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Utah Jazz Draft Workout Recap, 6/5

June 6, 2013

Note: Amath M’Baye and Malik Story were also at this workout.


Lorenzo Brown
** On the workout: The other guys, they played great, and I feel like it was the best workout I’ve had so far. [How many workouts have you had?] This was my second one.
** What would you bring to the Jazz? A lot. Physicality, passing, my passing ability, and my athleticism. [Being a pass-first point guard] is what I’ve been known for, I guess, my whole college career.
** Where do you need to improve? My 3-point shot. I struggled at that my junior year, last year, I mean. That’s been my main focus this summer.
** What do you know about the Jazz organization? Not much. I mean, I watched a long time ago when John Stockton and Karl Malone, those guys played. But as of now, I really don’t know as much…My old coach [Sidney Lowe] is coaching here right now. So, I mean, it’s pretty fun to see him again.
** Have you talked to Lowe about getting a tryout? That’s been my main goal, to talk to him about that right now. But I mean, I don’t think it’s really up to him, so.
** Did Lowe recruit you? Yes, sir. My freshman year, he got me at NC State.
** On Hargrave Military Academy: Hargrave was a great experience for me. I mean, a lot of guys have done it. They been through the process, they know how it is. Like, I mean, Josh Howard actually was a guy who went through that process, and just to go through that is very humbling experience.


Reggie Bullock
** Who have you worked out for? This is, just finished my third one. I did the Spurs, the Nuggets, and I came here for the Jazz.
** What are your strengths and weaknesses? I can continue working on, you know, bettering my handle. Getting stronger. You know, just being able to put the ball on the floor and get to the rim for easy finishes. But you know, I can continue to be consistent with my jump shot, but you know, just my overall game, I can continue to work on.
** Who do you compare your game to? I try to take pieces from a lot of people game. But I like how Danny Green, how he can shoot the ball, how he spaces, how he defend. And I like how Kawhi Leonard defend. But somebody I try to pattern my game after and try to, you know, I just try to, you know, work on things that he do, is Paul George.
** Proprietary information on the Spurs (also UDQM): One of the tests that was pretty funny to me was when I went at the Spurs. So we had a stick, and it was like six guys, and we all have to, you know, not let our fingers, like, come from the stick, so we all have to, like, stick the stick on the ground with all of us moving at the same time, and, like, sit on the ground. So that was pretty challenging, but once we got that, all of us were just trying to go down on our knees first and keep the stick up here, but we all just had to realize that we all had to come down at the same time and let the stick down. But that was just one of the, you know, fun test that we had.
** What is the one skill you hang your hat on? My shooting ability. And how I play defense. And rebound the ball. And just spacing, you know, run the floor. But my main one I hang it on is shooting.


Shane Larkin
** Where are you most NBA-ready? Just being able to run the pick and roll, execute, getting to the lane and finding open teammates with lobs or kicking out to 3-point shooters. So I think my pick and roll experience in college is gonna translate well. And just having to work on my defense, that’s the biggest thing people are gonna doubt.
** What do you know about the Utah Jazz? Great young core. Alec Burks, [Gordon] Hayward, [Derrick] Favors, Enes Kanter. So, a great young core, in every position other than a point guard. So I think I can come in here and just add another young person that can grow together as a unit and hopefully become a great team if I ended up on the Jazz.
** What’s your first impression of Salt Lake City? The altitude. Jesus. It was like, when I first started working out today, it was tough to, like, get my breath…So the altitude here is something that I have to adjust to, but it’s a great city. I was walking around yesterday. So it’s a great city, great people, and it’d be great to come out here and be a part of it.

larkin altitude

** Sell yourself to Jazz fans right now. I’m a good guy, on and off the court, and I’d be great in the community. Friendly face…you can come up to me. I’m not going to be stuck up, ever. I don’t care how big I get. That’s something my dad was like. He’s a very humble guy. I’m never gonna be like a show-off, boastful, a guy like that. So, very personable. And I did well in college. I got the All-ACC, the second team AP, all that stuff. So, just a good guy on and off the court, really.
** Where have you worked out? I’ve worked out with the Milwaukee Bucks and the Boston Celtics. And I really don’t know where I’m going [next].
** Who do you compare yourself to in the NBA? I would say Ty Lawson…great pick and roll guy, quick, strong, fast.


Tony Mitchell
** How’d the workout go? Man, it was tough, but it was by far my best workout, as far as competition and competing, and getting after it. It was a great workout.
** Who have you worked out for? Portland, Chicago, and Denver.
** How’s the altitude? Oh my God. You know, I mean, it’s tough. It’s hard to get used to, but it gets you ready to, it gets you prepared physically, and it gets you in shape. I’m dead tired right now.
** What are your strengths? My athleticism, hands down. I know I bring my athleticism. How I rebound the ball. And just effort and energy.
** What do you need to work on? Most definitely my jump shot, but really just everything. Just everything as far as, just dribbling, shooting, rebounding the ball, you know, just everything. Every aspect of the game. (KALL,1280,Utah Jazz)

favors pf

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  1. Brent E permalink
    June 6, 2013 8:43 pm

    Seeing interviews with Larkin and Kabongo, I think both of them come off as very intelligent, possibly future coaches. I’m not sure I’d want either as my franchise starting point guard, but they both look like they could be solid backups. (Though if Larkin developed into Ty Lawson, I’d be happy to start him.)


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