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Bits from Randy Rigby Interview, 5/13

May 16, 2013
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On teams playing tougher defense in the playoffs
I think what’s fun with the NBA, it’ll be interesting to see, teams look at that, and they learn from it, and they respond to it, and we’ve been teaching a lot of this to our players right now, saying, “We’re hoping you’re watching some of the playoffs, and learn from some of these things, so that as we get back to the playoffs, how do we respond to those kind of things?”

And I think teams, this coming off-season, I think you’ll see more players working on, “OK, we’re working, tough, to be better defensively. We’ve also got to work to be better individually and collectively as a team, offensively.” And teams respond to it. So it’ll be fun to kinda see what happens in the future years.

How’s the shoulder for Enes Kanter? Is Derrick Favors busy getting better? What’s Gordon Hayward been up to?
I’m excited about that one. I will tell you, we’re getting regular updates. I just got an update recently from Gary Briggs. We’re staying very close to our players, and what’s going on with them.

Enes Kanter’s shoulder continues to make very good improvement. He seems to be doing very well.

We have had some specific plans that we, I wanna keep very private, but we’re working on, particularly with Derrick Favors. And Derrick is doing a great job and responding very well, and then, I visited, in fact, briefly, with Derrick today, and he’s in great spirits, and he’s working very hard.

And I’m excited to see what this off-season means, and, for our younger players, because I think we’ve got some players that really want to pay the price and are willing to do what they need to do to step up their games. And so, this is a critical off-season to see how these players continue in their development.

On Andrew Wiggins
In my, in 28 years of my involvement with this league, and I’ve been able to look at our players, and I’ll say something. And this is my opinion.

There’s a real maturing that goes on with a player that gets to go and have some experience in college, and having some time, both socially as well as academically, as, you know, as well as development-wise, in their game. And I like what college does to a, to an athlete.

And so, I’m a proponent of a person, of seeing, that there’s some time for that player to mature. I hate seeing this, grow, kids up, too fast.

And I think there’s something to be said about allowing them to kind of develop emotionally, physically, mentally, and intellectually.

And so, I’m supportive of where the league’s rule is right now, of where that one year. You know, I would probably say on my side, if I, I lean, it was even, to allow even a little more to go on.

If you were emperor of the NBA for a day, what would you change?
Wow. That’s a good question.

I’m, I’ll tell you this. I’ve really been happy with the g–the direction, has been, talked about with the league. And what, where we’re going with the league.

You know, I, I’m, I guess maybe I’m such a big proponent of what we have done collectively, that I don’t have a request on my part of being the emperor.

And you know, if I did, I’d probably be slapped a little bit, and questioned of why I’m going in a different direction than where we are going.

So I don’t have an opinion right now of something that is of a major change.

Got charm?
I’ll be actually representing us on the draft lottery, and well, what I want to do on your show here is, we’re gonna invite our listeners to be able to send in their best idea for a good luck charm.

They might have a good luck charm, our, some of our sp–and I know some of our sport fans are always very superstitious, and so, you know, having a good luck charm.

I’m willing to actually offer two of your listeners their good luck charm for I’ll take back with me. Now mind you, it has to be small enough that I’m carrying it in my suit pocket.

So we’re gonna invite your listeners to maybe send in to [1280] their ideas of their good luck charm in the next 48 hours. And then by Mon–by Friday, we’re gonna have to have them bring that item down to EnergySolutions Arena.

We’ll return it to them, but I’m willing to actually take with, I’m gonna take a couple of good luck charms in my pocket. (1280)

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  1. FuninIdahoFalls permalink
    May 18, 2013 7:41 am

    He’s such an idiot. It’s painful to read! Why do they let Randy talk about the Jazz at all? To summerize his pitiful interview
    Question 1: Players on teams that didn’t make the playoffs should watch them. Those teams should work harder on defense and offense (DUH!)
    #2: I can’t tell you what the players are doing to get ready for the next season. It’s so exciting to know what they are doing and see them doing it! Too bad fans, I get to watch and you don’t! We don’t care about you enough to let you in on our little secret.
    #3: I like vetrans. Even when you go through 4 years of college you are stupid and can’t get playing time on my team! I’m gonna support Corbin (the best coach ever) and watch our draft picks sit!
    #4: I CAN’T MAKE DECISIONS FOR MYSELF! (Why does he work for the Jazz anyway?)
    #5: I need trinkets to change the subject… I don’t know how to answer this question so I’ll just change the subject!


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