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Orlando Summer League Game 2: Utah Jazz “at” Houston Rockets

July 10, 2013

boozeredRudy Gobert getting boozered (i.e. has a rebound snatched away by a teammate) by Jeremy Evans

Well, the Jazz no longer have a perfect Summer League record.

Summer League basketball is not good basketball. Though of course not-great Jazz basketball is way better than no Jazz basketball.

Alec Burks in particular looked really good not only on his shot but with the ball in his hands. He looked like a (young) man amongst boys, and got to the free throw line at will (a Karl Malone-esque nine times in 30 minutes). It was also good to see Jeremy Evans play with a little more freedom (he took and made a mid-range jumper, and took and missed another).


I also thought Michael Stockton was pretty solid in his limited moments on the court although in all honesty I probably can’t be objective about him.

Stockton for 3!


** Sidney Lowe on Raul Neto’s status: I can’t speak too much on that. Maybe COACH can.
** Lowe on whether Burks is ready for a bigger role: You know, I think that remains to be seen. You know, that, again, that’s a tough position. It’s a tough job, and, you know, but I know that, I feel that he’ll get better. He’ll continue to grow and continue to get better.
Is the best way for him to get better to be out there?
Absolutely. Be out there, you know, make your mistakes. Learn from your mistakes. And he’ll get better.

burks post

** Alec Burks on his Summer League mindset: I’m gonna be aggressive regardless of I’m in the game or not. You know, that’s my mindset. Be aggressive. B-E Aggressive! B-E-A-G-G…
** Burks on whether he ever doubted himself at any point last season: Nah, not at all. I’ve got too much confidence for that. If I doubt myself, I shouldn’t be in the league if I doubt myself.
** Burks on whether the Jazz have talked to him about what they want from him this year: Not really. But you know, in the exit meeting, you know, “Just come back a better player, you know? And a better man at the same time.”
How do you feel like you’re progressing on both those fronts?
I feel like, you know, I’ve grown up. You know, I’m about to turn 22. As a man, you know, I feel like I’m growing up, you know? As a basketball player, you know, my game’s getting more complete, you know? I feel like my jumper’s getting better. I’m getting stronger, you know? I’m just learning the game better. (Utah Jazz)

ty jerry randy

Random Stuff, etc.
** Trey Burke likes East African women (via Trey’s

east african women

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machine of the Day (UDQM)
** Lowe on Burks: He doesn’t get down. He’s ready to come right back. So you know, we’re not worried about it at all. He’ll be ready to go.

future backcourtRaul Neto has been cleared to play. Hopefully we get to see him in the next game!

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