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Bits from Training Camp, 10/1 and 10/2

October 4, 2013
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Tyrone Corbin
** What’s the biggest thing you want to see from the team this month?
Well, compete, you know, with each other. Compete against each other. And then learn how we become a cohesive team from competing and working against each other everyday. So when we get into game, the speed of the game is not different from what we’re used to playing in practice. So we can continue to compete and grow. Sooner than later, learning how to compete against different opponents. Learn by doing it through competing against each other at a high pace every day.
** On Marvin Williams: He’s working his butt off to try and get ready.
** On Alec Burks: He’s worked his tail off this summer.
** On Trey Burke: [He] came here early and has been working his tail off.
** On Andris Biedrins: He was hurting the beginning of September when he came in…but since then he’s been working his tail off.
** On Derrick Favors and Enes Kanter: They worked their tail* off to have some opportunities in the post.
* Apparently, Favors and Kanter share a tail.

** What do you expect defensively from this team?
Well, as a team, man-to-man. We want to make sure our man-to-man defense one-on-one is better first, and not always looking for help. We want to make sure you take care of your responsibilities of your own first, and then where we need help, or assistance there, we can get it there but be able to get back to one-on-one basketball as much as we can.
** What changes will we see in your defensive scheme?
You know, I don’t really care to specifically talk about what those are. But we looking to be better. We are looking to be better.
** What are you doing to make Trey Burke’s transition easier?
You can, you know, you can try and make things as simple as you can, but the game is what the game is. And he’s gonna have to face all those obstacles.
** On Richard Jefferson
You know, ’bout the last couple of years, I told him, “Look, this is a clean slate for you. It’s brand new. You know, you got an excellent opportunity here to earn minutes on this team. And we need your leadership in the locker room, because we are so young.” And he’s just come in and done that. I’m not concerned about last few years. We know what he’s done in this league and last couple of years haven’t been his best, but you know, he’s capable of still playing. His body look good, and his athletic ability still’s up to par, and his attitude seem to be along with it. So we ready to see what he can do with this.
** On having many unsigned veterans at camp
Well, you got so many young guys already…You know, and these are the veteran guys that have experience. They can, they’re good guys. They can help the young guys grow and help us get better, sooner.
** What have you seen from your point guard, Burke?
Trey? [Yeah.] Oh, he’s getting a lot better, man. His confidence is getting better everyday. He’s getting a better feel for what we expect from him as a point guard in this league. How he has to control the tempo of the game and along with that, get his own offense off. But defensively, how he have to learn how to get into guys’ body, how he have to pay attention to the strong or weak side defense, and use his body and strength to get over screens. … Condition-wise, he’s better. Understanding of the game is better. His speed is getting up a little more…He’s getting better.

Trey Burke
** On his pick and roll defense
That was the area that I needed to work on coming out of college, is, you know, getting over the screen. Not getting hit by the pick, by the picker, as much. You know, I think I got better, you know, since college. And then since summer league, I think, you know, I’m doing a really good job of getting around the screens without getting picked, you know, if the screen is too far out going under. And I think it’s just an adjustment that I had to make.
** What have the last few months been like?
You know, a lot of uncertainty, really. You know, not really knowing what to expect coming into training camp or even coming into workouts, you know, this past month. But like I said, once I got comfortable with the staff, got comfortable with my new teammates, you know, they’re making it easy for me out there. You know, helping me through my mistakes, and you know, more importantly they’re teaching. So you know, that’s what every player needs.
** Which of your teammates are you most excited to play with?
I think I’ll go with Derrick Favors. Because, you know, I’ve always loved playing with a really good big man. You know, I can remember watching him in high school. He was one of the top recruited prospects in the country. You know, I just followed him, you know, since high school and now I might get an opportunity to play with him. You know, I’m excited. (Rise24)

Alec Burks
** How was the first practice?
I mean, it was good, you know? I feel like we worked hard, you know? Played hard, got to know each other a little bit, so you know, it went good for the first day.
** What is Tyrone Corbin preaching right now?
We gon work hard, and we know what type of team we have, so we just gon keep getting better everyday.
** How do you approach possibly having a larger role this year?
I take the same approach, you know? I feel like I was ready for the role my first two years, but you know, now I’m getting the opportunity and I’m just gon take advantage of it.
** What are your goals for training camp?
Just get better. Improve. Get into tip-top shape, you know, for the grind. You know, 82-grind, you know. And just help my team as much as I can.

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jody karl jerryvia @DJJazzyJody

Gordon Hayward
** What’s your role this season?
You know, a lot of leadership by example. You know, I know what we’re trying to do, and the drills, and what the coaches expect from us as players, and so, you know, me showing how to do it, and you know, busting it through every single play is definitely what I need to do, what my role is.
** What is Tyrone Corbin preaching right now?
He said the same thing I did. We have a lot of talent; we just have to make sure we use it and it’s all gonna start defensively for us. And we have to be on the same page, and you know, we can’t feel sorry for ourselves if we make a mistake. ‘Cause it’s going to happen, we’re gonna make mistakes. We just gotta learn from them and move on to the next play.

Enes Kanter
** What’s the one thing you have learned from Karl Malone?
Probably concentrate on what you doing. You know, just go, you know, 100 percent, put everything you got. And don’t use your hands too much.
** What kind of coach is he?
He knows basketball, like, different level. So you know, it’s really fun to work with him. He’s a really fun guy. And also, he’s really rough and mean sometimes. You know, he just want us to go 100 percent. He just want us to be really good.
** On Karl Malone
You know, it’s crazy that he still got that, like, you know, playing body. And I think, you know, if you put him in the court, he probably play, like, 15 minutes. Seriously.

Richard Jefferson
** What do you hope your role is this year?
I’m just looking to contribute in any way. Hopefully, it’s on the court. If not, then it’s gonna be, you know, mentoring, you know, some guys…There was a time where I was scoring 20 points a night, and that’s not gonna be my role. I understand that. Will it be playing 20 minutes? Will it be playing five? You know, I know I can contribute if I don’t step on the court and I know I can contribute if I play 20-plus minutes. So, it’s just a matter of whatever opportunity comes up. … My goal is to play in 82 games.

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines
** Corbin on the first practice: It’s the first time through, full speed, and you know, it’s one of the things that these guys gonna learn all year long, is that, you know, you think you’re ready until you actually go through the experience of it. Then you realize it’s some more work you have to put into it.
** Corbin on Trey Burke’s transition: We try and put him in situations to get him prepared for what he’s getting ready to face, but it’s gonna change when he get in front of it and face it. So we’ll make it as complicated for him now so when he get into those moments, it can, he can be a little more comfortable in it so it won’t be the first time, but it’s gonna be the first time for him.
** Corbin on Alec Burks: [He’s] getting himself ready on both ends. His body’s gotten better from the standpoint of how he can move and use his hands…and get small at times and stay wide and big at times on smaller guys.
** Corbin on having 20 guys at camp: More bodies; you can do more things. You crunch at time a little bit because you wanna go more rest, but you have to get everybody an opportunity on the floor. But you can, you keep guys fresher; you can go harder; you can expect them to go harder, longer. Although we have 20 bodies here, only 18 are going, and, because Marvin’s limited and Brandon Rush is limited. But it’s great to have a slew of guys, you can move some guys around with. (Utah Jazz, KALL)

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  1. MyKroberts permalink
    October 5, 2013 4:45 am

    get back to one-on-one basketball as much as we can.
    ** What changes will we see in your defensive scheme?
    You know, I don’t really care to specifically talk about what those are. But we looking to be better. We are looking to be better.

    Every high performing defense in the NBA includes plenty of help and good rotations. Corbin is going with the “I don’t know how to coach so we will just play one-on-one” approach. Awesome.

  2. Nathan Baxter permalink
    October 5, 2013 6:12 am

    I literally laughed and some tears came out too when I read this. * Apparently, Favors and Kanter share a tail.


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