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Bits from Dennis Lindsey Interview, 7/26

July 28, 2013
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On Karl Malone’s workouts with Derrick Favors
When someone with as renowned a work ethic [as Karl] comes to you and says, “Hey, this is what you need to do. This is how long, how hard, the pace that you need to keep,”* it, you know, Karl’s coming from a level of respect that, you know, frankly, you know, I can give lip service to it. But you know, I didn’t live it, you know, like 20 years, like Karl did.

And he just brings a certain level of respect and accountability, because that’s how he went about his job. And so all those messages of working hard, working smart, working together, you know, I think Karl is an expert at delivering.**

And he and Ty[rone Corbin] have had a lot of sit-downs and talked about the scope of the consulting position, what it is, and sometimes more importantly, what it isn’t. And Karl’s been very respectful, you know, of the coaching boundaries and relationships that our coaches have.

And you know, specifically, you know, Karl’s shown Derrick, you know, a couple tricks, you know, on the post, pulling off the post. There’s been, as you know, Karl wasn’t known as a great passer coming out of Louisiana Tech, but he developed some passing skills, you know, mid- and late-career that were just, frankly, outstanding. …

Karl was able to incorporate, you know, some passing situations that Derrick needs to be mindful of. And it was a very comprehensive–as you know, Karl’s so thoughtful and was so thoughtful about his job as a player.

You know, almost by definition, you can almost be guaranteed that he will be very well-prepared in what he wants to say and work on, and the messages that he wants to deliver Derrick and all of our bigs.

* “Hey, this is what you need to do. This is how long, how hard, the pace that you need to keep.” UDQM!
** “Karl is an expert at delivering.” LOL!!! (though I don’t think DL intentionally meant to make the Mailman pun)

On turning responsibility over to the young guys
While maybe the market wanted something like this to happen a year or two earlier, we still have anxious feelings, emotions, about the level of responsibility.

You know, Derrick is 22. Gordon [Hayward]’s 23. Enes [Kanter] is 21. You know, Trey Burke is 20.* And so, you know, you could, you know, 10 years ago that’s a real good college team. …

You know, they’re obviously not the most experienced group, but they are a mature group. I don’t think that our players are gonna lose the games off the court with questionable behavior or habits.

So that gives me a level of confidence that we can now move, you know, our issues to the court. And through hopefully a whole bunch of hard work and not skipping steps, we hope to move ’em forward in as short order as possible.

* Alec Burks wants to know how old he is.

Is the 2013-2014 season going to be about establishing the long-term culture of the team?
We’re gonna talk a lot about, you know, how we go about doing things. You know, how we build our defense. The level of accountability that we want the players to understand that we’re gonna hold them to.

We’re gonna talk about discipline, you know, and, you know, how they move on and off the court. How they interact with officials, teammates, coaches, fans, the media. And we’ve taken those steps, but as you guys know, when they’re, when some of the younger players are sitting in secondary seats, they’re witnessing and learning and it’s a lot different to move over a seat, and start to lead.

So you know, a couple of things that we talked about to Derrick and Gordon specifically, is, you know, grabbing the team by the throat, you know, metaphorically, and saying, “Hey, this is how we do things.”

On his relationship with Kevin O’Connor
We’ve, you know, it’s, we’ve, we kinda laugh in the office. We’re, you know, we’re getting to the stage where we’re completing each other sentences, and you know, we just, we have very good chemistry.* (1280)

* Awww, they’re so totes adorbs. Also, no wonder DL’s speaking mannerisms sound more and more like KOC’s with each passing day.

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  1. Rafael Amarante permalink
    July 30, 2013 7:41 pm

    Dennis Lindsey, the new “you know” champion of the world, unquestionably beating former title holder John Frusciante.


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