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Utah Jazz Draft Workout Recap, 6/16

June 17, 2013
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No audio or video posted for 4 of 6 prospects that worked out, including Robert Covington, Troy Daniels, Rodney McGruder, and Adonis Thomas.


Will Clyburn
** On the altitude: This altitude is pretty hard on us, but just glad to be back here…Used to be used to it, but now I’m not used to it at all.
** What can you bring to the Jazz? Just a long, athletic wing. Versatile player that can score in a bunch of different ways, like get people open. Just helping a team out with whatever I can do…A little bit of what [Gordon] Hayward does.
** Did leaving Utah for Iowa State work out for you? Yes, it was a great decision. Like I said, it prepared me for this level. It gave me opportunity to showcase my talents even more. Put the ball in my hand, and not just a spot-up shooter.
** Tenth workout. Has been to Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Detroit, Chicago, Minnesota, Indiana and Phoenix. Four more workouts scheduled.
** Is the workout process more exciting or nerve-wracking? I’d say a little bit of both. Of course, I’m blessed to even be in this opportunity, to be trying out for these different teams. But you can’t help but think if you’re gonna get drafted, if you’re gonna get a shot, if you’re gonna get a chance at the next level. So it’s kinda, little bit of both.


E.J. Singler
** Where do you see yourself fitting in at this level? I think I’m, you know, I’m a big character guy. Good guy on the bench, good role player. A guy that’ll come in and practice hard, and just a good guy to have in your organization. I think those are the biggest traits I have, and you know, I love to win. I’ve always won my whole life, so I bring that to an organization.
** Sixth workout. Has been to LAL, Detroit, Phoenix, Portland and Golden State.
** On Jeff Hornacek: One of my favorite player[s] was Jeff Hornacek. I loved watching his game. You know, I’ve watched a lot of film on him trying to, you know, learn some stuff from him…It’s cool that I could come here, see his name up on the rafters, and just have that opportunity to play here…He was the coach at Phoenix, so I got to meet him there, so that was pretty cool. (Utah Jazz)

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