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Media Day 2013: Derrick Favors, Enes Kanter, Gordon Hayward, Alec Burks (Part 4 of 5)

October 1, 2013


Derrick Favors
** On whether his new goatee is a more grown-up look: No, my girl like it. That’s all it is.
(Gordon Hayward: I’m just happy that I can even grow facial hair. Three years ago, I wasn’t able to do it.)
** On the prospect of having to be more vocal: It’s not that hard to me. You know, I’m pretty, I’m used to it. I did it before. You know, I might be quiet, but I ain’t, I’m not shy about it. You know, Imma say what I have to say.
** Favorite candy: Reese’s.
** On having a go-to move: A go-to move to me, man, just scoring the ball, really. You know, I know a lot of people might say [it’s a specific move], but I think my game, until, you know, I work on it a little bit more and just figure out something, you know, it’s just scoring the basketball right now.

favors tweet

** What’d you learn the most from working out with Karl Malone? The most I learned working with him, man, it just a lot of mental stuff, really. He was telling me how to just take care of your body…Being in condition before training camp, and when you come in during training camp, you’re already in good shape and you’ll be able to take your game to another level.
** On the Jazz meaning a lot to Karl: The franchise mean a lot to him. He was just telling me, you know, the fans will respect you if you come out and play hard every night. Just give it all you got, and then show ’em that you care. Show ’em that you like it here. And you know, he said they got a great fan base.
** On being around Karl: It was an unbelievable function experience. You know, just being around him, you know? He’s a Hall of Fame guy, you know, everybody know him. He’s Karl Malone. So you know, just those two, three hours I spent with him, you know, it was just an unbelievable moment. Something I’ll never forget.
** How will the addition of a pick and roll point guard affect your game? [Trey Burke] understand my game pretty good, you know, ’cause I’m a pick and roll player too. You know, for him being a pick and roll offen–I mean, pick and roll guard, you know, that’s gonna help me out a lot.


Enes Kanter
** On whether he’s been adding to his wardrobe: You know what? I get them from Italy. So I haven’t get ’em any. But I’m waiting for to go to L.A. I’m gonna shop at Mel–Mes–Melrose Street? Oh, it’s a crazy street, huh?..I went there last year, and it’s so much fun. They have some crazy stuff out there.
** On Big Al Jefferson: I would, you know, still love to play with him. And you know, it’s just so much fun. I’m not just even talking about basketball part. Basketball part, just really good because, you know, he was helping me a lot. I’m not talking about [on] the court. It was, you know, like, every, I said it, I just say this in every time in every interview about Al, you know, he was not a teammate for me. Was just a, you know, big brother for me. So every time, even when I look at him, he was making me laugh a lot of times.
** Kanter and Alec Burks had to go back on rookie duty last season when Kevin Murphy was sent to the D-League. Relatedly, people calling Kevin Murphy “what was his name”: Enes Kanter
** On rookie hazing: Oh, we got rookies now, because three rookies, oh, I cannot wait…You know, I learned a lot from, not just basketball, from [Big Al]. So we gonna, oh man, cannot wait.

al tweet

** On working with Karl Malone: It just, you know, even when I, you know, first met him, then, even, you know, even how he talk, then you understand why was he a legend. So he was, you know, he was really nice to me. His wife was really nice to me. She’s a great cook, by the way.
** What basketball skills did Karl Malone work on with you? Most of the time, we worked on the balance, and you know, leg strength. Because you know, he said if your legs not strong, then you gonna get pushed around. And you know, he talking about when he was playing, you know, how he treated his teammates, how he treated his coaches.* So he helped me a lot. You know, when you listen a legend like that, I mean, I think it’s help me a lot. … He taught me some secrets that I cannot say on here.
* Bless Karl’s heart.
** What are you most excited for this season? Dunking on Alec Burks. Most excited of? You know, I think, you know, all the changes makes me so excited, you know? All the stuff that change around, you know, the team change, arena’s changing, all the stuff around is changing. The change make me and making my teammates so excited and making me just wanna play, you know?


Gordon Hayward
** On what’s going to be the hardest part of leading: Vocally. We’re both quiet guys. Fav even more than I am. So, something happens, something doesn’t go our way, somebody is, you know, not doing their job, it’s part of our responsibility and our job to make sure that we, you know, it’s not, you don’t have to yell at the person. You don’t have to do anything crazy like that, but to be motivators a little bit and hold people accountable, and hold ourselves accountable, and make sure that the next time, they get the job done.
** On (questions about) the extensions: Jonathan, our media training guy and our PR person, told us all the same thing. We knew that the question was going to be asked. So both of us had the same answer [“I’ll let my agent handle it”] ready to go and prepared.

earl tweet

** On refusing to pay $50 for line privileges at Cedar Point: Fifty bucks per person, to remind you…Part of the journey. I think we stood in one line for, like, four hours.
** What did you work on this off-season? I worked a lot on ball-handling this summer. And I know I’ve said that for the past, you know, couple summers, but I think you can always become a better ball-handler…I also worked a lot on my mid-range shot. After the season, kinda broke down a bunch of videos and plays of, you know, things I didn’t do very well. You know, I was either making shots from the 3-point line or all the way at the rim. And there’s kinda nothing in between, and so working on mid-range was huge for me this summer.


Alec Burks
** Were you cooling or chilling this summer? Both. Both. Did you spend more time cooling or more time chilling? I was back home, so I was cooling. [Me: *facepalm*]
** On his approach this summer: I took a different approach this summer, you know? Worked out hard, you know? Just got better.
** On the youth movement: I appreciate the opportunity, you know? The Jazz did chose the four of us, you know? Add Trey, it’s five, so you know, they want to see what the future’s gonna be like and we gon, we’ll see what happens.
** What do you think of the Kansas City Chiefs? 4-0, you know? It’s love, you know? It’s love. I love it.
** Do you feel like it’s now your time? I feel like it is, you know? There were a lot of changes made, you know? A lot of changes to the team, you know? I feel like I have a great opportunity, you know, to show what I been trying to show my last, I mean, my last few years.
** What have you learned from the last few years? Man, I just learned it’s a business at the end of the day, you know? Things happen, you know? A lot of the things that happen, you know, that stop me from seeing the court, but you know, I take it all in stride and keep working.
** Do you expect a different role this season? I expect a lot, you know? I expect it every year, you know? … You just gon see what happen.

** People calling Alec Burks “Alec Burke”: Ty Corbin, John Lucas III
** People calling Alec Burks “Alex”: Brad Rock

rockKanter correctly called Burks “Alec” in the actual quote.

Quote of the Day
David Locke to Alec Burks: What should I call you? Because Burks is not going to work anymore.

Burks: Just call me my government name. Alec, you know? Call him Trey…Yeeuh. My government name. Yeeuh.

Anecdote of the Day
What was it like meeting Karl Malone this summer?

Kanter: We have a lot of hard practices, and besides basketball, we went to fishing, and we went to, let’s see, we went to see, we got accident over there. I don’t want to tell you this one.


Hayward: Go ahead. Yeah. Tell ’em, Enes.

Kanter: So, Gordon said it. He’s the leader, so I have, gotta tell it. So we drive in a, not a real car, like a big golf cart, you know what I mean? So I’m driving in his yard, and they have, like, big holes over there. I, so, he, and I just got my license by the way this summer…

And so, I’m driving, but I don’t even know why he make me drive. Anyway, so whatever, he probably didn’t know I just got my license. So I’m driving, he’s like, “Watch the holes.” They got, like, big holes in the yard. So, I’m like, ok.

Well, I didn’t watch the first hole. Then we got in the hole. Then he’s like, “There’s one be coming up. So watch out.” So I thought I could make it around, and we didn’t make it.

So the car was going sideway, and, but he stepped out and he just pushed the car [back up]. He’s so strong, it’s crazy. (Utah Jazz, KALL)

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  1. October 1, 2013 10:48 pm

    Nice to see Karl Malone is still a superhero.

  2. Diana permalink
    October 1, 2013 11:31 pm

    awesome job Core 4!!

    I LOVE hearing about what Enes and Derrick learned from Karl. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the visual of Karl just stepping out and calmly pushing the cart back up!


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