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Media Day 2013: Jeremy Evans, Marvin Williams, John Lucas III (Part 2 of 5)

October 1, 2013


Jeremy Evans
** On having Jerry Sloan back around: Oh, it’s great. Hated to see him go, and I thought he was gonna be here after I left, so just to see his face everyday, you know, it brings a smile to my face…He’s a great coach. He helped us out, and he’s gonna tell you like it is. And that’s what we need.
** Where’s your game? I think it’s improving. Like you said, I’m knocking down jumpers. Confidence is sky-high right now. And just, gotta carry it over into the season.
** Did you text with “G”? What was your correspondence with “G” or the other guys during free agency? Well, I didn’t really text them until, you know, just seeing ’em in Santa Barbara. We talked about [the departures of Al Jefferson, Paul Millsap, etc.] Saw Big Al out there. You know, wished him the best out in Charlotte. That’s about it. What about communication amongst the guys that are still here? Well, that’s what I’m saying. We didn’t really have too much communication about it. Just when we see each other.
** What’s the highest you’ve ever touched and jumped? Highest [jump] was 6-11. [Touch was] 12-7. I got there this summer.
** What are your goals this season? Just to go far. I feel like, you know, a lot of people don’t think we can, but I believe we can. Just because, you know, our name with Utah Jazz, we’re an NBA team, and we’re coming to play just like the rest of the NBA teams.


Marvin Williams
** Do you know if you’ll be playing “three” or stretch “four”? I’ve talked a little bit to coach about some different scenarios, but I’m sure as the season goes on we’ll talk a little bit more. Which do you prefer? Doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter to me at all. I just, I enjoy playing; I enjoy being on the court. And if I can help a team win at a different position, I’ll figure it out from there.
** Did you get married over the summer?
Marvin: No, not yet. Not yet.
Ron Boone: Not yet?
Marvin: Nah.
Booner: Not yet.
Marvin: Not yet.
Booner: Can I read into that?
** What’s your timetable? I started running on the treadmill [last week]. I’m running, like, the underwater treadmill and I’m running on the actual treadmill now. I can get on my toes, but I can’t really jump. I can jog a little bit on the court, but not really full sprint or anything…No pain.

lucas iii

John Lucas III
** On his relationship with Dennis Lindsey: When my team didn’t pick my team option up, ’cause we know, we got a new GM and vice president in Toronto, he gave me the phone call, so I was like, ok, time to go do free agency all over again. And first team to call me was Utah…My relationship with Dennis is, you know, he’s like a mentor to me. You know, I’ve been around him my whole entire life, basically. So, and I went to his alma mater in Baylor, you know, my first two years. So he knows my game in and out. He knows what I’m capable of doing. And after talking to Coach Ty, you know, I felt like this was the right spot for me to be in.
** On why he’s here: I’m here, first of all, I’m here to win. And to be a part of something I feel like is gonna be great. And also to help Trey [Burke] along the way.
** On Trey Burke: He listens…Any guy on the team can come in and say something to him. It’s not like he’s trying to, like, “Haha, whatever.” He’s like, “OK, yeah, I see it.” And then you’ll actually see him going out and work on exactly what you said.
** Five years from now, what are you doing? Hopefully, still playing. And then going into coaching.
** On Jeremy Evans: You know what? I’m still kinda hot at Jeremy from last year though, when he dunked on me and then he just like, laid on top of me all crazy. I’m, so you know, my whole goal this year in training camp is to get a tip-back dunk on him while he’s underneath the goal…I was coming from the weak side, and I went over to take a charge. Got there too late, not realizing that, you know, he could jump from that far distance. You know, I’ve been dunked over by LeBron [James], like jumped over, so getting dunked over was nothing. But the way his after-celebration was, I think I pushed him off me too, like, man, I was like, “Get up off me.” Like, kinda mad, but actually laughing at the same time, ‘cuh I’m like, man, this gon be on ESPN again.
** Which of your teammates has surprised you? I like Alec “Burke.” You know, I didn’t realize how athletic he was.

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines
** Locke to Marvin, on the mic: Can you pull that a little closer to your mouth?
** Locke on Marvin’s season last year: I just had this feeling this was the perfect fit. And then somehow during the year, it kinda felt like it was a square peg into a round hole, right? Like, I mean, it just didn’t ever vibe. (Utah Jazz, KALL)

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