when] you can do your job.
** What have the battles between John Lucas III and Trey Burke been like?
They’ve been fun. They’ve been fun to watch because, you know, John’s an old pro. He’s a small guy with a chip on his shoulder ’cause he’s small. He had to fight for everything he’s gotten in this league. He know how fast and tough you have to be, you know, at all times on the floor. And he’s taught Trey some of that. Trey’s playing with a little bit more of an edge now after being with him a few days here. So it’s gonna be great for us to have a veteran guy to help Trey grow into the spot.
** On Richard Jefferson
He’s been, you know, he’s been a pleasant surprise for me. He, you know, he came in in great shape, first of all. His attitude has been super. He working with the young guys, communicating with the young guys. But he’s been working in practice, and that’s the main thing. For the guys to see a veteran, older guy like him working on every drill like he has been, it’s good for us.
** Are you planning to speed up the tempo this year?
I think because of the youth on the team and the way that the team is built now, we will speed it up some. But we don’t want to be out of control. Controlled up-tempo? You can call it that. That’s your term.
** Is there starting to become separation between the first and second units?
I wouldn’t say ju–overall just yet. And then what gives us a best chance going forward. Combination-wise, of starters. It’s more than just the first, the best five guys, to start the game. It’s thinking about combinations of guys coming off the bench, building a whole team from there.
** Will Trey Burke start right away?
We’ll see. We’ll see. He’s working his butt off to be a starter.
** Gordon Hayward has talked about being more of a playmaker this year. When do you see the ball in Hayward’s hands?
More frequently. More frequently, and more early in the offense. Late in the offense. Late in the shot clock. And not just to make plays for himself. He sees the floor so well, he can be falling and getting bumped in the lane and still make passes to his teammates.
** How can Derrick Favors defend without getting into foul trouble?
It’s growth. Growing in the game. Recognition of time and moment. We don’t want to take his aggression away. You gotta get him to be smarter about when to be physical. Working with Karl and seeing the craftiness of where, how he can hit a guy…if you’re behind the play, getting back in the play without making a foul. And that’s experience, and he’ll get better™ there.
** Has Favors extended his shooting range this off-season?
He’s been working on his perimeter shot. It’s getting better™. But his main game is inside, attacking the basket.
** Trey says Alec has been more vocal here. Has that emerged from years past?
Alec? [Alec Burks.] Yes, yeah, they all, Alec and Gordon both, one of the things we talked to ’em about in the summer, and then last year, is, you know, being vocal. Not just doing what you supposed to do, but if you’re back behind, and talking to the guys and pointing and communicating, so we can get it worked out faster…and it help us grow faster.
** Ty, what is your weakest link?

enes abs

Jeremy Evans
** On gaining weight
Actually, I came in this morning. I picked up, like, six pounds from, you know, the other day. So I’m feeling good. [It’s a big accomplishment,] especially during training camp. How much do you weigh now? Like, 199.
** Do you like eating?
Oh, yeah. Love it…Sometimes I wish I had something during halftime for the game, you know, just so I can refuel.
** Are you seeing more time at small forward or power forward?
Right now, still power forward.
** What’s it been like working with Karl Malone?
Oh, man. It’s been really tough, but I think it’s all helped. He’s shown us so much stuff, and I think we’ve learned a lot already in just, what, five days?
** What has he been specifically working on with you?
Just using my quickness. Of course I’m not gonna be able to pound guy, you know, down there with the big guys that’s weighing 100 more pounds than I am. Just using my quickness.
** Will there be a dance-off at the scrimmage?
Well, I guess I’ll talk to Gordon [Hayward] ’cause you know, of course we had to do it. And a couple other guys will mention it to them, and hopefully we see somebody dancing. (KALL)

gobert tweet

To close, here’s the team putting in work (and getting their yoga on):




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  1. Diana permalink
    October 6, 2013 2:18 am

    so much I love in this recap and so much I don’t.

    I love that they are learning so much from Karl Malone, it warms my heart.


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