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Bits from Post-Press Conference Jerry Sloan and Tyrone Corbin Interviews, 6/20

June 22, 2013
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Jerry Sloan
What will you be doing with the Jazz? Will it be coaching, or…?
No, I’m not gonna be in the coaching department. I might make a suggestion, but that will come through Ty if he’s, wants to talk something about basketball…

They got great assistant coaches. They got, those bases are covered. I just hope that if, some small way, I can give a little credence to something that they’re doing, and go from there.

You’re a guy that would never be on board with losing on purpose.
That’s what it’s about, just win the ball game. Unless somebody comes and tells you, boss comes and tell you. I don’t know how I’d react to that if somebody come and told me I needed to lose games so we could get a better draft choice. I’d tell them, “You better get another coach.”

Some would say that leads to mediocity because you’re never bad enough to get a great player.
How do you know? How do you know? I don’t think anybody knows that you won’t get a superstar, [that] you won’t get a player like–

There’ve been players that’ve come here. John Stockton was, what, 17th, 15th, 16th, 17th pick? Karl Malone, the 13th or 14th pick? And they turned out pretty good.

How many teams did you talk to about coaching jobs?
I only talked to a couple of teams on the phone. Only one team came to my home.

Who was that?


Did you seriously consider the offer?

Yeah, I was serious about it. But I just felt like, at the end, when it came down to it, I, something, I probably needed more time to be away from basketball.

Do you have any regrets about not taking the job?

No. No. I don’t have any regrets. Once you close the door, the door’s closed.


— September 2011: Dave Checketts told KALL that Jerry was asked whether he’d consider meeting with Pistons ownership about the head coaching job. According to Checketts, Jerry thought about it for a few days before declining.

— June 2012: After interviewing with the Bobcats, Jerry withdrew his candidacy. (SI)

— July 2012: Portland offers Jerry its head coaching position; Jerry turns it down. (CSNNW)

— May 2013: Jerry withdraws his name from contention for Milwaukee’s head coaching position; Bucks personnel paid a visit to Jerry on his farm in Illinois. (NBA)

On developing young players when he was coach
We understood the parameters we were working under. We weren’t gonna go buy two or three players. We had to develop players as we went to work everyday, try to help them become better players.

We had a lot of guys, Bryon Russell, Howard Eisley, and any number of guys, that got better because they had some guys up in front of them who were leaders. And that’s one of the things that’s important in this game today, is how many leaders do you have on your team?

Some teams have none, and that’s why they struggle.

How many leaders are there on the current roster?

I don’t know…I haven’t been around them that much. A lot, I notice a lot of them talk about leadership, but talk isn’t, doesn’t make you a leader. (1320)

ty pc

Tyrone Corbin
Is patience what this team needs most?
Any young team, I mean, any time you have young guys in this league, and it’s difficult to win with young guys.

It’s difficult because they don’t wanna, they don’t understand and know what to expect and the work that it take individually and then as a team on a nightly basis to be successful in this league.

So, I understand that. You know, hopefully the organization understand what we have under contract now, what we put on the contract in, after July 1, what kind of team we’ll have going forward.

What will Jerry Sloan’s role be?
Well, advisor, you know? We’ll define more things as we go forward, but right now we’re just happy and excited to be back, and he will advise on basketball operation, things on the floor, talking to me and the staff about things that he see, and what we should change, or what he like, and things we should be, we watch out for more, and just having him around, to lean on him in different situations would be great…

You know, he’ll see things probably before we see things, that he think is going in a direction that we may not like, to watch trends and see how things are going. If they’re good, then, you know, we wanna maybe run those frequencies a little more.

If they’re not going good, and we’re not getting what we’re looking for, then watch the traps that you fall into, little things go a little more than they, than you should.

What kind of impact does a Hall of Fame coach in the locker room have on a team?
It’s, you know what, it’s a tremendous advantage in my, from my point of view, for us, and for me to have him as someone I can lean on, on a day-to-day basis.

And for our franchise to have, as a guy that walking around, and the people to see him, guys that come in to this franchise, to see his face around here. So I think it’s a tremendous advantage for us. (1320)

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