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Bits from Karl Malone Interview, 5/2

May 4, 2013
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Karl Malone’s perspective on the physicality of today’s NBA and the Golden State – Denver series
First of all, now, you talking to a man that, I didn’t start playing ’til I got hit, ok? …

That’s not physical, are you kidding me? Are you for real, Mark [Jackson]? That is not physical. No no no. So I can’t go with that. You know, I hear what he’s saying, and he’s trying to jockey, you know, Mark’s a quick study. He know, he pull a old Phil Jackson* out of his hat now, realizing that the series now 3-2 going back home.

So he want that extra motivation for the referees to kind of watch. But no. I, let me just tell you this: no. By the way. Mark played back then, now. That’s not physical. But hey, if it work for them. I’m just a old, retired, broke-down player that don’t have a job. He got a job, so I don’t know what I’m talking about.

* “He pull a old Phil Jackson.” UDQM

On Karl Malone’s Bucket List
I was able to scratch off one of my bucket lists. I was a Grand Marshal at the Texas Motor Speedway, from NASCAR. And I said, “Drivers, start your engines.” So I get to scratch that off.

Now, keep in mind now, I was definitely the minority at that. There was 200,000 people. Hey, I didn’t see a lot of our kind around there. (laughs) But hey, hey look. It was unbelievable. I had a awesome time there.

Karl Malone on Jason Collins
Jason Collins. Hey, let’s just cut right through the skinny…I’m proud of the young man, ok? I knew [the interview] was going to head there, so let’s just head it in that direction. It’s ok, I’m good with it. Let me just tell you this.

Isn’t it about time that we stop wasting so much time and energy on what a person prefer? You know what, guys, we’re not the one who should be judging down here. You know, live our life. If you Christian, if you whatever, that’s great. But let them, it’s not our decision to judge down here.

Let me throw some scenarios out here for you guys, ok? So you know, we also have, I do a lot for our military. I love our military. So I been hearing about the gays in the military.

So, question. So, if you got the enemy with a gun pointing toward your head, and you know one of your fellow soldiers are gay, now, you been the one that said “No gays in the military,” ok? Do it matter to you, then, if somebody about to take your life, if one of your gay comrades save your life? I don’t think it do…

This is my opinion, and Imma tell you why I got my opinion, ok? My brother-in-law, who was in the Air Force, right, my brother-in-law is gay. He got married to his partner that’s gay. Now, 25 years from now, being from the south, this probably would’ve been a different story. He educated me.

You know, so my thing is this right here. I love my brother-in-law, Ken, just like I do my brothers. Because it’s time for us to get past all that. Now, we talk about it; we talk about it all the time.

Now I, you know what, and let me just tell you this. I am married, and I’m fine. Now, if that’s your preference, it’s not for us to judge. And look, this is my opinion, because I have friends of mine that’s gay.

Now, hey, I just took over this interview. Don’t y’all like that? Now, I got a question for you. If, look, guys, I can multi-task a little bit. I am getting a cricket. Right now, putting it on a hook with a bobber. And now, I’m talking to y’all. And I lost my train of thought.*

OK. So, my thing is this right here, ok? My whole attitude about all of this is this. This is strictly my opinion. I’m not going on, I’m not interested in doing the circuit. I’m not trying to sell a book. I’m not interested in doing the circuit to debate somebody.

But if we think, in this day and age, that [Jason] Collins is the only gay athlete that actively playing sports, you got another thing coming, America. Let’s get your head out of the sand.

Now, here’s what Imma tell you too. I played with a teammate, John Amaechi, that was gay. Now, he didn’t just wake up and decide, “I’m gay today.” So I have to think, I played with him for three or four years, he was gay then. Did I ever once feel uncomfortable, ok? Do I feel uncomfortable right now if a gay person around me? No.

* Most Karl thing ever. :)

“But you didn’t know that Amaechi was gay then…”
Well, let me add some more. Let me add a little bit of more caveat to that same equation. I am 100 percent sure of my manhood, ok? If a guy is gay, he can’t change my thought…

So yeah, I had teammates that was gay. I didn’t think about it then, but I didn’t look back saying, “Oh gosh…gross, gross!” I didn’t say that. And I’m telling you now, if I was still playing, I will lay down the gauntlet right now. If I was still playing, and Jason was a teammate of mine, or John Amaechi was a teammate of mine, ok, and other guys that could be gay, I would still undress in front of them now. I’m not afraid of that.

Now, remember, with age come a little bit of wisdom and a little bit of knowledge. I must say, I, with age, I became more open and educated on things. Just like the Magic Johnson thing. I don’t take back what I said, but I’m educated on it, ok?

We can have a civilized debate, because I’m not one to say, “Nope, this how it is. This how it is.” … I’m just speaking from my feeling and my experience. I have no problem at all. Matter of fact, I almost did the cover for the great, the gay pride magazine in Utah. And if they axed me to be the Grand Marshal in their parade, I would do it.

Would Karl Malone be upset about someone passing him on the all-time scoring list?
No, sir…If I felt like that, I would’ve kept playing. I came back from my injury, I would’ve kept playing. I never played the game for stats. And if someone were to overtake me, if I get their [phone] number, I’ll be the first one to congratulate them…

Every great thing gotta come to an end. And I’m happy, and I’ll be more than happy if somebody approaches or pass me. I’m not a hater, and I don’t drink haterade. So I’m good.

Here’s how we like to finish my interviews, like this. I’m Karl Malone, and I approve of this message.* (97.5 FM)

* Hearing this just makes me grin and grin. I love Karl!!

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  1. May 4, 2013 12:43 pm

    this was my favorite read of the day!

  2. May 4, 2013 9:36 pm

    Thanks Moni — I was saving this interview for the saturday downbeat! grrr!


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