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Jazz Introduce Ian Clark

July 30, 2013
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On signing with the Jazz
It’s like a dream come true. You know, I was overwhelmed. I was excited. The first person I called was my mom and dad. And my mom was emotional, my dad was excited. I called my brother right after and he was excited for me, and it was just a good time for my family.

Have you spoken with Tyrone Corbin about your role?
Yeah, we talked a little bit, vaguely, about it. Me not being a true point guard, being able to come in and play both positions, point guard and two guard.

What do you like about Coach Corbin? He’s a good players’ coach. He’s got the background. He still looks like he can play basketball.*
Definitely. All those things you mentioned…

He wants to help you become better.

* Statement is the opinion of the reporter that said it and not that of this site.

What made you choose the Utah Jazz?
The opportunity, like I said. You know, coming in, rebuilding mode for the team, and you know, me coming in and bringing my abilities. I feel like I can help.

** People calling Alec Burks “Alec Burke”: Ian Clark.

Hobbies and strange interests?
Nothing too crazy. I mean, I’m pretty simple. You know, I like video games, probably, but you know, I’m still a young guy, probably just like to have fun and relax.

Game of choice?

Call of Duty.

Family background
Both parents are together, still together now, and have one older brother, who’s actually getting married in ’bout a month…Life was good. You know, my parents did a lot for me, so much for me, and you know, they know I love ’em for that. And also my brother too.

They’ve been there for me. My brother actually moved to Belmont, he moved to Nashville when I started, my freshman year at Belmont, so he helped me with the transition a lot, and it was really helpful. (Utah Jazz, 1280)

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