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Utah Jazz Get New Jumbotron

June 18, 2013
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Comparison of old and new Jumbotrons, via @JazzGameNight:


That’s the good news. The bad news?

rick aaron tweet

Quick facts and notes:

jumbotron tweets

Other Bits
** Per Miller Sports Properties COO Jim Olson, this project started a year ago, which is when the Jazz realized they needed to upgrade their video board. Final decision to go ahead with the upgrade came in April or May this year.
** Announcement was made by Steve Miller.
** New video boards are seven times the size of their predecessors; the size and magnitude of the screens will be “breathtaking for all parties.”
** Steve Miller used the word “signage.” Score one for Matt Harpring.
** YESCO’s Young family says that it is truly an honor for them to be associated with the Miller family.
** The Youngs’ grandfather came to Utah as a 15-year-old boy from England.
** The LED technology is designed, engineered and manufactured in Utah; it is “phenomenally efficient and very, very bright.”

Comments from Randy Rigby
** Enjoy this: We are working hard as an organization to bring us a championship-caliber team, both on the floor, as well as the number one place of where you can come and enjoy and consume sports, as a fan. We are really excited about it. We are really excited what this is going to mean to the community. And now what we would like to do is invite the fans, this intermountain area, to come out and really enjoy this experience. And come out and get behind the team, come out and enjoy basketball, like you can only enjoy it in here in EnergySolutions Arena, and come out and get behind this team, and help us build a championship team, and bring an NBA championship to the state of Utah.
** Players are excited: These kind of moves tell people this team is very serious about the moves that we’re making, and about really giving people an experience. And you know what? These players, they want to perform in a place where people are really enjoying their skills and seeing it. And I think this will really translate to that very thing…Our players are very excited about it. They’ve been very anxious and very f–interested in kind of the progress of this work that has been going on, and there’s a lot of enthusiasm from our players.
** Bigger isn’t better: I will say this. What I’ve appreciated is over the years, time, as we’ve worked at this thing, I think it’s very important that you get the right kind of perspective and dimension. That this complements the game of basketball, and doesn’t try to overcome it. And some of those other venues, I think, when I went to, I know the [Dallas] Cowboys, and we actually watched the All-Star Game on, in the Cowboys’ stadium, and that was a little bit different. But you actually found yourself just watching the screen, and not enjoying the game. We have such a great facility here, we wanted to make sure that the dimensions actually complemented the game, and not tried to overpower it. And I think the team has done a remarkable job of doing that very thing.

jumbotron press conf

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines
** YESCO’s Mike Young: We are literally creaming the crop of of the world’s best LED diodes.
** Jim Olson: Houston and and Indiana are currently bigger. But I thought Randy touched on it quite well earlier, when he said, you know, our desire wasn’t to figure out the biggest board, but to figure out the board that fit with the dimensions of our arena. You know, it’s very interesting, as we travel around the country and we see other arenas, their architecture is such that they’re much more flat and spread out, where we go much steeper. And with that being said, this video board fits our size and our angles, and is still gonna be plenty big…We’ll raise it high enough so that we don’t have any problems with that. (Utah Jazz)

Technical specs via the Jazz
**Center-hung Video Boards: Two, HD primary side screens which are larger than 1080p, 24′ x 41.3′, 1152 x 1984 pixel matrix; two, HD primary end screens, 16.67′ x 26′, 800 x 1248 pixel matrix; two, ventral screens, 9.3′ x 16.67′, 448 x 800 pixel matrix
**Space Ring: 10mm, LED one-sided ring above scoreboard, 5′ x 327.17′, 144 x 9664 pixel matrix
**Upper Bowl Auxiliary Boards: Four, 10mm LED corner boards, 12.46′ x 36.83′, 368 x 1088 pixel matrix
**Light Ring: Two, 20mm LED fascia displays, 2.7′ x 830′, 40 x 11,952 pixel matrix (1), 40 x 12,256 pixel matrix (1)
**Vomitory Sign System: Twenty, 10mm LED displays, 1.63′ x 10.83′, 48 x 320 pixel matrix
**Court-level Kickplate LED: Four, 10mm LED displays in padded portable unit on baseline, 1.0′ x 22.75′, 32 x 672 pixel matrix

Finally, good to know “Scotty G” completed the mandatory Jazz propaganda and key terms coursework required of all Jazz employees.

jazz propaganda

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