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Bits from Kevin O’Connor Interview, 6/3

June 8, 2013
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How important are analytics and how much do you plan on using advanced numbers moving forward?
Well, we’ve used them for about the last 15 years. We got a book that’s about 121 pages, I think, long.* Bob Hyde, our CFO, has been doing it for probably the last 14 years…I think the thing we haven’t done is we haven’t beat on our chest to express the fact that we’ve, you know, we’ve been doing this stuff for awhile. I think Dennis [Lindsey] will take it even to another level, as far as that goes, and it’s certainly all part of what you try and do. It’s another resource to do. Now, I think when you were talking about [John Hollinger and Lionel Hollins’ reported clash over analytics], I don’t think it had anything to do with analytics here, or coaching. I think it had to do with somebody being on the floor when a coach was coaching his team. …

You can certainly sit down with ’em, with coaches or whoever and have discussions at the appropriate time, but if they’re out there on the coaching floor and you’re trying, and you’re interrupting practice, shame on you. And I’m not saying the guy did that. I’m just saying that that’s not what you’re supposed to be doing.


How has Tyrone Corbin changed and matured in your mind?
KOC: I’m sorry, I missed that question.

Spencer Checketts: How has COACH Corbin changed and evolved over the last couple of years in your mind?

KOC: Oh, I, you know, again, I think that’s something that the two of us could speak about in private. It sounds like I’m giving him a rating as far as that goes. I think the one thing I do know is that he wo–he’s his hardest, he’s his toughest critic. And his self-evaluation is harder than anybody else could be on him. And I think he’s gonna continue to improve,* and that’s through work, that’s through the film sessions, that’s through summer camp, that, you know, he’s here for every workout. I think the work ethic that he’s exhibited, one, as a player, and two, as a person that really, really wants this franchise to improve* and wants himself to improve.* (1280)


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  1. idaho falls permalink
    June 9, 2013 3:25 am

    Never answering the questions that fans want answered… They make it hard to like this team sometimes… Just knowing that they don’t give a crap about what we want as fans!

  2. June 9, 2013 4:09 pm

    So the main dude using advanced stats was the CFO. The Chief Financial Officer. The money guy. The one analyzing the profitability of the team.

    And then KOC won’t articulate how Corbin has improved.

    Attention Greg Miller: There’s a reason a lot of fans don’t have faith in the front office.

  3. JasonInPG permalink
    June 11, 2013 12:39 am

    There are only two ways to read that statement:

    1. The CFO of the Jazz, Bob Hyde, is performing basketball performance related analytics to help the Jazz make personnel / playing time / roster decisions.

    2. Kevin O’Connor thinks that business analytics (how much to charge for popcorn, which ticket promotions to run, where to spend advertising dollars, etc.) is what people mean when they’re talking about analytics in a basketball context.

    In either case, it’s clear that the guy can’t be put out to pasture soon enough.

  4. Idaho Falls permalink
    June 12, 2013 3:30 am

    Fire KOC, Randy Rigby, AND CORBIN! They are so secretive.. It’s like they want us to give them money for their club but don’t want us to know ANYTHING! Do they realize how hard they make it to like this Team? If it weren’t for the likable players (that get censored by these idiots!! Really?? Telling Kanter not to tweet.. What a bunch of panty wadding JERKS!) then I would be watching another NBA team that discloses more to their fans. It’s so weird how the Jazz shut out their money makers (US FANS!) And ignore our questions… Something is wrong here!


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