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Bits from Randy Rigby Interview, 6/12

June 14, 2013
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Randy Rigby is now brought to you by Burt Brothers.

On the Jazz’s free agent mini-camp
We got a mini-camp going on, 23 players that are free agents. And Dave Fredman, who’s done a great job, really, bringing in some very interesting players from D-League who’ve had D-League experience, who’ve had foreign experience. And then of course Brad Jones is actually running the mini-camp.

On the importance of draft workouts
Well, because [the college game and NBA game] are so different, and not only they’re different, our style of play is also even different in the NBA, from maybe s–many other teams. And we want to see how these players, not only how maybe they reacted, and we’ll look at their college film, and look at all that analysis of how they’ve been playing in that role.

We then go to the camps that many times are just watching in general how they’re competing it with each other. But then we bring them in to our own camp and we have them run our drills,* our type of style of play, and see how they perform and how they compete against other players in that environment as well.

* Tyrone Corbin’s patented “throw the ball into the post and clear out” drill.

Tyrone Corbin is the ninth longest-tenured coach in the NBA. Clearly, the Jazz value stability.
We’ve always taken pride in being an organization of consistency, of an organization that also is very methodical about our decisions that we make, and very cautious of not overreacting on moves that, for good or for bad.

And one that also takes pride in saying that we believe in building an organization that shows the respect and the trust to a head coach. And Ty Corbin has deserved that trust from us as an organization. He has been, has done a great job.

Literally right now at these mini-camps, Ty is there every minute of the time. He’s in every interview. He is doing his homework. He’s done his homework before he was made the head coach. …

He’s paid the price, and I think that’s very important for us as an organization, that we watched him progress and grow. And then when we gave him the nod, we also specifically outlined the things that were important for us and Tyrone has fulfilled those areas as well, that we’ve wanted.

Now, we’re all saying it as well as Tyrone, that some areas that we still want to see improvement in, and that our coaching staff needs to take the lead on, and that, one of the big ones is in our defensive positioning.

And I’ll tell ya, he’s taken that charge as well and working very hard on that. And then so, I’m excited and anxious to see how we make that step, hopefully, this coming year. But Tyrone has really been a coach that we’ve been very impressed with, the job he’s doing, and like where he’s at, at being our head coach.

On Jeff Hornacek becoming the Suns’ new head coach
It speaks volumes to me of the kind of coach that Tyrone was, to allow Jeff to flourish, and to be considered a head coach and receive that nod to be the coach. And we’re excited for Ty. Sorry, for Jeff. …

We never stand in people’s way to grow and progress, and we wish, really, the best for Jeff, in that opportunity. And I think he’s gonna need it a little bit…

But Jeff’s a good man and a good man for their program, and, but we’ll continue to grow and progress with Ty, and we’re gonna, you know, put some people in Jeff’s replacement, and we feel very confident that we’re gonna have a great coaching staff under the direction of Ty Corbin.

On replacing Jeff Hornacek
Right now, it’s really in Ty’s court…

People want to come work for this organization. And that’s, you know, I think that’s a hallmark of what we’ve been able to create here in the kind of talent that we’ve drawn to this organization, from our coaching staff to our front office, is these top-quality people.

The people are proud to be able to have an opportunity to come work for him.

Classic quote from Sandra Rigby* on the NBA Finals
This morning, in fact, with Dennis Lindsey, I told Dennis, I had, my wife had hit me and she says, “Aren’t you feeling a little guilty that you’ve taken Dennis Lindsey away from, hopefully, being a part of a team that has a pretty good chance right now of getting that ring?”

* Randy and Sandy Rigby. Totes adorbs.

Literally turning over every stone
I don’t want to say we’re replicating, but we have great respect for San Antonio Spurs, and they’ve had great respect for us. And I think you see us taking so–those same kind of strategic type of moves for our organization based on our market size, in actually building.

We got a great foundation of some young men that we think have great potential and to, can grow. We’re doing these mini-camps to find those jewels that might be out there, that, you know, those sleepers or those late bloomers, and taking those necessary steps to do those mini-camps, to have these other workouts are going, to being out.

Kevin [O’Connor], sorry, Dennis [Lindsey] just got back from three d–he literally left Friday and came back on Tuesday from a foreign trip of, again, looking and making a number of stops to look at some key foreign players and some competition going on there.

We’re literally turning over every stone that we can, of really analyzing, from the free agency, from the draft position, as well as building our core of players, and that’s an exciting news too.

On Derrick Favors and Gordon Hayward being invited to the USA Basketball Select Team
It’s a good way for them to measure how their development is coming along, and, as well as to push ’em. And that’s what we want. We want them, the summer and the off-season is the time for you to really look at your game, your weaknesses and your strengths and how you make them even stronger, or your weaknesses into strengths.

And so hopefully, and then these kind of mini-camps give them a chance to really measure up against how they’re doing with you know, other future stars in this league and see how they’re competing against e–one another and I think it’ll be great motivation for ’em.

Can we get a Jumbotron update?
Soon, we’ll share with that in sooner than later.*

* Rigby said on May 8 that an announcement would be made within the next 30 days.

On the draft party
We really want people to be excited about Draft Day. It’s gonna be the 27th. We’re gonna be able to have a big party here. Giving away hot dogs, drinks. We’re gonna be talking about, you know, it’s gonna be a fun event here at the EnergySolutions Arena. It’ll be going on here.

Also, there’s gonna be some events on up here in this, actually, studio, as well with some expert panel of people talking about the draft, I’m sure, hosted by the best Spence Checkett.* (1280)

* Neither “the best” nor “Checkett” are typos.

P.S. With Spencer Checketts as the headlining expert, will you be tuning in?

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  1. Brent E permalink
    June 15, 2013 2:06 am

    “And we’re excited for Ty. Sorry, for Jeff. …” Sometimes it’s hard to stop the propaganda machine Randy…

    • June 15, 2013 2:17 am

      maybe he was secretly hoping phx would steal Corbin and they’d be forced to promote Hornacek..

  2. Idaho Falls Mountain Biker permalink
    June 15, 2013 7:59 am

    @dw… I don’t think Randy thinks much at all. Does he know that we make fun of him for blabbering like an idiot? You’d think management would notice that he’s not a very eloquent speaker.

    • June 15, 2013 3:18 pm

      Management? You mean the eloquent speaker that is Kevin O’Connor? :)


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