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Utah Jazz Draft Workout Recap, 6/6

June 7, 2013
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Vander Blue
** Altitude reference: Yes.
** Where are you most NBA-ready? I think that I can come in as a big point guard and bother a lot of smaller guards. My athletic ability and my ability to guard ones and twos. I like to get up and down the court. I think that I’m a tough guy. I like to do all the dirty work, and I’m just willing to do whatever it takes to make a team and make an impact and help somebody out.
** What do you need to work on? I think just adjusting, just keep adjusting to the NBA game. More pick and rolls…and just working on becoming more of a point guard, ’cause in college I had to play off the ball a little bit and shoot a little bit more. Now it’s more about me getting more guys involved and learning how to be a point guard.
** What position do you see yourself playing in the NBA? I see myself as a point, but I can also play off the ball if I have to.
** Fifth workout. Been to Detroit, Boston, Orlando and Phoenix.
** Any crazy workout stories? Just the 3-minute runs caught me off guard…I didn’t know what to expect. I just, I thought the workout was over with, and then Coach [Jeff] Hornacek and Danny Ainge, he was just like, Danny Ainge was like, “Cool off a little bit, and get ready for our legendary 3-minute run.” I never heard about it, still kinda confusing. He said, “Just run for three minutes.” I’m like, I thought he was joking, but he made us do it, but it was good.


Solomon Hill
** Altitude reference: Yes.
** Sixth workout. Been to Memphis, San Antonio, Detroit, Chicago and Brooklyn so far. Sacramento and LA Lakers ahead.
** Where are you most NBA-ready? Out on the wing. Definitely have to be able to guard better, and be able to shoot the ball. I think three, shooting the three and playing defense is my problem.
** Were you able to follow the Jazz on the other side of the country? A little bit…You got a young nucleus of guys, and I got a situation right now where they want to choose some bigs. Got some guard play. Alec Burke,* and Hayward, Gordon, you know. And you just gotta, you know, every team’s looking for certain pieces. Utah can be a team that’s a couple pieces away from, you know, going down to the playoffs and making the playoffs.

* People calling Alec Burks “Burke”: Solomon Hill.


Pierre Jackson
** There are concerns that you’re listed at just 5’10″… You know, the saying is, you know, you c–size doesn’t matter. You know, heart, size of the heart does.
** Third workout.
** What would you bring to the Jazz? You know, I think I can bring in some energy. You know, I’m a real energetic guy. I’m really emotional. You know, I like to get the crowd into the game, you know, and just, I’m a good leader as well.
** Where are you most NBA-ready? I think I got a lot of skills. You know, I like to get my teammates involved first. You know, I like to pass the ball. You know, the assists stat sheet looks great…If I need to score, you know, I don’t have a problem doing that either.
** What do you know about the Jazz? Well, this past year, I didn’t know much. But when I was there, I know, you know, seeing Alec Burks come in, you know, he was in the Big 12…He was a great player, you know. We ran a couple of their sets at CSI, so, I, like the flex, stuff like that, you know. Kinda know a couple of their, some of their plays, so I’m familiar with their offense.
** Sell yourself to Jazz fans. Just know I’m a good guy, you know? I’m a great people person. You know, I like to interact with fans, and if y’all got any questions, you know, my Twitter account is @PierreJackson55. Feel free to hit me up anytime.


Trevor Mbakwe
** On the altitude: It gets you at first. I tried to go for a little run yesterday at the hotel, but it didn’t work. But it gets you, but you know, after a while it’s just mental and you just gotta get, fight through it, and you know, just play basketball.
** Third workout; 12 scheduled. Been to Boston and Detroit so far; Portland, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Indiana, Minnesota ahead.
** Where are you most NBA-ready? I think with my ability to rebound, defend, you know, block shots. I think that, you know, a lot of teams look at me as like that, being one of those high-energy, undersized guys like Kenneth Faried, you know, Paul Millsap here. You know, guys like that who are undersized but play hard, intense, and you know, do the little things it takes to win.

rice jr

Glen Rice Jr.
** Altitude reference: Yes.
** You were teammates with Derrick Favors at Georgia Tech. Has he told you anything about the Jazz? No, I actually just seen Derrick for the first time in a little while. I lost his number so we hadn’t been in contact.
** Where are you most NBA-ready? The ability to shoot the three. I believe you can use that anywhere.
** What are your weaknesses? Gotta work on ball-handling. One thing I’ve been working on for most of the summer.
** Fifth workout. Been to Houston, Dallas, Milwaukee and Chicago so far.
** On playing last season in the D-League: D-League had an excellent group of players out there. I think it’s a little better competition than college. Three-point line was in the NBA range, and we got a lot of NBA guys that came down and played with us. I feel like that just better prepared me for this next level than college did.
** What kind of questions were you asked during the interview session? They basically just want to make sure I’m still, that I’m matured, that I’m ready to just get out here and work. Those are the main things. They don’t want any backlash or, of anything that happened before.* And I just tell ’em, that I have matured and you can see it in the D-League, that I’ve been working on my game as well as off the court, and just maturing.

** No one asked Jr. about his dad’s 3-day stint with the Jazz in 2003. (Glen Rice Sr. was traded by Houston to Utah for John Amaechi, and then waived.)

* Referring to this?


Jason Washburn
** Altitude reference: Yes (was asked about it though).
** On pursuing a career in basketball: I’m trying to play at the next level, you know? The more, you know, NBA exposure you can get over here, the higher your stock goes overseas. And you know, the better you perform, you know, the more people see you, the more people talk around the league, the more workouts you get. I’m just trying to play basketball. You know, I love this game. You know, obviously I’d love to play in the States, play in front of my family, but you know, wherever I end up playing is where I end up playing. And Imma enjoy myself and Imma do my best.
** Has worked out for Houston and Brooklyn so far.
** Do you have workouts scheduled with other teams? Talking to a lot of teams right now. You know, hopefully what I did today spreads around the league, and you know, there’s a lot of teams who wanted to know how I did today. (KALL, 1280)

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