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Game 79 Jazz vs. Thunder: Welp.

April 10, 2013

facepalm timeout

Three more chances.

Pre-Game Quotage
** Tyrone Corbin on the Jazz’s remaining games: We have four games, and they’re gonna all be tough games, and we gotta make sure we stay with our foot on the paddle* and making sure that we understand where we are and what we have to do to continue to do to maintain that spot…We have a lot to play for. So I mean, the main thing is that we understand that we, we’re not lock yet. You know, we have to make sure that we understand that we have to play for our lives, and we’re playing for our lives, so we gotta make–understand that we have to play a certain way for us to have a chance to win.
* Not a typo
** Corbin on whether he ever runs plays for Derrick Favors: We have. We have at times. We have.
** Corbin on what Favors was like when he first joined the Jazz: Scared. He was a scared 19-year-old, man…He’s understanding, he’s growing up. He’s understanding the business a little bit more, and the things that he has to do to be a bigger role in the team that he’s on. And I think he’s just relaxed. I mean, he’s comfortable now because he feel wanted here. And he’s feel that he has the value, he has a role in how good we do or how bad we do because of how he’s playing. [How did “scared” present itself?] He was just so standoffish. He didn’t know what to think of anything.

corbin favors tweet

** Favors on his performance over the past week: You know, I’m just going out there playing basketball, really. You know, going out there, playing defense, getting rebounds, score when I get a opportunity.
** Favors on whether he expects to see more situational substitutions in the future: Nah. No. It’s up to coach, you know? But we’ll see. We’ll see how it goes.
** Mo Williams on Favors: I think he’s aggressive. You know, obviously, he gets limited touches, as far as on the offensive end, from us, but when he does get the ball, he’s aggressive and he makes plays.

pink grandmas

** Mo on guarding Russell Westbrook: Well, you just get help. I don’t think one person can guard him. Imma do my damndest on him…He’s bigger than me, stronger than me. So I’m gonna need help from my teammates.
** Mo on guarding Kevin Durant: It’s Kevin Durant, fellas. You know, so, I don’t think too much you can do to him. But I think that DeMarre [Carroll], he’s one of the better defenders in the league that we have…He’s going to make it extremely difficult on Kevin, but you know, we talking about one of the better players in this league. DeMarre’s not going to be able to do it by himself, so we’re going to have to play good defense as a collective unit today to be successful.
** Paul Millsap on defending the Thunder: We feel like we’ve got good guard play, you know, that can pretty much, somewhat match up against them. So it’s not gonna just be that much of a difference, you know, like everybody think it is.
** DeMarre Carroll on Marvin Williams and Alec Burks being out: It’s just another game for me, another opportunity…the more opportunity, the better. You know, I like to strive my opportunity whenever I get a chance, and you know, hopefully Marvin do gets to play and hopefully Burks can get that ankle right, so, but like I said before, it’s just another opportunity for me to show I’m a true professional.

lakers fan

Post-Game Quotage
** Tyrone Corbin: They did a good job. And they, this is a good team, man. They knew that we are inside-out team trying to get ball into Al, and they really did a good job with [Kendrick] Perkins and [Serge] Ibaka clogging that middle up…Tough loss, you know? It’s a tough loss tonight. We’re disappointed on our home floor, but we lost to a good team. And this team is playing very well. They know who they are. They, you know, was in the championship last year. So it’s a good team, but you know what? It’s a tough loss for us.
** Paul Millsap: I don’t think we should be frustrated at all, man, ’cause it’s, we gave everything we had…We got some things to work on offensively. When guys get out and guard us, you know, we gotta have counters and make the right play backdoors, in the next couple of games. (KALL,1280,Utah Jazz)

Question: If you’re a coach and your plan is to go inside, and the other team knows you’re going to go inside, and you know the other team knows you’re going to go inside…why are you not prepared with counters and why are you caught off guard when the other team shows you that they knew you were going to go inside, which you already knew they knew?

Random Stuff, etc.
** Enes Kanter update (and correction of misinformation):

corbin enes tweets

** Derrick Favors/puppy update: Puppy’s doing good. You know, it got bigger. You know, he’s playing around a lot more now, a little bit. He’s doing good.
** Total warm fuzzies, am I right?

paul ronnie b

** I’m sure Jazz fans on Twitter did their best to get the white-out going. Ty, on the other hand…

ty f u

** Carroll on whether he’s rather bowl a 300 or bring down a backboard in-game: Easily, easily it’d have to be a 300. You know, I’m really gonna try this bowling, man. I’m really tryna be PBA. I watched some PBA action this weekend, and I saw Terrell Owens had his own team, and you know, I actually know some people that know him, and Imma try to reach out to him and ask, see if I can get out there and be with [them] a little bit and be on his team.

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Night (UDQM)
** DeMarre on defending Durant: I just try to mix it up, man. Try to make him, you know, do things that he don’t wanna do.
** Boler: Big Al rides the belt of Perkins. Into the paint he goes, a little wiggle. Shots away.
** Boler: Jefferson drives in on Perkins. Deep in that low block, Foye misfires again.
** Harpring: And they’re coming so hard at Foye that maybe a pump fake…
** Boler on Durant hitting his knee: Trying to shake that one off. I don’t know if he hit it.
** Harpring: Westbrook is initiating a lot of contact on Mo Williams.
** Boler on Favors dunk: OH THE POWER INSIDE!
** Harpring: Hayward is a one-man show tonight.
** Harpring: Hayward’s gotta turn his head. You can’t have your head turned and not know where the ball is.
** Boler: Try the 6-inch Select at your local Subway restaurant.

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  1. Rafael Amarante permalink
    April 10, 2013 9:14 pm

    Scared? I’ll tell you, I’M scared. Scared that Tyrone Corbin will be the Jazz coach for the foreseeable future.


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