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How Much Does the Front Office Love on Tyrone Corbin? Let Us Count the Ways

September 22, 2013
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Image via the Deseret News; H/T @dianaallen

Randy Rigby, Apr. 24
Ty did a great job managing players, injuries and growing
I thought our coaching staff did a very good job in managing some of the, you know, our player personnel, and some of the injuries that we had to deal with, and so I think there was good growth there from our coaching staff.

Randy Rigby, Apr. 24
Ty has remarkable character and commitment; is hard-working and passionate; has style and class
I’ll tell you, what I’m impressed, Ty Corbin is a Jazz type of coach. He is, has remarkable character. He has remarkable commitment to his team, and to his players. And also to our organization and this community.

He is hard-working. He’s passionate about the game. He is teachable, and doesn’t put his ego in the way of doing what’s right, and best, for the team, and for the organization. And I think he worked very hard, and I’ll tell you, he’s, you know, when you look at kind of what Ty was put into in those early years, in, literally, in that kind of tailspin we were going through, to have to help stop that, and then also to lose a All-Star guard, with Deron Williams, and then re-, kind of a re-positioning of our team, and rebuilding.

And he’s handled that with style and class, and, plus, doing that coming out of a lockout year.

Dennis Lindsey, Apr. 26
Ty is trusted, poised, innately does the right thing, and kept the locker room together
I think clearly to a man in the exit interviews with the players, there’s a deep sense of trust in Ty that, you know, innately he tries to do the right thing by people…

Ty really kept the locker room intact for over, you know, two and a quarter years now, and a lot of the games that we played in the last, you know, few seasons were meaningful, you know, to either just get in the Playoffs or this season, just fall out. So I think his poise, his steady hand is, are also characteristics that have stood out.

Dennis Lindsey, Apr. 26
Ty improved Al Jefferson’s passing
You know, I think one of the most obscure things that Al and Ty do not get enough credit for is Al’s very significant improvement with his passing. It’s almost, you know, guys that are more black hole-ish, you know, earlier in their career, they, many times, most often, do not develop into, you know, above average passers. And Al’s done a really good job of that, and I think the system and Ty deserves a lot of credit with that.

Kevin O’Connor, May 2
Ty did a great job keeping the locker room together, did everything the Jazz needed, is growing, has character and class
When you have to coach that many free agents on a team, and we did it purposefully ’cause we knew we were gonna be coming into a season where the collective bargaining was gonna get punitive with the luxury tax…

And I thought he did an incredible job maintaining, you know, great discipline in the locker room. You know, we went 10-3 down the stretch trying to make the playoffs. He did all of the things that we needed done. And you know, I think he put another star next to his name as far as some of those things go…

I think as you put a microphone in front of him, and you felt a guy with character, and you felt a guy with class, and you felt, we feel a guy that’s growing every year in his job.

Dennis Lindsey, May 6
Ty’s expertise allowed the Jazz to skip steps in rebuilding
You can make an argument we stepped, skipped a step or two relative to the rebuild ’cause of Kevin and Ty’s expertise.

Dennis Lindsey, May 24
Ty beautifully believes in his players; is an optimist
That’s the real beauty in Ty, is that he believes in players, and he doesn’t throw ’em under the bus, and you know, the glass is, you know, literally running over.

Dennis Lindsey, May 28
Ty was able to keep two development coaches on staff for an entire season
Ty has been really good about his approach towards staff. You know, we had two development coaches hires last all season.

Dennis Lindsey, May 31
Ty works out early in the morning, watches video
I love coming up here in the mornings and see, to see Ty up early and getting his workout in, and watching video.

Randy Rigby, June 12
If not for Ty, Jeff Hornacek wouldn’t be a head coach
It speaks volumes to me of the kind of coach that Tyrone was, to allow Jeff to flourish, and to be considered a head coach and receive that nod to be the coach.

Randy Rigby, June 19
Ty is confident and has abilities; allowed Jerry Sloan to return to the team
And I’ve seen, as we’ve watched Tyrone as a young coach, but you know what, has that same kind of confidence and abilities, and is not intimidated by having a great pe–a group of people around him, and a great coaching staff, and also having the desire of having individuals like Coach Sloan also being there as a resource.

Dennis Lindsey, June 28
Ty is willing to coach young guys; Jazz fans should be grateful
The Jazz family needs to understand how lucky they are to have Ty Corbin, who’s willing to coach young guys…

There’s just a lot of coaches, and coaches like Ty, that’s had winning records the last two years, that don’t want to really, you know, coach young guys, because by definition, it can drop your record significantly.

Kevin O’Connor, July 1
Ty had an excellent attendance record at draft workouts
You know, he was here for every single workout. He was in the film room studying the players. As he’s done in the past and, but I, as an assistant.

Dennis Lindsey, July 12
Ty kept the locker room together; gave Enes Kanter the same amount of minutes as Tim Duncan got his senior year
Ty also had to keep a locker room, and I thought he did a very good job of managing veterans and still developing young guys.

I’ll use this number again. Enes Kanter played the exact same minutes that Tim Duncan did his senior year at Wake Forest, or right around there. And you know, a lot of times the core is just illumination or development and all four of our young guys got better. And Ty and his staff deserves credit.

Dennis Lindsey, July 16
Ty realized “on many levels” the Jazz needed to rebuild
We needed to take that step, and Ty on many levels realized it.

Randy Rigby, July 17
Ty is willing to be the coach of a rebuilding team
So, Ty has been supportive on this, and along with agreeing that this is the right time and the right thing to do. And he is willing to, and his coaching staff to say, we’re willing to also implement and do the things that we can do, as a coaching staff, to help us get there.

Dennis Lindsey, July 19
Ty kept the locker room together; developed the young guys
Look, we were very aware of how well our bench was doing, and they allowed us to come back and win some games, and you know, why didn’t Ty change it earlier or change the starting lineup? And I would say that Ty did a very good job of, you know, managing veterans and still developing our young players.

Dennis Lindsey, Aug. 2
Ty did a really good job reaching out to players to tell them to save their money; was a highly successful player development and assistant coach
Ty Corbin did a really good job this year with all of our players and reaching out to ’em to get them to understand some predominant issues. Ty took a real interest in where our players this past season, saving their money appropriately…

I really appreciated, you know, Ty’s just, 16-year vet, highly successful as a player development and assistant coach, and now head coach, and for, you know, a head coach to really, you know, share some stories, you know, from a management and ownership standpoint, we really appreciate it.

Kevin O’Connor, Aug. 12
Ty will analyze the pick and roll because he is a good coach
You know, we go analytics to the nth degree, as far as how many times going right, running the pick and roll, with who is the “four” and who’s the “three,” and everything like that; line up the discussions. So we’ll do it, and we’ll do it well, and Ty will do it like the good coach he is.

Randy Rigby, Aug. 14
Ty is young; moldable; a team player; open; communicative; a good conversationalist; skilled; listens; has a good reputation; and works harder than any other coach in Utah Jazz history
Right now, we really feel like we have the right kind of coach. He’s a young coach; we have a young team. He’s a young, he’s a coach that is willing to learn and grow with this team as we’re trying to have him grow.

He’s been very, Coach Corbin, I’ve been very impressed. He’s been very moldable as, for us in the front office. From ownership to Kevin [O’Connor], Dennis [Lindsey] and myself, of Ty being a team player, to really listen to where we’re going, what we’re trying to do.

And for some coaches, to be going with where we’re going, in the evolution of this team, and where they may want to be going for their own personal careers, might not be a match. And Ty Corbin is being willing to say, “You know what? This might not be the best thing for my own personal career, to be doing what we’re going to maybe need to do, but you know what? I’m a team player.”

And that’s what I’ve been impressed with Ty Corbin, and he has, he is a team player, and it’s not just what’s best for Ty Corbin…He’s been very open and communicative, and we’ve had good conversation and dialogue, and we’ve all been walking together down the path. So I’ve been very happy with the progress that we’re making, and who we have there with Coach Corbin and his coaching staff. …

We’re also giving a great compliment to him, to say we have a coach, in, that we feel has those kind of reputation and skills, to coach these guys and teach these guys. It’s coaching and teaching, like you’re saying, right now with the development of where these guys are at, and I’ll tell you what.

I’ve seen our coaching staff work before, and I’ve been really excited to see Jerry working as well, and with Ty, and the coaching staff there, and being a team player with them. I’ve never seen any of our coaching staffs work any harder than our guys are working right now during this off-season.

Randy Rigby, Aug. 21
Ty is a Care Bear; players appreciate him and respond to him and play for him
You see that Ty Corbin cares about his players. And they appreciate that. They responded to it.

Last year was a tough year with a lot of contracts of players playing with one-years. And he had a remarkable job of, they knew he cared about their careers as well as caring about the team. And they played for Ty Corbin.

Randy Rigby, Sept. 11
Ty did a remarkable job balancing players’ careers while winning [43] games
I think Ty did, by the way, a remarkable job balancing people’s careers, there, also, our strategy and his goal, that he is given. And our coaches’ goal has always given to win games. And he did, I think, a very good job last year of balancing that, and helping us compete.

Dennis Lindsey, Sept. 13
Ty is such a positive person
That’s one of the great things about Ty, is he’s just really a positive guy. He sees the best in people.

Dennis Lindsey, Sept. 20
Ty is sophisticated and agreed to draft Trey Burke despite all he has accomplished as a coach
I tell you what, I really appreciate Ty’s approach. You gotta realize, you know, Ty has been doing this for awhile, but this is going into his third full season.

And I think the fact that he’s already proven he can coach a veteran club and put a winning club together, put a playoff club together, I think COACH is much more sophisticated than the average public gives him credit for. …

You know, a big reason why Ty Corbin, or excuse me, Trey Burke, is here, is Ty Corbin’s input during the draft. And you know, I don’t think many coaches that had been able to, you know, show what he’s done, you know, early in his career would’ve been as much of a company guy.

This post only goes back five months, which means it doesn’t include, for example, this Dennis Lindsey gem from February: “I don’t think the basketball community, you know, I think our community, realizes the quality of character that Ty Corbin has. It’s impossible, guys, he’s too good of a man, to have a doghouse.”

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  1. bebop permalink
    September 22, 2013 5:49 pm

    I hate randy rigby.

  2. September 22, 2013 11:29 pm

    This reminds me of overprotective parents who praise their 10-year-old for being able to eat WITHOUT sticking his whole head in a vat of pudding.

    That’s great he doesn’t eat like a 2-year-old anymore. That doesn’t change the truth though: if he can’t add then he sucks at math.

  3. modernagejazz permalink
    September 23, 2013 4:23 am

    Sorry, I can’t possibly go through all this BS. But I thank you for the ultimate patience in compiling it all and posting it publicly, for it is a chance for them to look at themselves in the mirror!

  4. JFFR permalink
    September 23, 2013 11:53 am

    I love the “too good of a man to have a doghouse” quote. Ummmm…Raja Bell anyone?

  5. September 24, 2013 5:26 am

    i luv that picture most of all. and randy rigby 2nd-most of all.

  6. Dylan Melton permalink
    September 24, 2013 10:16 am

    I think it has something to do with the shadow of Jerry Sloan looming very large over the Jazz. Ty’s the first new coach Utah’s had in YEARS. Sometimes after that happens, the next four or five coaches go very rapidly through the program because no one measures up to the idea of what the coach is supposed to do and be like. I think the FO has calculated that propping up Ty up is a defense against a rapid rotation of failed coaches, which could herald/highlight their own failures, and by now have managed to convince themselves that Ty can learn and get better and become worth the early hiccups..


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