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Orlando Summer League Game 5: Utah Jazz vs. Indiana Pacers

July 13, 2013

last gobert

So, the Jazz lost on the last shot (contested 3-pointer by Trey Burke) and finished fourth at Orlando Summer League.

Not that that means anything except Summer League is over and we are now without Jazz basketball for months and months and months (sob).


** Tyrone Corbin on key things learned during Summer League: Well, we got a chance to look at Raul [Neto]. First of all, to get a chance to see him on the floor, around our guys, and how his game has grown, and how to transfer it to where we are here. And what we need to work on to get him better before we come into camp. Got an idea to see Trey [Burke] and the analysis on him of some of the things that we’ll do on how he can get better at some things, what he does well in some situations and how we can tweak some things for his benefit. And how he has to get better to be better for our other guys coming in. We got a chance to look at Rudy [Gobert], his size, and the different things that he can do on the floor. Clog up the middle, and where we have to get his body stronger and the positions we can put him in. It’s just a great chance to tweak some, to do a couple of different things on the offensive end, to change some things on the defensive end with the way our personnel will change to be a little bit more perimeter-oriented and to push guys out more and to rotate and switch at a few more opportunities.
** Corbin on Burke: I have a good feel for who he is. We know where we have to get him better in some situations. He can score the ball. His shot was flat because he was shooting it with tired legs, I think. So we’ll get him better there. And he’s gonna be a good player in this league for us.
** Corbin on Gobert’s passing abilities: He really looked to make the right basketball plays, and that’s a great thing. His posture’s pretty good, and he’s a long body. And he’s learning how to play with guys that’s fast, and big, and small, and big, but he’s finding his way through it quickly, and you know, that’s what we’re going to need going forward.

ty stache

** Trey Burke, self-assessment: My performance was poor. I think that’s just me being honest with myself. But I think that’s just because my shot wasn’t falling. I think everything else I did pretty well. Defensive end, I obviously need to get better. In the pick and roll, you know, pick and roll action, and I think that just comes with learning, you know, being taught. So I think I did pretty well. Shot wasn’t falling, but I think, you know, we did good as a team. So that’s all that matters.
** Burke on where he’ll be for the rest of the summer: I’ll be in Santa Barbara, Utah, and back in Columbus. You know, all three destinations I’ll be working out. So it’ll definitely be a grind time when I get back home, and I’m looking forward to it.
** Burke on what he likes about the Jazz system: I love how they pu–how they want me to push the ball. Push it in transition, and you know, I love the pick and roll action, obviously. And the high screen at the end of the shot clock. You know, that kind of reminds me of Michigan. You know, I think I’d do really good in pick and roll actions…I think it’s definitely a good play that I, or a good system, that I fit into.*
* Hopefully it won’t be too much of a shock when he encounters Tyrone Corbin’s system for the first time…

gobert summer

** Raul Neto on where he’ll be for the rest of the summer: I go now, I go to Brazil. I have national team, it starts in July 18. And so, I don’t have a lot of time. So I just will enjoy my family for two days, and then I have the national team…We have the America Cup [FIBA Americas Championship in Venezuela] to quali–it’s the qualification for the World Cup [FIBA World Championships in Spain] next year. That’s the senior team? Yeah…We have, like, I think s–18 players, we still have to cut to be the 12 players who’s gonna go to the competition. (Utah Jazz)

jerry game 5

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machine (UDQM)
** Sidney Lowe on what he’s told Burke: Your greatest strength is your ability to control our team, control tempo of the game, get other guys involved, but at the same time be able to get yourself off.

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