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Bits from Randy Rigby Interview, 8/21

August 22, 2013
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Were Carlos Boozer and Deron Williams leaders?
Well, you know what, those players are still in the league, and I tell you what, Deron and I still interact on a number of fronts. And I’d prefer not to talk about the negative of those players.

But I will say this: One thing I do like to look for, and that we’re look for in a player, is a player who knows how to lift, and not how to be as critical. And I’m not saying those two players were critical, but sometimes you find players that, instead of lifting and motivating, they are, they’re looking to put blame.

And we don’t want, we’re looking for a leader who leads by example and who knows how to lift players, and people who are around them are better because they makes them better, because they’re better themselves.

And that’s one, I think, a sign of a real leader. People who know how to lift. And be it, you know, on, in sports, or in politics, or in the business community, people who really know how to lift people.

On the amazing leadership of Tyrone Corbin and the respect that he commands from players
[Coaches] have to command, also, a certain amount of leadership. And Ty Corbin will command a student* amount of leadership.

What he is doing in the off-season, out, meeting with the players, being at these special camps that they’re doing, they’re seeing and knowing he’s there, and c–he’s watching, and seeing how they’re developing.

And they see it and feel it, and he’s talking with them and working with them. That’s the quiet leadership that you see that Ty’s going to have, and he’s gonna have conversations, and he has the respect from these players, to talk with them of what he’s expecting them to do on the floor.

That’s that quiet leadership that also be done that you see from a Ty Corbin. He will be a key leader, and in the key development of this young team. And that’s very much needed.

* Not a typo.

Tyrone Corbin, Care Bear
You see that Ty Corbin cares about his players. And they appreciate that. They responded to it. Last year was a tough year with a lot of contracts of players playing with one-years. And he had a remarkable job of, they knew he cared about their careers as well as caring about the team. And they played for Ty Corbin.*

* All the way into the lottery.

The Jazz have some mini-packages and killer packages for anyone and everyone (giant UDQM)
We’ve got some mini-packages out there right now, literally designed for anyone and everyone.

If you want to literally look at a weekend, s–when you can come to weekend games, and there’s some great weekend games, we got a weekend package that includes Miami Heat, tho–some Laker tickets, and games, and some really great games, so, for weekend people. And that’s gonna be all over the state of Utah, and Idaho and Wyoming. So they come in for the weekend.

If you wanna go to a championship package, we got a killer package that you can look at. San Antonio Spurs. Lakers. Miami. Clippers.

Some of the best, these best, great teams that are, were, some of the top champions this last year. Or if you wanna just pick ’em, you can pick what’s gonna work out for your schedule. So we got something for every Jazz fan, or every basketball fan.

On David Locke’s RV trip
Well, we’ve all wondered about David Locke’s mental sanity, and I think going 51 days has confirmed for all of us, the guy’s crazy.

On new Utah Jazz Assistant GM Justin Zanik
Justin’s gonna be a great hire for us as an organization. Everyone I’ve talked with in the league, even outside of the league, who knows Justin, says “You’ve got another great employee, as part of the Utah Jazz family.”

I’ve had an opportunity to meet and interview Justin, as Dennis [Lindsey] brought him in. Here’s a man who has a great work ethic. He has been passionate about basketball, and about sports, and really become a student of it.

Has a great reputation in the league, of being a stand-up man, but he really understands collective bargaining. He understands kind of from a player’s perspective, and from an agent’s perspective, as well as the NBA.

And now we’ll have, be able to add, we have very good people who understand the team perspective. So he’ll bring a nice blend to our organization, to give us, and that was one of the things, as we were talking with Justin, that we’ve got some great minds already, with Kevin [O’Connor], and Dennis.

And then you have the experience from a Dave Fredman and have your Walt Perrin, who been in our organization and in the league for a long time. It would, it’s nice to now add that perspective coming from that agent perspective, also, with Justin. (1280)

4 Comments leave one →
  1. JasonInPG permalink
    August 22, 2013 11:07 pm

    “I’m not saying those two players were critical, I was just, you know, responding to your question about their leadership skills by talking about how SOME people are always, like, looking to blame others.”

    What a twit.

  2. Diana permalink
    August 23, 2013 2:26 am

    asking about leadership and then saying well I don’t want to speak negatively about players in the league.

    RR could have just said nothing.

  3. Diana permalink
    August 23, 2013 2:27 am

    Also seriously next thing we’ll hear is Ty can walk on water. I’m pretty sure the Jazz PR machine has said everything else that he has perfected ;)

  4. August 23, 2013 10:25 am

    @JasonInPG @Diana Reading between the lines was NOT necessary on that one.


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