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Orlando Summer League Game 4: Utah Jazz vs. Indiana Pacers

July 12, 2013

crazy gobert

Having gone 2-2 over four games, the Jazz are in third place among 10 teams based on the Orlando Summer League point system. The Jazz play the 4th-ranked Indiana Pacers in its final game.

** Sidney Lowe on which invitees have impressed: We’ve had a couple of guys that have played well and played hard. As you said, Chris [Roberts]. I think Donte* has done a nice job for us. James Mays has done a nice job for us. Tony [Gaffney]’s come in and done a nice job. I think we’ve had several guys that’ve played well, but I would probably say on a consistent basis, I would say Donte* certainly did a good job. And Chris, has done a good job.
* I think he means Dionte Christmas.
** Lowe on what he’s seen from Alec Burks: Well, I think his aggression. We know that he can score the basketball and get to the basket. But I saw him trying to really defend a little better, here, this summer. Really trying to get after people, get his angles together in terms of our scheme and what we’re trying to do. Put a little bit more pressure on the ball, which, you know, he’s certainly gotta get better at. But he’s working at it. But you know, that’s the fun thing about it right now. These guys are so excited. And they’re young, and so they wanna get better…After the game, he actually came up one time and said, “Coach, did you see that defense?” So you know, that’s exciting for us.
** Lowe on Burks’ maturity: You know, it’s interesting because I’ve talked to him about that. I talked to him about that last year. That, I told him, you know, I said, “You know, your generation, guys are very cool.” I said, “It’s not cool to be cool.” You know? I said, “You’re a professional”…He will do things and say things like, with me, you know, to a player, he might say, “Hey, what’s up?” And, but to coaches, he’ll say, “How you doing, coach?” So you know, he’s getting there. We’re working with him.*
* Hopefully only on proper greetings and not mature stuff like paying taxes…

ty defense

** Trey Burke on Alec Burks: He’s a very positive type of person. I like that a lot. That’s the first thing that I noticed about him, and you know, he’s a pure shooter. You know, just playing with him in practice and playing with him in these past summer league games, you know, he’s a guy that can knock down shots. You know, knock down contested shots. You know, one of his strengths that, you know, I forgot to mention is, he gets to the rim, you know, better than a lot of people that I’ve saw, or a lot of people that I’ve played with. So it’s always good having another guard in the backcourt, you know, like Alec, who can make plays. (Utah Jazz)

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