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Bits from Karl Malone, Earl Watson and Randy Rigby Interviews

June 3, 2013
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Karl Malone

Are you worried about overworking the guys too quickly?
What do you mean overworking ’em? Hell, they 21 and 22. Like Coach Sloan used to say, “You young, you shouldn’t get tired.” So, absolutely. Hopefully, they’ve done all they work before they get to me. Now, if I got to do all that to [get you into shape], you’re not serious about your craft.

Will you teach them to keep their elbows out when going to the basket?
I might teach ’em to kick the legs out so the guy don’t try to take a charge, and he take one, he won’t take another one. I might teach ’em that, yeah. (KSL)

Earl Watson

On his free agency timeline
I think my role best is being on the team that’s on the verge of winning a championship, or a team that’s in the playoffs. Actually having a voice, ’cause I think I have a voice that I can mentor young guys and kinda be like that player-coach in the locker room. And a plan for me, that you can give it to me in order for me to be effective.

But my first step right now is just getting healthy. I didn’t know, I played an entire season with, probably 90 percent of the season, with a sports hernia. I didn’t know that ’til the end of the season, so it explains the way my body felt throughout the season.

And that’s kinda like a positive and negative of who I am. I play through injury. Set a NCAA assist record in college with a tore retina, and I didn’t know ’til two days later. So that’s kinda like the commitment and motivation I have in playing through pain.

On whether he’d consider re-signing with the Jazz
I think a lot of things are yet to be seen. My time with the franchise, I think, every situation in life, whether you view it as positive or negative, you have to take as many lessons as possible out of it, and you have to be grateful for every opportunity you have.

What kind of coach is Jeff Hornacek?
Jeff is definitely a player’s coach, where he’s gonna see the game, and he’s gonna evolve with the game…First, I think he’s an amazing guy. Great personality. Basketball IQ is off the charts. Very high basketball IQ…

Coach Hornacek is a gonna be a coach that’s gonna be very offensive-minded. A lot of counters. He’s gonna put in an offense and he’s gonna tweak it throughout the game…When you face him, you have to constantly be ready and expecting different plays out of timeouts.

On Jerry Sloan
I came to the Utah Jazz with Coach Sloan, so that to me was the most amazing experience of my life. Even though it was short-lived, it was amazing. It’s gonna benefit me forever, as a father, as a player, as a future coach. As, you know, a mentor in life, it’s just gonna benefit me.

His presence and his knowledge, and for the short time, I absorbed as much as possible, and I paid attention to every detail so I’ve been grateful for that. …

Coach Sloan, no matter where he goes, he automatically carries respect. Players are gonna listen; players are gonna buy in. When I played for Coach Sloan, I felt like just walking into the game, we was already up by 10 points because he was on the sideline.

And that’s that confidence he gave you, because he’s been there; he’s done that. You grow watching him. There’s respect and admiration for him, is through the roof. (1280)

Randy Rigby

Greg Miller rarely does interviews, unlike Larry H. Miller. Dennis Lindsey isn’t as accessible as Scott Layden was. Ty Corbin does not talk to the media on game mornings. Assistant coaches are off limit to the media. Players are no longer on Sunday night shows. The Jazz have become much more restrictive with accessibility…
The commitment that coaches have to make now to where it was, you know, 10, 20 years ago, is so much more intense. And in Ty’s defense and some of the things they’re doing, they’re working very hard to be preparing and doing what they need to do, first and foremost, to win games. And preparing.

But having said that, we’ve asked and we’ll continue to push our coaches, our players, our front office* to be more fan-friendly and more accessible, and be it on social media, be it on broadcasts such as yourself, and so, we’ll continue to work on that, because that’s very important. …

I think the last couple years have been some very interesting times. There’s been a transitional time, that, you know, you had, we had the lockout, we’re coming out of the lockout. As soon as we came out, we had that very consolidated schedule. That made it almost impossible for them to do anything but play basketball.

And then we came right into a full season of things, with some of our transition. (KUTV)

* This is just funny. The very same coaches and front office personnel that Rigby says will be “pushed” to be more accessible are the same ones that made team rules to restrict access. As for pushing players to be more accessible on social media, Enes Kanter’s Twitter is now a [Twitter equivalent of a ghost town] because he was asked to limit/restrict his tweets. I suspect the same happened to Alec Burks’ Instagram account.

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