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Atlanta Hawks Introduce Paul Millsap

July 12, 2013
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Opening statement
First off, I want to thank everybody for coming out, thank the Atlanta Hawks organization for this opportunity to come be a part of something that’s gon, I believe is gonna be special. And this is definitely, you know, where I want to be.

Definitely where I want to continue my career, and I’m excited about this upcoming season.

Have you sought anyone’s counsel about finding chemistry on the team?
I definitely will, you know? The players that they brought in and are getting, you know, seem like good, great guys, good guys. You know, I played with Kyle [Korver] for a while,* and I’m sure he’ll help me through the process. You know, he’s been through the process a lot, a few times.

So fitting in is not gonna be a major change for me. You know, I feel like I can fit in pretty much anywhere, so as far as the move and getting my family situated, that’s gonna be the hard, tough part. You know, so, but I’m up to the challenge.

* Millsap’s a poet and he doesn’t know it.

What was the main selling point when you spoke with Danny Ferry about coming to Atlanta?
Major selling point is just what they have going on. You know, the coaches, you know, himself. The players, the community. Everything just felt right, you know? It felt right for me. It felt right for my family. So that was the major selling point for me.

millsap presserMaybe it’s just me, but Paul looked seriously bummed out the entire press conference.

What are your memories of the 4OT game?
Only thing I can remember is the aftermath, the day after. The way our bodies felt, you know, after getting out there and competing those, that brutal game. You know, but it was an amazing game. Two teams fighting, competitive. Neither team willing to say die.

So I was glad to be a part of it, you know, but the outcome didn’t come as we expected. You know, but you know, it’s a new day now.

On the Jazz and looking ahead
[To] come from Utah, to come into Atlanta, you know, both of ’em got the same, you know, backbone. You know, what they want to do, so I’m looking to start something special here.

Really not too much worried about the past, you know, what’s in the past about ex-teams or anything like that. You know, I’m focused on the future.

How did Hawks head coach (and former Spurs assistant coach) Mike Budenholzer factor into your decision?
Well, as a player, as a basketball player, you know, you look at San Antonio as a team who have guys who get out there and they play basketball. You know, they’re a great organization.

And to see guys and coaches and players leave from there and go to other organizations, and you want to be a part of that, you know? You hope that they take that with them and you’re sure they will.

So to see him come over here, you know, it, that’s where I wanted to be, you know? That’s what I wanted to be a part of. And I want to build off his knowledge, you know, want to learn as much as I can from him, ’cause of where he came from.

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