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Live from New York, it’s the 2013 NBA draft lottery

May 22, 2013

lottery odds


“I am coming, live from New York.” — Randy Rigby

What good luck charms did Rigby take to New York?
Well, I’ll tell ya, it’s been a, it’s been fun, to just kind of, as I’ve talked with people, and tell them about what we’re doing, and going back there, how people have a story here or there…

So my fly fishing guy says, “I’ve got just what you need.” bow chicka wow wow And he gave me his lucky grasshopper, that he uses to catch a lot of fly fishing, a lot of fish, on the Green River.

One of the most interesting stories is, it had been heard on the radio, and one of our season ticket holders called. And her father was a veteran of World War II. And she says, “My father was on Pearl Harbor the day that the Japanese attacked. He was on one of the main ships there, right, in the middle of the harbor. And his ship had not been hit nor had he in any way been injured, and so I want you to take back with you my father’s dog tags from World War II.” And so I’ve also got his dog tags.

So I’ve just got a few little odds and ends like that, that, is kinda making this kinda fun.

Randy Rigby explains how the draft lottery works
What happens, is that, you basically, the 14 teams that are in this lottery, I, you are based on your ranking, you are assigned so many ping pong balls, that as, from a thousand ping ping balls. And they’re all numbered.

And you’re assigned w–I believe we are assigned five of those 1,000 ping pong balls. And, those, and based on where you rank, is how many of those, what percentages, those balls, that you’re entitled to. And then, what they do, is actually then in a sequestered area, those are put in randomly.

Then the numbers come out, and based on the first ball that comes out, will be the one that gets the number one pick. And they do that for the first, the top three picks. And then the rest of those, you fall into your automatic ranking.

So if those top three picks come out, which statistically should come out the top three, the worst three teams, they will then, and then they, the rest of ’em then fall into order based on what your win, your record that you stand with, in those 14 teams.

On the ping pong ball room (and giant UDQM)
You know what, I think the league has done a very good job of trying to eliminate any question of accuracy, and you know, correctness, on this whole process.

And so, Dennis [Lindsey] is actually back here with me, and Dennis is going to be back witnessing the actual process of the ping pong balls, and that process happening. So he’ll be there seeing it, and that’s gonna be Dennis’ first experience of being back here as well, being, of course, for, long time with San Antonio.

Being a winning team, they also don’t have the experience very often of coming to the lottery. So this is gonna be a first time for both Dennis and myself. (1280)





lindsey lottery

After ESPN’s coverage of the lottery concluded, the feed switched to the San Antonio – Memphis game. Antoine Carr sighting!

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