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Bits from Draft Night Press Conference, 6/27 (Lindsey/Corbin)

June 29, 2013
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On getting Trey Burke
Dennis Lindsey: You know, we are, we’re fortunate. You kn–as you guys know, sometimes best-laid plans just, you know, Mother Luck turns a different direction.

On his first Jazz draft (UDQM)
Lindsey: It’s a special one, you know, because, you know, again, I did it with Ty.

** Tyrone Corbin speaks for the first time around four minutes into the press conference. He drops his first “Trey Burks” 23 seconds in.

Will Burke start at point guard?
Corbin: We’ll see. You know, we’ll see. You know, you, one of the things that everybody will start doing, they’ll look at our roster and [think] that he will start. And you know, as all the guys on the team know, they have to earn minutes on this roster.

And on this team and this franchise.

So he’s certainly capable; we’re looking forward to working with him and seeing how fast he pick things up, and then we’ll see. We still have some other things to work out on the roster, but he has an opportunity to be one of the guys that start the game for us, and we’ll see where that goes.*

Lindsey: It took John [Stockton] three or four years to crack the starting lineup, and Deron Williams as well, that, you know, he didn’t start his rookie year…We don’t want to skip any steps, so we’ll let nature take its course.**

* That’s four “we’ll see’s,” if you’re keeping count at home.

** Again, Stockton was 1) playing behind an All-Star point guard; 2) started 38 games in his second season. Deron, meanwhile, started 47 games his rookie season.


The importance of Kevin O’Connor
Lindsey: To keep Kevin as a mentor,* I can tell you guys, as comfortable as, you know, you get in this seat on this responsibility in 17 years, I wouldn’t have had the confidence, you know, if Kevin wasn’t, you know, sitting right by my side and us talking this out.

You know, that, not so much was critical to the decision, it was critical just to our overall comfort level and I think you can make a decent argument that if I didn’t have him there, you know, I wouldn’t have been acting, you know, with as good of confidence. And you know, that’s a credit to Kevin and the Miller family.

* So did KOC hire Lindsey as his deputy, or did KOC have to be “kept on” as Lindsey’s mentor?

Priorities on July 1
Lindsey: I think, clearly, shooting is a priority. I think some veteran leadership is another thing that Ty probably wants relative to the youth of our club. But there’s quite a few things.

On the summer league
Corbin: Yeah, we have, Alec [Burks] will probably be down. [Kevin] Murphy will come down. Jeremy Evans will come down. Gordon [Hayward] and Derrick [Favors] will be in the USA Basketball. They been working out pretty diligently now in trying to get ready for them in July.

And Enes [Kanter] is still hurt. So we’ll visit with him, but he can’t do anything on the floor just yet.

puzzled ty

On having both Trey Burke and Alec Burks on the same team
Corbin: We’ll give some nicknames and make sure they know when I yell in, with my southern swang that they know who I’m talking to. So we’ll get things clarified pretty quickly. I’m sure they’ll figure it out.*

* Give them nicknames? *They’ll* figure it out? Couldn’t Corbin just, you know, learn their names?

When you woke up this morning, did you think there was any chance you could get Trey Burke?
Corbin: That’s a Dennis question. He’s the magical one, so.

Lindsey: You get so involved in the process. Sometimes you wake up, you know, early in the morning [or] late at night with scary thoughts of, you know, what if all the guys are gone, or what if the phones don’t work. Literally. Kevin’s sick, just like me, guys.

You’ll, we had the phone there that you make the draft call, and it’s your worst nightmare that, you know, the call won’t come, and you skip a pick, and you get fined, and you’re kicked out of the league due to embarrassment.

So you have those things that wake you up, but you know, when you, when it comes to players, you really, you’re trying to follow your [predetermined draft] order and your process, and I think we had a good process.


How involved were you in the draft process?
No “get better” or “just gotta continue to” or “it is what it is,” but the most Ty Corbin quote ever.

Corbin: Well, I, you know, Dennis was really gracious to include all of us. Not only myself, the coaching staff, to hear the voice. They wanted to make sure that he heard what we thought our needs were, and so we can all get on the same page and integrate those things, and make sure that he do as best job as he could to make sure that he’s addressing the needs that we think that we need to have a chance to succeed.

How’s your French?
Corbin: I took it in ninth grade in high school. Uh, bonjour.

** Dennis Lindsey, UDQM: You always have angst that, you know, someone behind you turns out good, and you know, you can really only marry yourself to a few guys.

Are you concerned about Burke’s height?
Corbin: No. He’s a winner. His height is what it is.

Is Rudy Gobert coming to the Jazz right away?
Lindsey: We hope. There’s some contractual issues that we’ll have to work through, but that’s our hopes…A lot will be dependent upon buyouts, and, you know, FIBA letter of clearance. And you know, [summer league] would be a goal and we’ll certainly get on it as quickly as we can, but there’s some logistics.

On Gobert
Lindsey: Rudy was just so unique with his length, and his care factor. You guys will really appreciate how hard this kid works. He’s not in it because he’s tall. He’s in it because he competes. And we think we’ll be able to use that and help him develop in some areas. (KALL, Utah Jazz)

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