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Bits from Randy Rigby Interview, 5/8

May 9, 2013
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What’s going on with the team?
It was great to stop in and see how Kevin [O’Connor] and Dennis [Lindsey] were doing, and we’re, they’re literally bunkered in over at Zions Bank Basketball Center, and Walt Perrin was over there. I know Bart Taylor,* a number of our people, and we’re, they’re really focused in on everything about getting ready for the draft.

And they’re looking at every which way with the different players, what’s going on, and they’re going to a lot of these reviews that’s happened during this time of year, looking at the players, again, that are being selected, and so they’re going through a lot of hard work in really getting ready.

I’m really impressed with the work that they do, to make sure that we’ve turned over every stone, ask every hard question, so that we’re really make sure that as we’re making the right decisions, we truly will make the right decisions.

* Not sure who Bart Taylor is. Anyone know? Is this him? If so, he was a new Jazz intern nine months ago.

Could the Jazz package their draft picks to move up, or is there a good player to be had where they’re picking?
I think right now my answer is yes to both of those things.

I, it’ll be interesting to see if teams would be willing to see if we can package and trade up. I think our guys will do all the necessary work, and again, see if they can talk to any other teams and say, “Would we be better off if we could move up?” — guaranteeing that we would have a better chance of having even a better player.

That’s what we’re always about, is trying to do everything we can to get the best players and the best talent possible to help this team have a chance of winning a championship. And so, they’ll look at those options.

We’ll look at that, also, if that’s not the case, and we stay with the picks that we have, what’s, what are, who are those right choices that we think we can make to have the best chance for winning a te–a, have a winning team.

“Even when you guys ebb and flow as a team, and even when the stadium isn’t full, you got loud and proud fans.”
We have, I think, really, the, some of the best fans, if not the best fans, in the NBA. They’re very loyal. They’re very committed to this marketplace and to our team.

And it shows in this year. We’ve had, from our season ticket base, we have an 83 percent renewal of our tickets this year from our season ticket holders, which is, again, showing of the support of our fan base.

When fans show their disapproval with boos, does realization dawn that change is needed?
Well, you know what, again. The one thing I’ve learned: Don’t overreact in this game. And that’s the, I think one of the hallmarks of the Utah Jazz, that we have not overreacted on maybe a game, or even a series of games, ’cause, you know, sometimes you go through those ebbs and flows, right, of, in sports.

And we’ve not overreacted, but we’ve taken the well, strategic moves, and it’s usu–it’s most always paid off for us.

But when you do hear those [boos], it does, it takes you back. But let me just say, our players hear that as well, and our coaches. And you know, I’ve had occasions in the locker room where I’ve, you know, they said, “Hey, they booed us, and we deserved it.”

And you know what, hopefully our coaches and basketball operations people have used that as a point to our players to just say, “You know what? We owe it to these fans to be giving our all. They won’t boo us if they see us trying and working hard. But if they see that all of a sudden we’re not doing all that we can, then we need to, they’re sending a message to us.”

But our fans do that very rarely.

Jumbotron update
I’ll tell you what, we’re, we talk about working on the draft. We’re feverishly working on that very issue as well. And I, this is something that is very near and dear to Greg Miller, Steve Miller.

All of us are working very hard on this, and we should have something for our fan base within the next 30 days. (1280)

* Summer calendar (top right) updated.

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  1. May 10, 2013 5:34 am

    I love spin. 83% of the Season Ticket Holders (STH’s) renewed. That means 17% didn’t want them again … i.e. they LOST season ticket holders.

    But it’s a sign that everyone loves the team and everything is wonderful.

    Ha ha.

    Now, to be clear, I don’t know what percent of STH’s renew on an average year. Maybe that’s typical. And certainly some will sign up for them that didn’t have them last year. But I think it’s funny that, in a vacuum and without any context (context Randy withheld), it looks like the Jazz have lost STH’s and are trying to spin it as positive.

    • May 10, 2013 7:57 am

      At least DL admitted that fans/season ticket holders who had already paid for their seats weren’t showing up. KOC and RR still maintain or believe the arena is full.

      • May 10, 2013 10:47 am

        It’s why I have a “wait and see what he does” opinion regarding DL. There’s enough realism amid the spin.

        RR and KOC have completely jumped the shark for me, in terms of what they say on 1280 and such.


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