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Media Day 2013: Andris Biedrins, Richard Jefferson, Brandon Rush (Part 1 of 5)

October 1, 2013


Andris Biedrins
** Are you an outdoor person? I kinda outdoor person, but we didn’t have so much time to really enjoy because we were here on workdays [weekdays, since Labor Day]. We had practices, and then on weekends, we went back to Oakland to still pack a lot of stuff, and just move all our stuff here. And that’s why we really didn’t have so much free days to walk around, but I really like nature, and I’m really outdoor person. Same with my wife…My wife loves snow a lot. She likes to snowboard, so she’s happy about it really. Do you have kids? I have one, he’s two and a half. A little boy. Where’s your wife from? She’s from Latvia as well. Same city, same country.
** When did you move into the basketball academy in Latvia? It was really quick. I moved in when I was six years old…Since then I been playing basketball. I didn’t never try anything else.
** You had a really good third year. Is that still there? It’s still there, and I’m really hoping, I think this is gonna be a great opportunity for me, and I’ll do anything I can to get it back…I really liked it [in Golden State], but it was time to go. It was time to put a new chapter in my life. And I’m really thankful to the Utah Jazz team to bringing me here and giving me another opportunity to prove myself and help this organization. So I’m really glad I’m here.
** On Enes Kanter: I know he needs a supervisor. I’ll take care of that.


Richard Jefferson
** On wearing No. 24: They asked me if I wanted to go to [jersey number] 25 so I could just kind of just, you know, ease right into that Jefferson fan base, but yeah, I couldn’t do it. Twenty-four was the number that I was wit in, that I had my entire career except for Golden State last year, and that didn’t work out too well for me…So I’m glad to be back with No. 24.
** What can you bring? I think I can do a lot. You know, again, like I said, I’m not that far removed from, you know, starting and playing 30 minutes on a team that was number one in the conference. So I still feel like I have, you know, room to contribute. Whatever the coaches ask of me. Like I said, do I think I’m a 20 point a game scorer like I was in the prime of my career? Probably not. But you know, do I think that I’m a guy that, you know, sits on the bench and plays, you know, four minutes whenever, you know, the opportunity arises? I think I’m somewhere in between there.
** On last season in Golden State and Harrison Barnes: The team starts winning [while he was taking a month off to recover from a calf injury], and they hadn’t had a lot of success in the last six years. And so, for them, they were like, hey, we have to ride this out. And Harrison Barnes is getting playing time and experience at the same time, and so you know, I was the odd man out…It was tough. Like I said, there were days where, you know, I would come in and you know, go 2-2 in the first half [and] we’d be +6 on the plus-minus…and then you wouldn’t play in the second half because, you know, Harrison Barnes, you know, they wanted to get him those minutes. And I respect that…Hopefully him watching me go through [being on the bench] last year, not, it won’t be the same situation [with him and Andre Iguodala], but being a professional, handling it in a professional manner, and even, that was the kid that was taking my playing time, but I was in his ear. I was pushing him, I was working with him, you know, talking to him, showing him things. And I, and hopefully he’ll take that and learn from it.
** What was your reaction on being traded to Utah? Excitement. I was excited about the opportunity…To come here, and hopefully get an opportunity to get on the court and contribute more than just as a mentor, I think that’s something that was exciting.
** Three years from now, are you on a beach with Luke Walton or still playing in the NBA? Luke is my best friend and roommate, Luke is my best friend and roommate in college. Let’s make sure we clear that up. No, no, no…I want to play two more [years] after this one. That is kinda like my goal. I think 15 years is a great benchmark. And if I can squeeze out a 16th year, I think it would look cool.


Brandon Rush
** On being traded to Utah: I was actually in Hawaii at the time when I got traded. Kinda ruined my moment, but I think it’s the best for me. I’m think I’m in a place where there’s a great opportunity for a lot of playing time.
** What are you going to bring? Just that vet presence. Just presence, and just, I can be a guy that, like, they can come ask questions any time they want to. What about your game on the floor? My game on the floor? Just, I’ve always been known as a “3 and D” guy. And being able to rebound at my position. Run the floor. Just helping the team out in any kind of way I can.
** What is your timetable? Really don’t have no timetable, other than cleared [for contact]. Just gonna take everything real easy. Try to get my timing back, and just work on things from there.
** Did Mark Jackson tell you anything about Utah? No, not really. Not really.
** Do you expect to start? No. Not really. I just want to just come in and try to win. I mean, I can come off the bench. Really doesn’t matter to me. Starting never really matters. It’s who finishes the game, so.

rush media day tweet

David Locke to Brandon Rush regarding this tweet: Raja Bell and Josh Howard would love to see us right now, ’cause they have no Media Day. [Rush: laughs awkwardly]

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines
** Jefferson on Gordon Hayward: Gordon is a lot more skilled than I was coming out.
** Jefferson: It is a different monster when people are keying in on you…Every team’s game plan is built around stopping you and slowing you down. It is such, it’s a different monster.
** Jefferson on his media interview: This one will take less than four minutes, I bet.
** Jefferson on being in his 13th season: And to be honest, once you get past 10, you’re in kind of, you know, you’re in rare territory. Not saying you’re special, but it’s just, you’re not really seeing too many other guys that are in 10, 11, 12, 13.
** Jefferson on playing in Utah for the Jazz rather than the opponent: I am excited to be on the other end of that.
** Locke on Rush’s career before he got injured: All of a sudden it clicks, and it’s like about to explode. I mean, just, I gotta assume, there’s just been serious head-banging. (Utah Jazz, KALL)



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