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Bits from Randy Rigby Interview, 6/26

June 27, 2013
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Give me the craziest Randy Rigby-Provo-BYU story you can think of
Oh wow…there’s a number of them…

You know, I, we decided to do some crazy dates and so we, I was really trying to impress my wife, so we, I took her out on a date and we decided to go buy burgers at some, a hamburger place. I think that it was called The High Spot.

And then we went and sat on a–out there on University they had, used to have a little bit of an island–we sat out on the island, having this romantic dinner. And I thought that was a lot of fun until some other kids were smart enough to go grab some water balloons.

And we’re sitting there, next thing I know we’re getting water ballooned, and so now I’m chasing after some young kid up University, you know, that had thrown water balloons at us…We had good times down at BYU. Those were some fun times.

What’s happening in the draft war room?
I literally walked in to Zions Bank Basketball Center ye–this morning, and I really got excited because as I’m up there talking with, I was talking for awhile with COACH [Tyrone] Corbin, and I looked out, and I see, there, we’ve got Karl Malone working out with Derrick Favors. And really some intense workouts going on there.

Next door, Dennis [Lindsey] had closed doors and he was going fast and furious.*

And then we later had some conversations, and, had, interrupted a number of times as he was taking phone calls and really feeling the intensity of draft day picking up, heating up, and the discussions that are going on.

So that got exciting for me as well, and then shortly after that I was down talking with Karl and the coaching staff, and Jerry [Sloan] was there, and coaching staff, and they went over to the side, and they were really working on, and having some real discussions about strategy for, and coach, coaching strategy and philosophy that was being discussed there.

And you’re seeing a legendary coach having, right in the middle of the discussions with a great coaching staff led by Ty Corbin and Sidney Lowe. Mike [Sanders] was there as well, and Brad [Jones], and it’s just, it was exciting to see the intensity picking up on every front, from development of players, to preparing for the draft, to really preparing as a coaching staff.

It really got me excited about what we’ve got, and some of the special things we’ve got that we’re working towards this coming off-season.

* “Dennis had closed doors and he was going fast and furious” goes in the UDQM Hall of Fame.

According to @MarkPeacock11, Rigby left “With a picture of Kate Upton on his screen” out of his quote.

On expectations of Jazzmen
In one of the first workouts that Karl had with Derrick, and Derrick’s been with us for, you know, some time now, but it was interesting to see Karl give his perspective to Derrick of what it meant to put on that Jazz uniform and to be a Jazz player.

And also what it meant for Karl to be able to play in this community, and the support that we get, and the expectations that p–that this community has on its players, but also how, as they respond to it, and really show them the respect back to the community and to our fan base, what, the opportunities that it could mean for them, and how, what a special experience it can mean for them, to play in this community.

And you know what, that was really special for me to see that, and to see how Karl cherished that and relished that, and appreciated that, and wanted to teach that to a new player.

And that’s one of the things we’re also trying to teach these young players, that we have coming in here, of what it means to be a Jazzman, and to play Jazz basketball. And that’s why one of the things I felt was very important this coming year is, we taught our players to put their hand over their heart. That means a lot to this community.*

* Perhaps the Jazz would not consider me part of their community, but I find it wholly inappropriate that the Jazz asked Enes Kanter to hold his hand over his heart during the national anthem.

Have there been discussions on moving up in the draft?
Yes. To your, answer your question, the answer is yes.

And in fact, I witnessed some conversations that, from Dennis today, that, again reiterated that if that opportunity was right, that, and he expressed, you know, as, in conversations with some others, I’m not gonna divulge who or what it would be, but it came out loud and clear that we are continuing to commit, committed to, if there’s the right opportunities, we will consider moving up.

Greg Miller has talked about the night Jerry Sloan resigned. What do you remember about it?
It was, you know what, I’ll always remember, it, from everyone’s standpoint, it was very heartfelt, their feelings, as I looked at Jerry, and could feel Jerry’s feelings, of, you know what, here’s a man who’d given everything he could for this organization, and he really felt like his effectiveness and his, you know, I know Greg referred to it, kind of his tank being empty at the time.

And I think, it, Jerry had really felt that it was, and Jerry was, has always been honest and straightforward and he spoke from his heart of where his effectiveness and his desires were, at that, were, as he expressed, was, really to, that he felt like, he needed to be done, as the head coach…

I’ll always remember that night.

** Rigby UDQM on the draft party: We’re gonna have great things happening down here.

On the draft party
Not a lot of teams have a draft party, but Larry Miller and Gail have always felt like that was a gift they wanted to give to this community, to come and to have those people who maybe can’t afford, even, season tickets or individual tickets, to come down and be a part of the Utah Jazz. (1280)

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