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Orlando Summer League Game 3: Utah Jazz “at” Brooklyn Nets

July 11, 2013

Ok, not to be over-dramatic, but are you all in love too?


There’s something about Raul Neto that just screams “Jazz point guard (PC*).”

* Pre-Corbin

The Sitting of Trey Burke
** Tyrone Corbin five days ago, on Burke and Summer League: “He’s going to play as much as he can stand. This is really going to be about developing our young guys.” (Trib)

Game 1: 32 minutes
Game 2: 25 minutes
Game 3: DNP-CD

** The following is a dramatization and not a reflection of actual events:


** Sidney Lowe on sitting Burke: I think it was huge for him to sit back this game. You know, it’s funny. Even if we didn’t, if COACH didn’t feel he needed a rest, I think it was still the best thing for Trey just to be able to watch it, and not have to worry about going in and playing.
** Lowe on whether there was concern about Burke’s legs: Not initially, no. We didn’t think about it, you know? COACH, as COACH Corbin would say, “They’re young.” They’re young guys, you know? But you know, as we watched the games and everything, and plus, you know, Jerel [McNeal] was back from his injury, so Jerel, we wanted to play Jerel more. So it just made sense to s–to rest Trey, and you know, let him, I guess, get his legs back a little bit. But also to give Jerel a little more time, and then for Raul [Neto] to get some playing time as well.

** Trey Burke on not playing: They just told me that they wanted me, you know, rested for tomorrow’s game. We’re going into, you know, playoffs. I guess it’s on Friday. So, I didn’t complain with it. You know, I sat down, you know, watched from the bench, and just tried to learn from there…I’m ready to play tomorrow.
** Burke on whether Summer League has been frustrating for him: No, not at all. I wasn’t frustrated. I would say, just continuing to learn, each and every day. You know, learning through my mistakes, you know, through turnovers. You know, what to call at the right time, and you know, where to set the offense up, and things like that. So I think it’s just a matter of learning.

710 kocKevin O’Connor must be getting more conservative with age. He was showing way more leg at Summer League last year.

P.S. “Worst mistake” reference here (second to last quote).

** Sidney Lowe on Raul Neto: I thought he played great today. I thought he played well. He ran our show for us. You know, they tried to pressure him a little bit. He made some great passes, some great reads. And I was excited. I was excited about the way he played, and so was COACH Corbin.

** Raul Neto, asked who his favorite NBA player is: I like Derrick Rose. I like a lot of point guards too. Tony Parker, Ricky Rubio, Steve Nash. I like how they play.
** Neto on his plans for the upcoming season: Of course, if I have to choose, I want to play NBA. But it’s not my choice. I have to wait. I have to talk with my agent, what’s it gonna be better for me, ’cause I don’t want to be here and don’t play, you know? I want to play. I want to get, have some new experience. So that’s what I think.
** Neto on seeing game action without having practiced with the team: You see a guy open, you can, you have to pass. You know, that’s basketball. You don’t have to practice with the team. I mean, everybody play the same game.
** Neto on whether he’ll be wearing No. 56: I don’t know. I don’t care about the number. I want to play. (Utah Jazz)

jerry day 3

** Jeremy Evans on having Jerry Sloan back in his life: When he was here and I was playing with him, I loved him. And you know, I felt like I was gonna be playing under him for a couple more years at least. But you know, that didn’t go as planned, but now just to see him come back, I love it. And just to know that he’ll be helping us out, I think is great.
** Evans on how many minutes he expects to get from Tyrone Corbin this season: Well, you know, I really can’t say, just because those other players, you know, they’re great players, and you know, it’s just gonna be up to him what he decides, as far as the minutes. But you know, however many it is, I just plan on going out there, and you know, working as hard as I can on the court, and doing as much as I can to help us out. (KALL)

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machine (UDQM)
** Detroit Free Press reporter: So what was the reason Burke sat out? Lowe: Just to give him a blow.

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  1. hamaca permalink
    July 11, 2013 8:36 pm

    Poor guy was posterized by Neto. Neto-ized!


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