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Utah Jazz Draft Workout Recap, 6/17

June 18, 2013

No audio or video posted for 8 of 12 prospects that worked out, including Tyler Brown, Dewayne Dedmon, Ian Hummer, Lucas Nogueir (injured), Phil Pressey, Andrew Smith, Dexter Strickland and Mfon Udofia.

hardaway jr

Tim Hardaway Jr.
** Altitude reference: yes.
** Tenth workout; five more scheduled.
** What did you say to Coach Jerry Sloan? I just said hello, you know? I just wanted to introduce myself. You know, he’s a legend out there, so you know, just paying my dues and my respect to him as a coach. You know, he’s one of the best coaches out there to ever coach in the NBA.
** What did your father tell you about this process? He told me just go out there and have fun. You know, it’s gonna be some ups and downs, but you know, you gotta fight through it. Coaches want to see that…just how you handle yourself off the court [and] on the court, and I just try to do the best I can in both.
** Where do you see yourself fitting in with the Jazz? I think I’d fit very well. You know, they like to get up and down the court. That’s what we had at Michigan. You know, they shoot the ball very, very well from the 3-point line. So I think that’s a good way of, you know, getting myself involved in the game. Defensively, they talk. I mean, I’m great with that, being a vocal leader out there. Aw man, you know, they just all-out compete…My agent, Mark Bartelstein, he has Gordon Hayward as, you know, one of his clients, so I watch him all the time.
** What do teams want to see from you? I think just, you know, just your vocal, just being a vocal leader out there. Very, very passionate. I’m going out there and just being not energy-drainer, but energy-giver.
** Do you see yourself fitting in with this organization? I definitely can see myself being out here, playing for Utah Jazz. Not only here, but for any team.


Shabazz Muhammad
** Wasn’t able to take part in the workout due to a sprained ankle but toured the facility and talked with the coaches
** What kind of impression did you want to make today? Just to show my face. I mean, some guys who are hurt just cancel the flight, and I just wanted to come down here and just show my face, and meet the coaching staff, and stuff like that. You know, I got to meet with them briefly in Chicago, but just wanted to make sure I showed my face and show how good of a person I was, and just to watch the workout and be here and participate.
** Has workouts with Portland and Detroit left.
** On his draft stock: It just takes one team for you, for to like you, and right now I think I’m a top ten guy.
** How do you see yourself fitting in here? Utah is a great place. I mean, it’s close to where I live, and I mean, they have a lot of great pieces with Derrick Favors, a lot of young guys, and I think I can step in here and have a really good scoring impact from the get, from the jump.
** What’s your greatest strength? I would say my scoring ability, obviously. My rebounding…I think those two are the main attributes of my game.
** What do you need to work on the most? Yeah, I mean, ball-handling, going right, obviously. I mean, those are things I really been working on. Those are the main things I’m working on, and they’re coming along really well.
** What impresses you about the Jazz? Just seeing Coach Sloan walk up there. I mean, he’s a great guy. You know, he’s coached Karl Malone and all the other guys.
** On the Jazz’s style of play: They like to run a lot,* with the Derrick Favors, and guys like Al Jefferson who are really good…Those are big guys, you need big guys to really win ball games.

* Seriously, where are these guys getting the idea that Tyrone Corbin’s Jazz likes to run a lot? Are they being lied to?


Mason Plumlee
** Altitude reference: yes.
** Do you see yourself fitting in with this organization? For sure. You know, I’ve watched them a lot. I like Coach Corbin. I could see it fitting very well…I know it’s a young team, but I think they have a lot of talent, you know, with Burke and those guys. So I think it’d be a good fit.
* People calling Alec Burks “Burke”: Mason Plumlee
** What are your strengths? I think just, right away just being athuhletic. Being able to get up and down. Just being aggressive on the boards. And then I can score on the low block.
** Eighth or ninth workout; three more scheduled.
** On Jerry Sloan: I’ve wanted to meet him, ’cause the first games I remember watching were the Finals with the [Chicago] Bulls, so I was about five or six then. And that, it was neat to meet him, for sure.

bj porter

BJ Porter
** Altitude reference: yes.
** Worked out for Sacramento last week.
** What do you want to learn from these workouts? Basically, what it takes to learn, how to be a pro…what it takes to get better.
** Lived in Utah for 11 years.
** What are you best at right now? Most thing I’m most proud of is I compete, you know? Everybody has to get better on stuff. (KALL,1280,Utah Jazz)

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