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What’s Happened to Enes Kanter’s Twitter?

July 10, 2013
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Last summer, Enes Kanter set the NBA world on fire with his tweets inviting brunettes to dinner, winky face tweets calling everyone “baby,” pictures of himself with random chicks and animals, etc.

Fast forward one year:

Enes’ Twitter has been scrubbed clean like an identity that’s been compromised.

His following list, which once ran the gamut from random chicks to male porn stars, has been pared down to three: the Utah Jazz, his brother, and a religious account.

Numerous pics and most of his previous tweets have been deleted, including that one Pilates pic that started the aforementioned NBA fire.

Since the end of May, Enes has only tweeted 11 times, and all of them appear to be religious tweets.

Just six months ago, he was promising us another wild summer ahead.

enes twitter

So what happened? Here are some theories.

A) The Jazz either ordered or pressured him to tweet less. This is an easy leap, since the Jazz have been pretty vocal in their attempts to shut it down.

Enes on Media Day last year, asked whether he’d been spoken to by Jazz brass about his tweets:

Yeah, some tweets they said something. Some tweets they said they like it, some tweets they said they didn’t like it. I understand. They sit and talk to me about it. I understand. I know better now.

Randy Rigby last season, asked about Enes’ Twitter:

Well, you know what, I’ve been very proud to see him taking more control of, you know, and with, he’s had good conversations from his teammates, and just really realizing that, you know what, sometimes Twitter seems to be something fun and easy. But you now need to realize, and Enes now realizes, that, you know what, you’re more than just a 20-year-old. You’re a professional athlete on the Utah Jazz, and there’s a responsibility that we expect you to play and a role that you need to play.

Tyrone Corbin last season, asked about Enes’ Twitter:

We have to hone some of that in…it’s a young man that’s gonna make some mistakes in that area, and with the social media and all the coverage that he get, or we get as an organization, we gotta be careful about what we’re doing. And I think he’s learned some lessons from that.

Dennis Lindsey last season, asked about Enes’ Twitter:

You know, Enes and I have had a couple of conversations on choices, and the good thing is, Enes is a good young man…I think like all young people, you get a little misdirected.

I’m guessing the phrase “What would Kevin O’Connor do?” was probably repeated ad nauseum during the talks/lectures.

Theories No. 2 and No. 3 come to us via @dany_nancaku.

B) Religious reasons.

dany tweet 1

For what it’s worth, the location on the aforementioned religious Twitter account Enes follows says “Pennsylvania.”

C) Parental pressure.

dany tweet 2

D) All of the above.

What’s your best guess? A, B, C or D?

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  1. Gnote permalink
    July 11, 2013 12:15 am

    Moni you’re forgetting the most obvious possibility:

    Enes finally found a serious girlfriend who is a little crazy and went through all of his social media deleting anything she didn’t like.


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