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Utah Jazz Draft Workout Recap, 6/15

June 16, 2013

No audio or video posted for 7 of 12 prospects that worked out, including Isiah Canaan, Jamaal Franklin, Grant Jerret, Erick Green, Kwame Vaughn, Arsalan Kazemi, and Rudy Gobert.


Brandon Davies
** Having grown up in Utah, what’s it like working out for the Jazz? It’s crazy, you know? My phone’s been kinda blowing up, you know? Just people telling me not to screw this one up and stuff, but you know, it’s a dream come true just to be in here and you know, obviously wearing the jersey that, you know, I watched growing up, so.
** Most NBA-ready skill: You know, I think I’ve been able to show a little bit that I can, you know, step out and spread the floor, shoot a little bit, more than I was able to show, you know, at BYU, but I mean, obviously they, you know, a lot of people have seen, they know what I can do at BYU. So they’re interested to see, you know, if I can stretch the floor a little bit, and those are all things I’ve been working on, and I’m showing great improvement.
** On his post game: That’s one of the things, you know, that they like the most. But like I said, you know, they’re kinda, they know I can post up and things like that, but they’re interested to see, you know, I’m gonna be the “4” if I’m, I’ll play the 4 if I’m able to, you know, make it to the league. So they just want to see my skills that way, you know? Facing the basket, and creating from the mid-post, 17, 18 feet, so… [The “5”] is my more natural position, you know, what I, you know, grew up playing. So you know, but I definitely feel really comfortable at the 4, been able to get a lot of reps. You know, at Portsmouth, I was the 4, and in all these workouts, I’m working out against, you know, good 4s and 5s, so it’s, you know, just helping my game everyday.
** On Matthew Delladelova: I worked out with him in Minnesota and we were on the same team. And you know, we kinda, we got to talking a little bit. You know, it’s, I don’t want to lose my BYU fans but you know, he’s a good guy. You know, he’s, nothing wrong about him. So we were able to get some wins when we were on the team in Minnesota. But you know, he’s a great player.
** Eighth workout; five or six more scheduled.


Matthew Dellavedova
** Seventh workout. Been to Brooklyn, Minnesota (twice), Denver, Houston and Cleveland. Five more scheduled.
** If you’re drafted by the Jazz, do you think BYU fans would forgive you? That’s a funny question. I saw on Twitter somebody said they might move to Canada if I come here. But I hope they wouldn’t. I mean, yeah. But, we’ll see.
** On Brandon Davies: I’ve got to know him, and yeah, I mean, it’s good to, he’s a good guy. It’s good to get to know him as a person rather sorta seeing him as the enemy. Same with Elias Harris.
** On the draft work out process: You just gotta stay focused, try and keep getting better throughout the process.


Gorgui Dieng
** On the altitude: Honestly, I was, like, exhausted, like, I was tired, but like I said, you know, once you play for Coach [Rick] Pitino, you will never, like, quitting will never cross your mind.
** What do you have to work on? Just work on everything, you know? It’s never, I will never satisfied…I just wanna be the best I can, so I just gonna work on everything. Hopefully, I will end up in the great hands.
** Where do you think you’re going in the draft? Honestly, I don’t really care. I just wanna go on a team that I can fit and play…I just wanna play basketball.
** How do you see yourself fitting in with the Utah Jazz? I think they like the way I pass the ball, and they like the way I play defense. You know, I can always improve on my game.


Kelly Olynyk
** If you’re drafted by the Jazz, do you think BYU fans would forgive you? You know, I was hoping that was a lid on that outside Salt Lake maybe, but you know, BYU got us a couple times too. So we had our fair share, but you know, hopefully they’d be accepting.
** What sets you apart from other big men in this year’s draft? I think I just try to, you know, elevate that skill level and that versatility. You know, I’m not the most athletic in the draft, obviously, but you know, skill and versatility are something that I try to bring to the table every night.
** On John Stockton and Stockton’s association with Gonzaga: He’s not at practice, but I mean, he’s at every game. I mean, his son plays there, obviously you know that, David. So I mean, he’s pretty tied in, and he’s there to help in any way that he can. I mean, he just loves the game so much. And you know, he’s so smart, and you gotta pick his brain whenever you get the chance because you know, five minutes with him is like 10 years with a lot of other people in terms of basketball knowledge and a love for the game.


Tony Snell
** Where are you most NBA ready? Just being able to work hard everyday, you know, willing to get better at my weaknesses. Get better at my strengths too…just in general, get better.
** What do teams like about you? They like how I can do multiple things on the court. Like I can dribble the ball, I can shoot, I can handle the ball really well, passer, good playmaker. So just doing multiple things.
** 12th workout; six to seven more scheduled. Headed to Minnesota next. “Just, you know, trying to hang in there and get better and learn from these workouts.”
** On draft stock, UDQM: I heard it went up, so I’m just going to keep working hard and hopefully it keeps rising.
** What are you looking forward to and not looking forward to in the NBA? I’m excited about just being picked, you know? I’ve been working all my life just for the opportunity to be there, and to be so close, you know, I’m happy. I just can’t wait, so. But you know, the challenges, you know, you gotta be somebody’s rook, so you gotta carry bags and everything, so yeah, you know, go get some food and things, so that’s the only thing that’s, you know, a little worrying. But you know, I’ll be fine. (Utah Jazz)

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