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Leftover Bits from Randy Rigby Interview, 5/21

May 22, 2013
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Rest of the interview here.

Player A (will have long, solid career as a backup) or Player B (could either be big-time star or big-time bust)?
We do our homework on those things so that there’s no surprises, and so that we really have assessed it.

As we look at putting, building our list then, we put that list based on the Utah Jazz. We don’t go in and say, “OK, this is what the NBA gurus are saying, how this list should run down here,” or how the best minds in all of sports or basketball is thinking.

It’s, we take our mind of what is best for our team, and what we know is gonna be helping our team win a championship, and build the list from that. And then based on that, it’s very set…

There are player, that, in our mind, at any point, could also self-implode, and we look at those players and we red-flag ’em and say, “We’re not gonna take that risk there.” We, this is too important for us, of what they can mean to the locker room, what they can mean in the community, and then what, ’cause that translates to how they perform also on the floor.

But we say, “Are these people of the quality and character that is deserving to put on a Jazz uniform?” and if that, they meet that qualification, then we’ll put them on, we’ll list them according to their talent level on our list, and work it in that direction.

To tank or not to tank
I think the best thing that happens for teams and marketplaces is, you know, we’ve always taken a position that we wanna, we’re gonna play our very best with the talent that we have, and expect our coaching staff to get out there and try to win every game.

And I think when you start setting a process, a precedence, of, kinda tanking, I think that sends a wrong message to your team, to your coaching staff, and also to your community.

How big is the Jazz’s scouting staff?
Well, we’ve got, full time, we have, three people, full time, that are doing nothing but really scouting, for us, and managing the scouting, of different people.

We’ll then have, on a part-time basis, and that’s, when you include in there, Dennis [Lindsey] and Kevin [O’Connor], who will also go out on a regular basis. And they’re probably spending, wow, easily 50, 60 percent of their time, also, like, on looking at that information, and going out with them.

So we’ll have three full time, and then we have some regional scouts that will do this on a part-time basis for us. (1280)

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  1. FuninIdahoFalls permalink
    May 24, 2013 12:23 am

    I think Randy should be, well I mean, that, four times, when I was trying to read his comments. Randy should just be, wow, tutored by, someone smarter than him. His paragraphs, you know, should, if it’s possible. Summarized into ONE SENTENCE! SSSSPIT IT OUT JUNIOR! It’s painful to read through his interviews. I keep reading them because it baffles me as to how he got a job in the first place. People who work for McDonalds can talk way better than this multi million dollar earning IDIOT! Why don’t we hire an eloquent talker to do Randy’s job? He’s a disaster for public relations! No wonder why fans from other teams think we are backward and stupid.


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