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Portland Trail Blazers Introduce Mo Williams

August 18, 2013
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Why the Trail Blazers?
Winning is really important to me. That’s why my decision took a long time, because I wanted to make sure I was in a position to win. And that’s what I see here. That’s what I, that’s why I came here, ’cause I feel like, that I can be a piece of the puzzle, you know, for this organization, for these young guys…

You know, it’s nothing like winning, and if I can come in with, to an organization like this, and the fan support that they get every night, when I’m, when I come in, you know, as an opponent, as an away opponent, and I see, you know, a non-playoff team and I see that it’s sold out and it’s, you know, or damn near sold out, that’s impressive in my eyes.

And all those thoughts came to my mind when I, you know, had to decide where I wanted to go. And what just took the cake was the trust I have in, you know, who Mr. [Paul] Allen put in this front office and that’s [Blazers GM] Neil [Olshey], and the head coach in Terry [Stotts].

What stage are you in in your career?
I just wanna win. I wanna win. You know, I had opportunities to go start. That’s the, you know, that’s the funny thing about, you know, the situation I’m in, you know? I had a situation to go start, but I felt like, you know, this organization is on the rise.

I felt like I’m in a position in my career where I still can be a, you know, a major piece, you know, to a puzzle for a team, you know…

You know, at this point, I still can be very, very valuable, you know, to a team, you know, and, you know, you can look at me as a, you know, a sixth starter, you know, of sort.

You know, this league, you know, you play a lot of games. Play a lot of games, you know. Some nights guys not gonna have it, you know, some nights guys gonna be sick. You know, you know, knock on wood, you know, the worst thing can happen.

But depth is very important in this league…One thing you wanna do is bolster the bench, and I’m here to fill that void.

How do you think your skillset will fit in with this team?
Well, I mean, you know, I’m going into my 11th year in this, in my career. So I’m really, you know, I am who I am, you know? The player that you saw last year, the player you saw the year before, I mean, I’m not gonna diminish. I’m gonna, only gonna get better, you know?

So the player that you know I am, the player that you think I am, or have seen, that’s who I am, you know? I’m not coming to be nobody different. I’m not coming here to say I’m gonna turn into LeBron James overnight. You know, but I’m gonna be Mo Williams and I’m gonna give this team what I can.

I’m not, you know, because I’m here, I’m not gonna be the savior, you know? I’m not saying that in any stretch of the imagination. But I’m a piece, you know? I’m a piece, and I’m a valuable piece, and that’s what I’m gonna bring to this team each and every day.

I’m gonna bring leadership. You know, that’s one trait that I have, and I feel like, you know, it’ll be, I’ll be doing these young players a disservice if I don’t, you know, use this veteran leadership that I do have. (Portland Trail Blazers)

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    August 19, 2013 8:29 am

    now…you know ;)


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