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More Draft Bits…

June 29, 2013

** Trey Burke’s favorite player is Allen Iverson. “A lot of people said he wasn’t big enough, but he still got it done.” (UDQM)

** Burke’s biggest influence is his dad, who taught him the game of basketball. His dad is also his agent.

burke dad

** For his draft day suit, Burke tried to go with Michigan colors. He tried on three or four suits and ended up going with the blue and gold. As for his pin, “[I]t’s just a pin that a guy offered me to wear. It’s a flower. I had a regular one, but I think it just went with the tie. So I think it was a good look for me.” (ASAP Sports)

burke suit

** Burke will not be keeping his Minnesota Timberwolves hat.

** Burke on the possibility of working with Karl Malone on the pick and roll: He can teach me a lot. Especially reading the bigs, setting the screen, reading a big that’s guarding the screen. The screener. Just giving me a lot of input about how to become a really good pro. Karl Malone is an all-time great. I can definitely get a lot of feedback from him. (ASAP Sports)

burke-gqGQ shoot

** Burke on how tough it was to be traded: It was tough, but I, like you said, you know, I understood that it was a business decision. And I was kinda surprised the Timberwolves had selected me at the ninth pick. You know, I hadn’t been in contact with them, so you know, once I found out I was in some trade talks, it started making sense and you know, I’m proud to be a part of the Jazz family. I look forward to going right in and helping the team win…I just wanted to go somewhere where, you know, I’ll have an opportunity to play right away and you know, have an opportunity to make an impact. (NBA)

** Burke on being traded to Utah: I didn’t know how to really react to it, but you know, God don’t make mistakes, so I feel like this is the place I need to be at. (Utah Jazz)

Shirtless Raul Neto already posted. Here’s shirtless Trey Burke:

burke gq

** Burke on what he knows about the Jazz: I know about Derrick Favors, who’s a really good center. You know, I love playing with good centers who can catch and can score. You know, as well (audio cuts out) Burks, you know, a really good slasher, a guy that, you know, another guy that can fnish around the rim, guy that can get out in transition and run. You know, obviously, Kyle Korver, you know, shooting on the perimeter. You know, and then you got Jamaal T– (audio cuts out). You know, I look forward to going in there and you know, really developing a good relationship with him, you know, so he can show me the ropes, you know, he has a lot of experience in this league, and I just look forward to going into Utah and you know, getting started. You know, I’m excited. (Utah Jazz)


Easy mistake.

** Burke has never been to Utah.

** Burke on how he thinks he can fit in with the Jazz: With a big like Derrick Favors, you know, coming up, setting screens, rolling to the basket, I definitely feel like us two will be a threat out there on the court. (Utah Jazz)


** What Rudy Gobert remembers about his Utah visit: Just, I mean, I went over there, and it was nice. I mean, it’s nice city. It’s maybe not a flashy city but I like camp, so it’s great for me. I went to a very good restaurant, so it’s a good city.

** Gobert, asked whether he knows Enes Kanter: Yeah. I know Enes Kanter, yeah…I know him for a long time because I saw him play in the European Championships, championship in young team, it was Turkey. And I knew he was going to be good, you know, and it’s good to have European players in Utah too. So, good for me…I never played against him.

daddy long legs

** Gobert on playing on a young team: I mean, like I said, it’s great, you know? We gonna try to, I know we gonna be young. We gonna get better game by game.

** Gobert on playing in Utah: I was very happy to Utah, yeah, because I know it’s a great opportunity for me, and the fans are really cool, and I think it’s one of the best team for my future, and to get better, and be able to play too, even my first year, so I think it’s great for me.

gobert draft

** You’re in New York for the night. Will you be going out and having fun or…? (UDQM) I’m very tired, so I think I’m gonna go back to the hotel because somebody coming, so I don’t think I’m gonna go out tonight. Probably not. (KSL)

This started out as a perfect, know-your-audience response. It then became not.

neto draft

14 Comments leave one →
  1. steppx permalink
    June 29, 2013 2:03 am

    i give up. Im sure some people loved this draft for utah. Im disgusted. Burke is HYPE over quality. And Gobert….my god, what a joke —- wont ever play in the NBA……mark it down. Like i say, burke has his admirers……..but i think its more emotional….he’s small without great quickness, will struggle on defense, and while he was efficient as a college player, i think schroder was a far better pick and translates to the NBA better….even Larkin. Burke is another in a long line of average passable third tier pg’s. The real blunder is Gobert………..god, what are they thinking in Jazz land?????????

    • June 29, 2013 4:47 am

      dear steppz,
      sometimes i wonder if there is anything you like about anything at any point in time ever…

      • steppx permalink
        June 29, 2013 5:11 am

        i loved derrick favors, enes kanter, gordan hayward and jerry sloan. I love that foundation which has been utterly wasted so far.

    • Steve permalink
      July 1, 2013 10:42 am

      Do you remember Sean May? He was tested as being quicker than Chris Paul before their draft. And he’s a 250 lb PF. Quickness and athletic abilities aren’t everything. I don’t even watch college basketball, but I saw a Michigan game early in the season and was impressed enough by Burke that I watched as many of their games that I could find. He studies the game enough that I feel that the screen issue you’re concerned about will be a short lived issue.

  2. Dan permalink
    June 29, 2013 4:46 am

    I’m wondering if this is a troll because calling Burke all hype just doesn’t make sense if you watched him at all. I like Shroeder’s game too, but you can’t in all fairness believe he’s more NBA ready than Burke right now, or more importantly, ready to make the players around him better (where Burke excels). He ran the best offense in the Nation and nearly led Michigan to a championship. Compare their experience. Compare their college success or lack thereof. Burke is a much safer pick to be a legit starter. Schroeder is just as big of a high risk, high reward as Gobert, albeit with more polish to his game. And I say that really liking the guy, but we just don’t know yet. Small sample size and hasn’t played against the same level of competition (much like Gobert). It sounds like the knock on Burke you have is size (which is fair), but he’s no smaller than CP3. Give the guy a chance…he’s earned it.

    Gobert is an unknown with a very high ceiling (do to his freakish length) and work to do, so the criticisms are understandable, but even if all he did was dunk and block shots he’s Javale McGee with a higher IQ. The 46th pick is ideal to take a guy that’s high risk, high reward. If he can strengthen his trunk, he’s a great pick, if not he’s a bust…but worth the risk. If only we had a hall of fame big man to work with him…oh wait…

    • steppx permalink
      June 29, 2013 7:13 am

      so opposing opinions equals troll. Thats a revealing comment…….no, in fact Burke was a great college player, but he lacks explosivness. He’s not a bust, but he’s closer to DJ Augustin than he is to chris paul In fact he might be closer to acie law.This may be a minority opinion, but im hardly alone in questioning burke’s athleticism. If he was such a lock he wouldnt have been there past three. He’s not big…but neither is mike conley or ty lawson or paul. But all three of them are considerably quicker. Schroder is, in fact, much faster. No, he’s not NBA ready but i never said that. I said he was a better pick because his upside is much greater. I think Schroder needs a full year before he’s ready, but then, he’s also played against professionals for a year and a half, so he might adjust more quickly.— Burke cant defend pick and rolls. He’s not quick enough. He got away with it in college by going underneath..mostly anyway…..and I dont see him doing that in the pros. He’s just not this elite franchise pg that everyone seems to make him out to be. And to give up both picks for him is insane. He is going to be ok…..I see him as a smart crafty point …..on the level of devin harris maybe. Probably not a starter. He had a nice turnover to assist ratio, he plays hard….but he’snot very strong (3 reps bench press) and he just isnt a top end athlete. Having that said that……….what i see as a hyped pick pales in comparison to the Gobert blunder. I understand the appeal of burke, i just dont agree at all. But Gobert WAS AWFUL last season in france. I live half the year in europe…..Ive seen Nedovic and livio jean charles in person. I didnt see gobert but i certainly knew a lot of people who did. I never met one who thought he was remotely ready to play in the NBA and none who thought he had a future of any sort in europe-. Most people i know thought Bebe a much better prospect. MUCH better. Gobert is frail. He is a freak….i get it……….but its a novelty act. If you cant impose yourself on defense in the FRENCH league for christ sake, what makes you think you can do it in the nba?

      • steppx permalink
        June 29, 2013 7:16 am

        Gobert was taken 27th in the first round. Christ if he was taken late second, Id have little problem…..

      • Dan permalink
        June 29, 2013 7:59 am

        On Gobert, I’m saying the same logic you’re applying to Shroeder should apply to him. He’s a player with tremendous upside provided growth (and yes a lot of it) in certain areas. For Shroeder you have faith he will be that guy in a year or two, and I wouldn’t disagree. I don’t know that Gobert will pan out or not, but given his physical assets, risking a mid second rounder and cash isn’t risking much even if he never develops. I mean look at Asik’s numbers before he got paid. There’s a demand for big men…any big men. And Gobert is REAL big.

        As for Burke, no offense was intended and you certainly have a right to your opinion. It’s just the only negative one I’ve heard as of yet regarding our draft from fans or media, and somewhat surprising. Your post read a little like “the sky is falling” to me. Forgive my comments. They were made in shock after watching and learning so much about him this last year.

        I agree he DOES have some weak spots in his game, Burke certainly has some downside defensively at the moment, yet gets a good number of steals and blocks. His PnR Defense is my biggest concern as well. But pairing him with a big that defends the PnR well (Favors) can have a major impact. CP3 had all these same knocks on him when he entered the draft and is likely, at least in part, why we passed on him and took Deron.

        But agree or not, respect to any other Jazz fan. I certainly could be wrong, but I think were both hoping your wrong about both guys. ;)

        • steppx permalink
          June 29, 2013 8:25 am

          i hear ya. I hope im wrong too. We all have guys we fall in love with………i had about five guys i really liked in what we can all agree was a pretty weak draft. It was full of developmental guys….this was the “potential ” draft for sure. And believe me I like Burke’s smarts…….he knows the game, and he runs the offense the way a point guard should. I just fear his athleticism is going to be problem. I certainly could be wrong. I think gobert though…man, i dont see it. Im sorry, but he was taken 27th…….and lots of people thought he would go higher. And i know a 7 9″ wingspan is unreal. But at best i see only a john henson type and henson got shoved around last year even after gaining weight. As for schroder…..he was my favorite so Im defending him. I see a point guard who can be a real defensive force. But he is also “developemental”. I love steven adams….but its based on pure potential. I saw livio jean charles………man, terrific player. Really really young…..but has the real chance to be a luol deng type……super length and hops. But raw right now. So……..we shall see.

  3. steppx permalink
    June 29, 2013 5:12 am

    i love kevin murphy’s potential and even alec burks potential…though i wonder sometimes…….but we dont know because they haven’t had enough floor time. So mister positive… curious what you think of this draft. You like rudy gobert ? Think thats a solid pick?

    • June 29, 2013 5:45 am

      it’s all but guaranteed that gobert is the 2nd coming of bill russell (the jesus of defense), so i think “Jazz land” clearly nailed it!

  4. June 29, 2013 5:48 am

    thanks for the korver-hayward pic! i was like =,^.^=


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