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Utah Jazz [Trade] Draft [Picks for] Trey Burke, Rudy Gobert, and Raul Neto

June 28, 2013
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A perfect storm of real life is getting in my way of posting. I’ll catch up as quickly as I can. Here’s some random thoughts etc. for the time being…

burtcourtH/T @ColbySpradlin for being the first to come up with T & A

** We all know how confusing the name “Alec Burks” is for our play-by-play guys, front office executives, and coaches (even though Burks says it’s not rocket science).

As if Trey Burke’s last name were not enough, his given name is Alfonso. Alfonso Burke. Al Burke. God has got to be laughing at said play-by-play guys, front office executives, and coaches…

burks ty

** The ESA crowd cheered the Burke pick. Bad sign?

** Jamaal Tinsley, gracious and classy:

jamaal tweet

** This is arguably the best Draft Day haul in Jazz history.

Dennis Lindsey after landing Trey Burke, via @GregInUtah

What does this show? It shows the existence of the Popovich Mafia of GMs and coaches around the league, and we can be thankful that Dennis Lindsey is a card-carrying member.

** Thanks to Diana Allen, we have our first look at the Jazz’s new top pink jersey seller, Raul Neto:


@bjcseven has proposed Burks’ head + tongue photoshopped over the body in this picture. All in good time.

** The Jazz drafted Shabazz Muhammad for trade purposes.

jbb tweet

** Let us all join hands and pray that we don’t have to listen to “Gobert” be butchered by Jazz personnel on a daily basis.

** Nothing to do with the Jazz, but this is the runaway winner of Draft Night Pics:

More later…

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