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Bits from Dennis Lindsey Interview, 5/31

June 3, 2013
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On the hire of Karl Malone as a big man coach
It’s an open-ended arrangement where we wanna use Karl and, you know, as an ex-great and you know, arguably one of the two greatest Jazz players of all time,* to, you know, teach our young guys not only, you know, technically, but listen to, you know, have our young bigs and maybe more than that listen to Karl, and what it means to be a member of the Jazz, and how he approached his job.

And look, he’s one of the all-time greats. And he had significant tools, but I think it’s safe to say that Karl really tapped into his abilities, you know, at a higher level, than maybe anybody ever.

With his, just his legendary work ethic and so, you know, to provide Derrick [Favors] and Enes [Kanter], specifically, with Jeremy [Evans] as well, I should say, with specific counsel on how he looked at his job, how he approached it, and then you know, certainly, teach ’em some technical aspects to what he did on the court is very important and really, it’s Karl.

We really appreciate Karl’s willingness to stay attached to us. … I think you’ve already heard from Greg [Miller] and Randy [Rigby] about, you know, Karl’s importance to this franchise, you know, past, you know, current, and going forward.

* “Arguably” one of the two greatest Jazz players of all time. Lulz.

What are you looking for in an assistant coach?
If you really wanna simplify it to three tried and true principles, it’s highly, highly competent, skilled, you know, professional. That’d be one. Someone who works really hard at their job; that would be two. And three and most important, someone that’s really loyal to the cause, that understands that group objectives and goals are more important than his own. …

You can get a coach that, you know, may be deficient in an ex–from an experience standpoint, or maybe a skillset, and you gotta show him, but if he’s working hard and he’s loyal, you can pick up that slack.

** Dennis Lindsey, UDQM (Warning: Do not visualize): I love coming up here in the mornings and see, to see Ty up early and getting his workout in, and watching video.

** Dennis Lindsey, semi-UDQM: Because we’re up here so much and working so hard, by definition, you know, Kevin and I are living together.

On draft preparations
Kevin [O’Connor] and I chose not to go out to some agent-sponsored workouts. We sent Walt [Perrin] and David Fredman out to those events so we could spend this week watching video and you know, in strategy meetings with Randy Rigby and Bob Hyde. …

Next week, we’ll systematically, you know, release those dates, that we’ll have some workouts in. But we have some workouts, actually quite a few of ’em, coming up.

And we’re excited about–the main thing I can tell you without getting into specifics: We’re receiving a really good response towards what we’re doing here.

I got here in the parking lot this morning before I met with Randy and Bob and Kevin, and I got really excited about the reception that we’re getting from the draft prospects and the agents on, you know, what we’re building and the want to be here; the making themselves available to work out.

I feel really good about where we’re at in 14, 21, 46. We have the ability to move up if we want to move up, which is unusual at this date.* And there’s very good reasons why we may stand pat and just select the three.

And I think as we go through it, if we decide the right thing to do is to trade back or trade out, we’ll have those possibilities as well.

So I’m just really feel good about, you know, the fundamentals behind our position right now.

* Who wants to sniff out which of the teams picking before the Jazz has offered to let the Jazz trade up?

** Regarding Marvin Williams’ injury and surgery: Marvin’s surgery will not “alter anything” in terms of offseason plans; Marvin chose his own doctor. (1280)

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