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Bits from Dennis Lindsey Interview, 9/13

September 14, 2013
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Update on Enes Kanter’s rehab
So Enes has had a good summer of rehab. We’ve, he’s been mainly based in Chicago, but we’ve had points of contact in between. We’ve had him with Karl [Malone]; we’ve had him with our assistant coaches. Our assistant coaches have gone to Chicago and done a basketball [portion].

Mark McKown has had him out in Santa Barbara, and we’ve done some testing on him. And we expect him to be in Salt Lake here real soon. And he is able to have limited contact, so we’re, you know, for lack of a better description, “predictable contact.”

And then as he advances through a couple of more checkpoints, we’ll eventually get him to the point of, you know, 5-on-5 play, where the contact’s a little less predictable, where there’s blind screens set. I think, you know, today if he had to handle that, he probably could, again, but we wanna be really cautious…

So let’s not skip steps, but you know, Enes, the one thing with Enes Kanter is, is whether he’s here under our watch, he, we are very confident at this stage for a young big guy, he’s got very good work habits.

You know, sometimes we gotta, you know, break him up some things. I think Enes, like many young players, want to work on their own terms. And certainly, working within the team concept of what Mark, and Gary [Briggs], and Ty[rone Corbin] want, is very important for him going forward.

Update on Marvin Williams and Brandon Rush’s rehab
Yeah, so we’ve received very good news with Marvin. We’ll let, you know, Marvin’s going to get in next week as well. We’ll see where he’s at. He’s do–starting to do some limited running, and the response from the doctors, he’s been working out in Carolina. The doctors’ response have been very positive.

With Brandon, we’re going to be really, really cautious. You know, we’ve had some touches. Gary went to go see him with his rehab specialist in the San Francisco Bay Area. We’ve had him out to P3.

He’ll get to Salt Lake at the end of the month, and you know, we’re going to make sure that we don’t put him on the court prematurely. That’s one of the things that, you know, I’ve challenged Gary and our medical people on.

With Brandon, it was such a, an injury that we want to make sure he’s, you know, fully rehabbed and in shape. And that’s gonna take awhile, so we’ll, again, we’ll let our touches in October kinda dictate his playing going forward. So it’s more open-ended than probably the other guys.

What are your expectations for the new vets joining the team?
[Tyrone Corbin]’s going to have to define that. Andris Biedrins has been in town and working hard on his conditioning.

We had Richard Jefferson in for a couple days last week. Appreciate those guys, again, coming in when they’re not obligated to do so.

I think all of the vets, and really, we have, you know, some vets and young vets, are going, I think Ty’s going to have to, you know, speak to ’em as a group and individually on them setting the standards that we expect here.

Again, the way we practice, the way we approach travel, and lead the guys in the right direction, and look, you know, we’ll be no-nonsense about it if there’s things that, in their approach, or in their habits that we don’t like, we’ll treat, you know, address those quickly and aggressively.

But I think we have really good people, and I expect that we’ll get a very professional effort from the guys that we have the most experience.

Who is Jeremy Evans as an NBA player?
You know, one, a player that’s been very effective in limited minutes. You know, if you look at individual metrics, you know, when Jeremy has played, he’s played well. So, but the question, I think, going forward is, is can he move from a situational player to an everyday player, someone who’s rotational?

There’s a couple of parts to that. Can his body hold up? You know, is he going to prepare it, or will his body break down? Can he overcome some physicality deficit by using his just superior athletic ability, the run-jump quotient?

And so I think there’s some challenges towards Jeremy, and towards really the coaches on how a lean, mobile, athletic “four” can overcome, and I think he can overcome those.

And the one thing that Ty has really challenged Jeremy is to believe in himself…and that’s one of the great things about Ty, is he’s just really a positive guy. He sees the best in people, and Jeremy is someone that has really been a favorite of Ty’s, on a personal level. (1280)

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  1. Diana permalink
    September 16, 2013 6:28 am

    I’m glad we have a coach that is a real positive guy and that sees the best in people.

    Love, Raja, Devin, CJ, Core Four.


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