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Bits from Walt Perrin Interview, 7/15

July 16, 2013
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Walt Perrin is the Jazz’s vice president of player personnel.


What are your expectations for Rudy Gobert? Is there a schedule for his development?
I think with all our players, our young players, the schedule is hopefully get better, on a daily basis. And then in the summertime, get the opportunity to work more with the coaches and improve their skillset.

I think with Rudy, you know, he’s definitely gonna have to get stronger, gotta put on a little more weight, and that’s gonna take some time. That just doesn’t happen in a few months’ time…

He’ll hopefully bring back some of the Mark Eaton-type play that we had when Mark was playing. I don’t know if he’s as good of a shot blocker as Mark was, but he’s got the length, and the ability to become a shot blocker like that. He’ll be a guy that can protect the basket for us.

I think his offensive game will come in time. We need to, our coaches, they’ll need to work with him on, maybe, cleaning up his jump shot, cleaning up his, some of the post moves that he has right now. And that, again, will take some time.

Who would you guess will be the leading scorer next season?
I would say Gordon Hayward.

More thoughts on Gordon Hayward
I think [his potential] will start coming out this year now that he will be–I don’t know if you want to consider him “the man” on the team now–he’s the oldest guy*…It will be somewhat his team, in that because he is the oldest.*

He has an opportunity to showcase his skills kinda a little bit more, so I think it’s a big year for Gordon, and for some of our younger, other younger players like Alex** and Enes [Kanter] and Derrick [Favors]. So, but I think Gordon has his, the potential to be the leader of the team and the potential to be the high scorer and one of the better players for us. …

With him being the oldest guy on the team,* hopefully his confidence will raise. He doesn’t have to step back for the older players on the team. You know, he is the leader. He is the senior spokesman, basically, on the team besides Marvin Williams. So hopefully he will, the confidence level will escalate.

* Except for Marvin Williams, Jeremy Evans, John Lucas III, Andris Biedrins, Brandon Rush and Richard Jefferson.
** People still calling Alec Burks “Alex”: Walt Perrin.

With the signing of John Lucas III, what areas of need remain on the roster?
Well, I still think we still need some outside shooting.

We don’t have a, if you’re playing Marvin at the “four,” he becomes our best outside shooter for a big guy. If he’s playing the “three,” we don’t have ability to get guys to shut the floor a little bit, so I think we need to add outside shooting, 3-point shooting to our repertoire.

Will Favors and Kanter be double-double guys next year?
I think it’s been proven with Enes, if he’s given minutes, he can put up numbers for you and I think he’ll be able to do that again this year.

Derrick has been working extremely hard with Karl [Malone] on his offensive game, so I think Derrick’s gonna shine some as the season progresses also.

Will the pick and roll be added to the offense with the addition of Trey Burke?
I’m sure Ty and his staff will be brainstorming throughout the summer on what kind of offense they’re gonna run.

It’ll probably be very similar to what we ran in the past, but I would think they would add a few different sets, a few different offensive schemes that will allow our players to utilize the best skills they have. (1280)

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