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Bits from Post-Draft Interview, 6/27 (Lindsey/Corbin)

June 29, 2013
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Via @utahjazz

COACH Tyrone Corbin, as a coach, what was your reaction to getting Trey Burke?
COACH Tyrone Corbin: Well, as a coach, and I’ll let Your Majesty over here talk about his magic later on, but just as a coach, to address a need with a young guy like Trey Burke…extremely exciting for me.

And when they approached and said that we have an opportunity to get this deal done, I was completely on board about getting it done, and really happy, and wanting to hug all the guys in the room to let them know my joy, of them getting it done.

** Dennis Lindsey, Unintentional Dirty Quote Machine: We were, Ty, and his staff, and you know, management, scouts, were, we’ve been banging it out for about two straight weeks, and those are hard “conversations” to get on the same page.

Fine, the quotation marks around “conversation” are me editorializing.

Jazz fans should be grateful for Tyrone Corbin
Dennis Lindsey: The Jazz family needs to understand how lucky they are to have Ty Corbin, who’s willing to coach young guys…

There’s just a lot of coaches, and coaches like Ty, that’s had winning records the last two years, that don’t want to really, you know, coach young guys, because by definition, it can drop your record significantly…

It’d probably be best if we traded for a vet, but you know, he had the greater good of the organization in mind.

Do you feel like you need to make changes now that you have Trey Burke, a pick and roll point guard, on your roster?
Corbin: Well, this personnel will dictate some of that. I mean, some changing, that, this, he’s a very capable pick and roll point guard. And he’s shown that he can handle pick and roll situation and make plays for his teammates and himself. And we will utilize his talents in those areas.

Can a 20-year-old player be a leader in the locker room?
Corbin: We’ll see. We’ll see.

You know, leadership is, you can’t fake it. You know, it has to be earned. And it has to be consistent. And it has to be constant. And the guys know when it’s not real right off the bat. So you, it’s a thing where you’ll grow into it…

We’ll see from [summer league], and we’ll see where things go. It’s really difficult to tag a guy before he get it in, man, this league, it’s been, you know, guys have come in, picked their certain spot or you had a college career in certain place, and this league doesn’t transcend all the time.

So he’ll have to come in and earn those, that kind of respect, with this group of guys and this organization.

On why the Jazz targeted Rudy Gobert
Lindsey: There was a lot of momentum and different periods, all directed towards, you know, why Rudy had great merit for us.

And so, one of the things, we think the league is really doing a good job of calling the restricted area. It’s, when guys get vertical, a la Roy Hibbert…Not that Roy Hibbert and what he did through the playoffs was the only reason.

But it really made an impression upon us that, you know, to have a real presence at the rim, to have Derrick Favors, Enes Kanter, Rudy Gobert, that type of size and length, we really, we highly value that. And we have a great history with Mark Eaton.

You know, we, Ty and I, were going over there to Coach [Jerry] Sloan and saying, “What do you think? Could he be, you know, like Mark Eaton, where there’s just that presence that–”

You know, blocking the shots are great, but size prevents a lot of things that happens in the lane. So if he can just be someone that prevents drives, that, you know, he can be a great member of the Jazz…

We were hoping to be very aggressive in the draft, you know, towards our objectives, and you know, Rudy was one of the bigger objectives for us.

Awkwardest conversation ever
Corbin on Gobert: He’s a big body, where we have Derrick and Enes, he’s long, and lo–and really lo–out and up, so–
David Locke: Have you ever seen anything that long?
Corbin: Oh, the way that he can run and jump, it’s, it’s a little different.
Locke: Uh, he’s coming?
Lindsey: Yes.
Locke: Okay.

On Gobert’s care factor
Lindsey: I must’ve talked with 20 people [at Eurocamp], and independently everybody said, “Boy, we really like how hard Rudy works.” You know, so his care factor, Coach Sloan picked up on it immediately in Chicago [at the draft combine]. (1280)

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