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Bits from Karl Malone’s 50th Birthday!

July 25, 2013

I’m sure I missed some, but here’s a sampling of birthday wishes tweeted to Karl today:

karl 1

karl 2

karl 3

The following tweet isn’t from someone famous, but to me, it was by far the best one of them all:

karl tweet

Fantastic article about Karl’s 50th at the Trib. Love this part:

Three days before his 50th birthday, in fact, Malone asked a reporter to call him back “in three hours,” when he’d be finished working out.

“To be honest with you, it helps make me a better person,” he said. “It takes the edge off. When I sweat, it gets me going.”

There’s another reason Malone still weighs 256 pounds — his playing weight.

One of his new projects is mentoring the Jazz’s young players — specifically power forward Derrick Favors and center Enes Kanter.

“I always had a suspicion, at some point, I’d be back involved with some organization,” Malone said. “When I stepped back on the floor, I wanted to look like a coach. I wanted to look like I belonged. I thought it might help the young guys listen to me.”

Via @5kl: “Karl spoke to this 94 year old Jazz fan for at least 20 minutes.”

Via the amazingly talented @jashin_mizuho:

And finally, KARL MALONE HEAD ON STICK! Calm down wherever you are, Matt Harpring. (The boy holding the head-on-stick is Karl’s grandson.) Via @Kylee_Annie32:

karl hos

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  1. Diana permalink
    July 25, 2013 11:14 pm

    Yesterday was such a great day! I am sad I couldn’t make it out ot Karl’s birthday celebration but was happy to read Kris’s tweets about it! I enjoyed following nbahistory twitter account to see all their facts and tidbits about Karl Malone. It was nice to see the NBA remember Karl.

    There will never ever be another Karl Malone. I can’t imagine a player has talented as he was (one of the greatest of all times not just greatest PF of all time), with his superstar personality and combine that with his relentless work ethic ever embracing Utah as much as Karl did. Karl made a name for himself despite playing in such a small market.

    I love Karl !


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