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Jeremy Evans on Last Year and Next Year’s Leadership

July 9, 2013
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Do you think Gordon Hayward is primed to step up as a leader on the Jazz next season?
Oh, yes sir. I think so. Like you said, he’s been here. He’s played in so many games, and, you know, playoff games, and you know, he know what it takes. So I feel like he’s gonna be able to do that.

Was it hard for Gordon or Derrick Favors to take a leadership role last year given Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap’s stature on the team?
Yeah, I think so. You’d never wanna, you know, make those guys feel like they’re, you know, not the best they are.

And, but, sometimes, it takes that, just to come in and, you know, get ’em right, get them in their spots, get on them sometimes when they’re not playing defense, or, you know, they’re not doing the right things. They see you saying that, and they’re like, man, I guess I really gotta, you know, step up. (1280)

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