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Media Day 2013: The Suits — Oversized and Otherwise (Part 5 of 5)

October 2, 2013

moob-squad(H/T @5kl)

Tyrone Corbin
** With the new players, how will you be changing the offense? Well, there’ll be some tweaks as the personalities different. What those changes are, we’ll see as we go forward here. You know, we’ll, naturally, you’ll change some things. The things we like, we’ll keep. We can, where we don’t have a guy in Al Jefferson to go down to in the post, we’ll have to change some of those things. What gives us the best chance to get better as soon as we can, but to be competitive at the same time.
** What’s your favorite part about Trey Burke? He’s a winner. He’s a competitor. He competes, man. That k–he’s proud. He’s a proud competitor. And he’ll work to get better.
** What changes are you hoping to see in Gordon Hayward’s game? His growth…The importance of him growing as an individual and his game growing on both ends of the floor. The ball will probably be in his hands a little bit more this year. We’ll look to him to make bigger plays for us this year, more frequently than he did in the years past. He’s excited. He’s growing to this position now, so his time is to, time for him now to show what his growth.
** What will Derrick Favors have to do this year? Compete. Continue to compete. Grow. Learn the difference between coming off the bench at times, not being the main guy on offense at time. Defensively, anchoring the defenses. Communication, where he can cover space. And make plays off the ball. Make plays on the ball. And the frequency now has to be every play, he has to be involved in some kind of way.
** Are you counting on Richard Jefferson, John Lucas III and Brandon Rush to help you with the young guys? Absolutely. Absolutely. We, everybody that’s in this camp is here for a reason…Everybody on the roster has a chance to get some time on the floor. We want to look at what gives us the best chance, with the focus being the young group that we have, to grow them into the position that they’re gonna be in this organization down the road, but* we want to compete and be as good as we gonna be right now.

andy tweet

** On coaching staff changes: To have a chance to move Brad Jones up to a bench position for us, and Mike Brown, or Mike Brown, Mike Sanders come up to take on some more responsibility on the bench for us, and then to add a guy like Alec** Jensen to our development staff, and with Alec,** Alec** Jensen, to come up, and then to Johnnie Bryant, to be move up into a development role also. So you know, these guys have put in a lot of work with the guys. They do a great job of communicating with our young guys. Brad, and Brad Jones, and Alec** Jensen have been in the D-League developing guys there, so the experience of where we are now really will pay dividends with these guys in their relationships they’ve built with guys in the D-League up until this point.
** Do you feel extra pressure being in a contract year? No. I’m completely fine with where I am. I respect the organization’s side and my side in the negotiations, and we, you know, things will get worked out.
** Were there some physical or fitness changes over the summer that impressed you? Well, you know, you look at Derrick Favors’ b–I don’t kn–it’s not his weight. He hadn’t gained a lot of weight. His body look better to me. You know, he worked out with Karl [Malone], some of the things, some of that has an, had an effect on him. Enes, after getting through the shoulder stuff, has, you know, he’s continuing to get his body lean like he wants so he can take his shirt off for everybody to look at his stomach. Alec Burke**, man, has put in a lot of great work. I think his body’s starting to mature into his size, and he’s getting, gotten a lot leaner. His shoulders have broadened some. So these guys are growing into their adult bodies now. And you look at Gordon Hayward. He’s getting leaner, but he’s bigger to me. I–well, he’s looking like he’s lost, he didn’t have much body fat to lose, but his shoulders are cutting in. His legs looking a lot better.
** What’s the biggest question you want to have answered going into the season? How will this young group of guys compete. And how will they relish in the moment of the opportunity that’s in front of them.
* Emphasis mine.
** Not a typo.

** People calling Mike Sanders “Mike Brown”: Tyrone Corbin
** People calling Alex Jensen “Alec”: Tyrone Corbin
** People calling Alec Burks “Burke”: Tyrone Corbin

A study of Ron Boone’s legs on Media Day (thankfully, the mouse stayed in the house):



Dennis Lindsey
** Tyrone Corbin and Richard Jefferson, a match made in heaven: I think, is there a better example for Richard Jefferson to breathe some life into his career than Ty Corbin? Someone who played 16 years? And Richard’s evolved from more a primary player to more of a support player, but there’s plenty of opportunity. And as you know, Ty’s gonna put the guys out there that make the best group…If [Jefferson] wants to continue his career past this point, we think we can participate in that…Richard’s been, you know, touched by the hand of God with his body. And knock on wood, he’s never had a serious injury. So if he wanted to be like Ty and play 16 years, he has the ability to do so. I think Richard, the fact that Ty in particular, my first conversation with Richard was, is, “Richard, Ty has no agendas here. He’s as good a person as you can get, as a head coach, and he’ll listen to what you want.”
** What are your expectations for Andris Biedrins, Richard Jefferson and Brandon Rush? I expect them to be good pros. I expect them to support Ty. I expect them to move the group in the right direction ’cause we have a young group. … Specifically from a skillset standpoint, we’re excited about Biedrins allowing us to become the type of defensive club that we want. We have a lot of shot-blocking at the rim. Derrick Favors. Andris. Rudy Gobert. So literally, if Ty wants to trot out lineups, he can keep shot-blocking at the rim for 48 minutes. … [Brandon Rush is] a “3 and D” candidate. He’s a big wing that can play “two” and “three” if we start playing small this year…He’s a really good shooter. We really look forward to participating in his career from this point on, and you know, who knows, there’s a real good chance he could be back ’cause you know, I, I and Ty really value that role. … [Richard Jefferson] has really improved as a shooter. He didn’t get to show it much last year because he was outside the rotation.
** On Alec Burks: You’ll notice his body. That’s the one thing everybody says, is “Oh my gosh, he’s becoming a man.” And he really is, he’s becoming a man. And he’s more athletic than what he was when we got him two years ago. He’s more balanced. He had a, what we call an upper body sway, that impacted some of his lateral movements. So he’s, if he’s moving to the right, putting his foot down and then changing directions back to the let, left, his upper body would move a little bit more like a noodle. And we wanted to be, you know, over his hip. So, you know, hopefully we’ll, we have helped his contain defense in theory.
** On Jeremy Evans: Jeremy Evans is just a breath of fresh air. And we really look forward to more opportunity with Jeremy. We, I, Ty and I actually think that Jeremy, no matter what role he has, has real leadership ability, because he’s willing to step up and say the things that need to be said. But he’s always happy with the group no matter what his role is that particular night.
** The Jazz didn’t skip steps: We decided to jump in the deep end of the youth movement, and we’re excited to do so. I think that while you guys questioned us quite a bit on the young guys playing and were they playing and developing enough, we think we stayed true to the mission of the organization of not skipping steps.
** On Tyrone Corbin’s contract status: We won’t be commenting on it the rest of the season.


Steve Miller and Randy Rigby
** What are your expectations for Tyrone Corbin in his contract year?
Rigby: Ty Corbin is our coach. And we’re turning, Dennis [Lindsey] deals with the issues as it relates to Ty’s contract…We’ll let then the contracts being handled, and being, by Dennis, in those negotiations.
Miller: Our expectations are that Ty shows up, which he will, and that he does the job that we’ve hired him to do. And he will, because he’s a consummate professional.
** On the new scoreboard:
Miller: We are of the mind that these are, these will be, they are, the finest in all of NBA. I mean, Indiana’s is phenomenal. Houston’s is phenomenal. But in terms of clarity, in terms of proximity, in terms of size, scope, I mean, you can make these screens too big. It is possible to make them too big. We struck a brilliant balance in terms of size, scope, proximity to court, to fans, the whole thing.
Rigby: And I think the other thing is, is you want to make sure that the screens complement the game, and no–don’t try to overpower it. And then I think that’s what we’ve done a brilliant job…so that you really can take it all in. And the way the building is designed on top of that, it’s the best-designed building in the NBA. And now you’ve put these screens out there. I mean, it’s gonna be, and now those screens in the corner with all the stats and information, it literally to me will be the best place in the NBA to consume NBA basketball.
** You always do a nice job of getting to know players and you were really quite close with Deron Williams. You were close with Paul Millsap. Is that difficult?
Rigby: Well you know, the wonderful thing is, is these are, they’re people. Like you say. And they have feelings, and they, it’s hard for them for that transition…But you know what? We’ve got some new young players that have, are really class acts, and I’m really excited to see them.
** The Jazz are following the Oklahoma City model?
Rigby: We didn’t want to be in the middle of the road, and we felt that it’s an, a perfect time with the talent that we have, and the structure that we have into place, it was to put everything in and really go at the new beginning, and really build this team. We’ve seen, it’s no surprise in the NBA, you look at what Oklahoma City’s been able to do. And we feel that we are gonna be able to do the same thing, and really build an exciting, young team that can develop into a championship-caliber team.
** How much of your off-season plans were you able to execute?
Rigby: I think what we’ve been able to do this year has been, literally, 100 percent of everything that I could’ve ever expected…We’ve been able to literally accomplish everything that we set up in the off-season to really lay the foundation for where we’re at today.
** Any plans for the Jazz to wear the short-sleeved jerseys?
Rigby: We’re going up and having meetings with Adidas later on in the month of October, and we’ll talk with them about potential opportunities. But right now, no plans are made with the sleeve.

P.S. The king was in the building :)


Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines
** Tyrone Corbin on the draft: Those things, you know, when they come up, if you’re not ready, you miss it. And they were, they had just a great strategic plan to be ready for it, and it happened, and we were able to get him.
** Corbin: If you’re in it, and you play with a group of guys, and where they’re coming together kinda raw, and you throw a bunch of young guys against these guys in this league, and you see ’em come together as a group, it’s exciting to watch.
** Steve Miller: It’s no secret that little things add up. You have to pay attention to the right things. You can’t just, you know, you can’t be chasing little things for the sake of little things…We’re doing some of the smaller things to hopefully have a big impact.
** Miller on the new scoreboard: The last two big ones, the big ones…are going in this week. Everything else is already in. And I’ve seen some of those screens in action, and awesome is a colossal understatement.
** Dennis Lindsey on Alec Burks: His upper body would move a little bit more like a noodle. And we wanted to be, you know, over his hip.
** Lindsey on Richard Jefferson: Richard’s been, you know, touched by the hand of God with his body. And knock on wood, he’s never had a serious injury. (Utah Jazz, KALL)

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  1. October 2, 2013 9:49 pm

    thanks for doing all of these! [you’re the best..]

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    please no short sleeves!

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    That picture is too much!


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