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Media Day 2013: Trey Burke, Ian Clark, Rudy Gobert (Part 3 of 5)

October 1, 2013


Trey Burke
** Did you know what you were doing when you posted the Instagram of Spokane? Not necessarily…I was expecting a lot of people to, you know, be concerned of why I was out there, but I wasn’t expecting the type of tweets I was getting. So I had to take it down, just, you know, in all due respect to John [Stockton], you know, he told us not to tweet anything. And I don’t think he had seen my tweet, but he just told us not to, you know, let the social world know that me and Alec [Burks] were out there. But it was a great experience.
** What was the experience like? Oh, man. It was an honor, first and foremost, to have the opportunity to meet him. And he’s such a, like a basketball genius. You know, he wants to stop you in everything you do pretty much out there on the court, and he wants to teach. It goes to show his passion for the game and why he was such a good point guard when, you know, he was playing.
** What did Stockton teach you? He taught me a lot about patience in the ball screen, shot selection, different reads out of the pick and roll. And he taught me a lot, really, in the three days I was with him. You know, I tried to soak it all in and apply it, you know, to my game, but you know, it was so much coming at me. You know, I tried to take the important points he was teaching me, which, you know, the main thing, you know, he tried to tell me that we’re both small guards, you know, and when you’re small, you have to be smarter than the other guys. You have to play at your own pace; you have to, you know, understand angles and spots on the court, and you know, that’s something that I wanted to learn in college. [Stockton did not teach Burke knee-to-the-thigh or elbow-to-the-kidney.]
** You bring up the ball, high pick and roll. Derrick Favors sets the pick; Russell Westbrook goes below the pick and roll. What do you do? He goes below it? I’m going to call for the re-screen. And then? Come off the screen, and there’s going to be a little pocket pass there or it’s gonna be a 5-foot jump shot. You know, it’s gonna be up to me to make that read. So you’re not just banging? The minute he goes below, you’re not just banging? Maybe before I went to Spokane, I may have done that. John, he told me, when he played, he didn’t like to really start off shooting a lot of threes because if you missed a couple, your percentages are low. So that’s another thing I learned from him. I didn’t want to go out there to just to work out with him. I wanted to really get something out of it…I definitely plan on going back out there.
** Stockton’s pearls of wisdom: [Stockton] said something that stuck with me. He said, you know, “The better passer you are, the better scorer you’re gonna be.” You know, guys expect you to pass, a lot of times, you know, you’re gonna be open when the ball comes to your or you know, when you come off that pick and roll.
** Which teammate’s skillset has impressed you the most? Gordon [Hayward]. I got a chance to watch Gordon at Butler, but just seeing him in open gym, and seeing, you know, the rate he can shoot the ball and how he can attack the rim, you know, then again use his size to get to the rim, you know, I can just tell that he’s a really good player. He’s gonna be, you know, one of my main targets.
** On being vocal and being asked to be vocal: What I appreciate a lot, the guys, they let me talk to ’em. They let me, you know, be a leader, and, instead of just looking at me as a little rookie. And I think that makes me more comfortable, and that helps me play with ’em.
** How much do you want to win the Rookie of the Year award? I definitely want to win it, but I don’t think, it’s nothing that’s on my mind right now. You know, I know, you know, the more that we win, you know, the higher that possibility is. I don’t think I’m thinking about that right now. I’m just ready to get the season started, and help this team win.


Ian Clark
** Why Utah? I think this is the best place for me to come in and work for some minutes, work for some playing time. I love coach Corbin.
** Are you allergic to anything? I am not, actually. I was, funny story, I was allergic, when I was younger, to fresh-cut grass. But I’m not anymore.
** What are you most excited for this season? I mean, just be able to come out and play and, you know, represent the Utah Jazz well, and be able to come out and compete and win games. That’s, it’s what I’m here for.


Rudy Gobert
** On being comfortable with his height: No, not bothered, no. Even if I gotta bang on the door, I’m just used to it. I’m proud to be tall. I’m happy to be tall, and play basketball too.
** What’s your bed like? The bed, I make, custom make. Yeah. So I got a 7-feet [by] 8-feet. So, I’m good.
** Are you making friends? Yeah, yeah. Everybody’s cool, so you know, it’s easy to make friends, and I’m, most of the time, I’m with Ian, Ian Clark. But I have a good relationship with other players too. So, it’s good.
** How are you recovering from your surgery? It’s getting better, day by day, you know? Recovering, and I play five-on-five last week. It was doing good, so I think I’ll be good.
** How tough is it making the move from France to Utah? It’s not very tough for me, because I’m used to be far my family and stuff like this. But it just different culture, but the people are very nice here. So, I’m good.
** Do you have a relationship with other French players in the NBA? Yeah, of course. I talk to Tony [Parker] every week. Nicolas Batum, Rodrique Beaubois too. Most of these guys, yeah.
** What is your emotional state going into camp? I’m just excited, you know? I’m not stressed, no. I’m good. I’m just excited, and I just want things to start.

Gobert-Clark Bromance
** You and Ian Clark seem to have bonded. Gobert: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Ian (“Yun”) was there, he came, like, three weeks ago? And I think almost every day, we go out to eat and stuff like this. So, it’s very good.
** Who wins at video games? Gobert: I beat him. He’s mad every time. What do you play? Play 2K. We play some pool too. We play some pool, 2K. Almost every time, 2K.
** Gobert: I got a Range Rover…Ian has one too. Did you guys go together? Yeah.
** Clark: Man, it all started when we first got here about three weeks ago. We actually were both in the same hotel before we kinda found our places and everything, and you know, we rode to practice together before I got my car here, and it just took off from there. You know, we went to eat. You know, we played video games together, just hang out all the time…It’s fun. You know, I’m learning a little French from him. I actually got a chance to take him to his first football game ever. The U played about a couple weeks ago, so we went to that game, and it’s been fun hanging out with him and kinda learning from him at the same time.

clark gobert

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines
** Locke: How old were you when you realized you could really shoot it? Clark: Probably going into high school. Probably my eighth grade, ninth grade year.
** Locke questioning Burke on how he responds to a pick and roll: So you’re not just banging? The minute he goes below, you’re not just banging? (Utah Jazz, KALL)



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