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Bits from Randy Rigby Interview, 7/31

August 1, 2013
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8d2856e4f48611e29e8022000a9f04e2_7Randy Rigby and Michael Jordan, via @rrigby6571

Randy Rigby’s Daughter Hit a Deer
I have been fortunate enough that I have not hit a deer, but unfortunately enough, been the father of a daughter who hit a deer, and then had to get the truck repaired, and it is scary, with the damage that they can do. …

I was glad she was in a truck versus a car. And it took out the front right panel and the whole side of it. It was pretty scary, and it was very traumatic for her as well.

Randy Rigby and Michael Jordan (and Karl Malone)
You know, I sit with Greg Miller on the [NBA] Board of Governors. Greg’s our Board of Governor. And I’m, you know, I fill in for him in many cases, so I’m the alternate Board of Governor. And we have over time, developed a very good relationship with Michael Jordan and Charlotte Hornets…

And so, Michael actually brings back his management team here to Utah, which is a really great tribute to the state of Utah, that they bring in their 15, 20 executives, and meet up, and Michael has a very nice place in Glenwild, and so does his partner.

And they meet up there, and kind of have their briefing of what they plan to do each season. And they’d invited me to actually come up and speak about what it means to have a winning culture, and a culture like we have here in Utah, which was a great compliment to me, of our organization, our, and to our community, of the support that we’ve had in this community, for the Utah Jazz.

And so, I was able to actually speak to Michael, and his team, up there. And then, I, he was nice enough to invite me to actually come and play golf afterwards, with the group. Michael has his group, though, that they like to kinda do their own thing. So I didn’t actually play directly with Michael. I played in the group right behind.

And then they’d invited me to actually stay and have a barbecue with them, and, but I had to turn it down because I was then leaving there to go and go to Karl Malone’s 50th birthday party.

And so, I asked Michael to give me a little video snippet, which he was, it was kind enough to do, wishing Karl a happy birthday. And it was really quite funny. Says, “Karl, welcome to being 50 years old. Your AARP card is in the mail. I got mine and yours will be coming. Have a happy birthday.” It was pretty fun, and a little greeting from Michael to the Mailman. …

In my presentation, I talked about a winning culture. And I said, “Let me start with a video.” And I actually showed him–pushing off–Bryon Russell, and hitting the shot. And then the announcer says, “The Bulls take the lead.”

And I froze it right there, and my produ–Brad Pearson (?) did a great job of then, actually, showing a little smiley face and pointing to Michael. And then he zoomed in, because actually as you zoom in on the baseline on the third row, standing there is Randy Rigby with his son and two daughters with a big frown on my face.

And so then he zooms in and shows me with a frown on my face, and you know, a frowny face up on the board, and you know, Michael got a very good chuckle out of that one.

Small market vs. big market
We have to really minimize the mistakes that we can make. In a larger market team, you have, where we have 900,000 households, they’ll have in a New York or an L.A., they’ll have 9 million households.

Where we have, literally, two Fortune 500 companies, of which one of them is, then, in St. George, you have in New York or an L.A. or a Brooklyn, you’ll have hundreds if not, you’ll have hundreds of companies that are Fortune 500 or Fortune 1000 companies that have so much more expendable income…

We have to have very strong relationships and very good customer service with our season ticket holders, because, again, it’s not like we have people standing in line, behind, people, if they don’t want their tickets, season tickets in New York, there’s plenty others that want it. …

We don’t have a market that we can [jack up ticket prices] and know that there’s plenty of people that are willing to spend that kind of exposa–disposable income. And so, we’re very strategic on what we do. We’re strategic on our pricing. And we have to be very careful to keep our season ticket holders engaged.

* “You have in New York or an L.A. or a Brooklyn, you’ll have hundreds if not, you’ll have hundreds of companies that are Fortune 500” –> one of the best RR quotes ever.
** Makes you wonder how much of the decision to go young/rebuild was due to the swaths of empty seats in the arena last season.

Spencer Checketts is reputable, people
You know what? As I go around the community, they get [that rebuilding is a slow process]. They understand it. And you know, I hear it from reputable people like [Gordon Monson], and Spence[r Checketts], and David [James] and P[atrick] K[inahan]…They see it, and so, and our fans see it, and understand it.

Rebuilding vs. Fringe Playoff Team
To me, the fool’s gold is really in–and we don’t do this–in trying to fool our community of saying, “We’re going to bring in these, you know, extensive contracts like we may have from la–in the past, and they’re going to all of a sudden be different than where they’ve been over the last, the last, the 10 years or eight years of their career, and all of a sudden think they’re gonna be something, and it’s going to all of a sudden take us to the western finals or to the ch–NBA championship.”

That to me is really sending out fool’s gold to our community, and I think we’ve all seen and known what, going that course, where it would’ve taken us…we would’ve remained in status quo, and in the middle.

The Passion of the Hayward
I’ve watched a little on TV of seeing what Gordon Hayward was doing. But Gordon has got a renewed energy and excitement, that, he’s always been very upbeat.

I’ve seen even a little more passion, that’s, with Gordon, so I’m hopeful to see that and see where that’s being, gonna be changed. I haven’t personally been able to witness it. I’m hoping that that fire translates onto the floor as well. And I’ll be disappointed if it hasn’t.

The Training of the Favors
I’ve had the occasion to be to a number of the workouts with Derrick and Karl, and it’s, and I’ve really been impressed to see the work ethic and the commitment that Derrick is making to it.

Now, have I seen it immediately transformed? No, but I’ve seen him, he’s taking the steps to do the hard things that I think, it, they’re gonna start coming together. They haven’t yet, but I’m anxious to kinda see if the things that are being said and talked about and the commitment he’s making to it. I know we’re gonna see the results and so I’m excited to see how things transpose for him. (1280)

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  1. August 3, 2013 1:48 am

    1. i’m surprised that deer hitting his daughter’s truck wasn’t part of a radio spot for the repair company they used.

    2. what does it mean for a person to be a board of governor?

    3. do you think rig noticed he had too many in the fortune 500 and that’s why he changed it to fortune 1000?

    4. i love randy rigby.

    • August 3, 2013 9:11 pm

      1. Totally. Or a radio spot for Les Olsen for the repairs they did or something.

      2. That might’ve been the second best part of the interview.

      3. That would be my guess.

      4. Lol…no one more unintentionally hilarious!

      • August 5, 2013 4:58 am

        although, he did say “thousands” (plural), so maybe he should have upped it to the fortune 5000 or fortune 10000..?


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