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Denver Nuggets Introduce Randy Foye; Portland Trail Blazers Introduce Earl Watson

July 13, 2013
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foye uni

Opening Statement etc.
I’m just excited to be here, and I think it’s pretty awesome, you know, to come to a team that’s already a playoff team, has so much great talent, so many great guys. So I’m just happy to add to the arsenal…

A lot of times I get put in a category as just being a shooter, but I can handle the ball too. So, just excited to be a part of something that’s already great…

I see a ton of talent, you know? I watch Ty [Lawson, obviously], big fan of Ty. Me and Kenneth Faried from the same city. I played with Javale [McGee]. I know [Danilo] Gallo [Gallinari]. Just see a ton of talent, you know? I think that I can help in a lot of different ways.

foye presser

On how he benefited from playing with Chris Paul
I said this before, when I got here. A lot of credit to Chris Paul when I played with the Clippers. He just, we started in the backcourt together, and he play-made. And in the beginning, you know, he would pass it to me and I would be open, and I’d take a dribble in to get a two.

But he basically explained to me, he said, “You know, you gotta take that shot. You gotta keep the defense honest.” (NuggetsIndo Youtube)

foye tweet

From the Denver Post:

“Tim Connelly was one of the first guys that contacted me,” Foye said. “I was thinking that (Andre) Iguodala was coming back. Everything played out the way it needed to play out. When Utah didn’t call me back, I was a little upset. But I got a chance to talk to some of the guys and just realized, ‘Man, this is a business.’

“The way me and Tim spoke on the phone, it was really cool, just to see him and the way he was working with my agent, working with us to get me there. There were a lot of things where the deal could have broken down. Tim just stayed in there and made things happen. That was something I appreciated about the whole situation.”

earl uni

Statement from Trail Blazers GM Neil Olshey
Earl and I go back a long way…He’s one of the most competitive people I’ve ever been around, and he has one of greatest natural command presences that I’ve ever seen. And it’s something that this team sorely needs.

Someone that can inspire our young guys, and lead our veterans, and be a presence on and off the court. And I think you guys will realize from Day 1 just how integral that’s gonna be as a part of our culture going forward.

Statement from Trail Blazers Head Coach Terry Stotts
He can still play, you know, although he’s coming in as a, more, probably as a mentor to CJ [McCollum] and Damian [Lillard] and in the locker room. He’s still, as he showed last year when he beat us in Utah, that he’s capable of winning games in this league.

So he gives us the opportunity to either be on the floor, help us win games, or beyond that, doing the little things behind the scenes with our personnel.

earl blazers

Earl Watson on bringing leadership for McCollum and Lillard
I think more nurturing, and kind of being a guy for them, you know, whenever, I mean, especially in practice. Professionalism. Working hard, ’cause it’s not a switch you can just turn on. And I know this organization wants to get back into the playoffs and win games. So it starts in practices. Everyday, building block.

And I think more or less when times are difficult, kinda being a positive role model and influence in the locker room with the team, pushing guys forward. Sometimes you have to push them forward. Sometimes you have to just walk with them. So, kinda versatile in the way I lead.

Watson on what attracted him to Portland
I think for me, it was Coach’s style of play. Relationship with Neil and the organization. The respect that I have for the organization. And the team. I think the team is a talented team.

I think it’s a team where I can have a, definitely have an influence with my experience, and you know, veteran leadership, so to speak. And just have an impact, and just everyday, like I said, just build. (Portland Trail Blazers)

Absolutely love that Earl mentions Jerry Sloan first:

earl tweet

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