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Bits from Randy Rigby Interview, 4/3 (Bonus: Tyrone Corbin’s Suits Explained!)

April 5, 2013
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Gordon Hayward is an “NBA-style player”
I recently, some of the moves that I’ve seen Gordon make, to the basket, have been very impressive. He has been, he is a NBA-style player now, and he’s really grown in being able to, be able to come into this league, and say “I deserve to be here, and I can play here, with these guys.”

Jerry Sloan likes Enes Kanter
One of the greatest compliments I’ve heard recently, I was up talking with Jerry Sloan, game before last, during just after the ti–after the halftime.

And Jerry had made some very nice compliments to Enes Kanter, saying, “There is a great-looking young man there. I am so impressed with his work ethic, and improvements and steps that he has made in such a short period of time in his play. And his work ethic.”

And so, that was a great compliment to me coming from Jerry Sloan.

No more selfishness
Right now, what, there, I think we went through a brief spell where, a couple of games, where there was a little bit of selfishness, and Ty–Rone, and, Coach Corbin, put a, nipped it in the bud real fast with the players, and they’ve responded to it, and I wanna say our players have really stepped up.

And it’s all evident with Al Jefferson getting, you know, Western Conference Player of the Week, and well-deserved, and comes right off behind that, and has the game he did last, on Monday night.

Obligatory weekly front office praise for Tyrone Corbin
Tyrone Corbin is, he is the biggest critic of himself. And I’ve been so impressed with how he constantly looks, and is analyzing, and is talking, talking as a coaching staff, and looking as like, what can we do better?

Talking, and working with our owners, as well as talking with Dennis [Lindsey] and Kevin [O’Connor]. I can’t say we, we are very ecs–happy with the progress and the commitment that we’re seeing from Tyrone Corbin.

Tyrone Corbin’s Suits Explained
Gordon Monson: Certainly can’t criticize his wardrobe. He’s one of the best-dressed coaches in the league…Every game, he’s wearing a suit I haven’t seen him wear before! I’m going, what’s his wardrobe budget?! Do you pay for that, Randy?

Rigby: No. Yes. Through the regular, through his salary, I guess…

Monson: I asked him about it, and he gave all the blame credit to his wife.

Rigby: I would, and it’s well-deserving of his wife.* And you know what? What I like about Tyrone, he’s take pride in himself, and takes pride in being a part of this organization, and about his players, and he, and I think it shows on how he dresses.**

* I literally (and I mean that in the actual sense, not the way Rigby uses it) facepalmed at this.
** I facepalmed a second time at this.

On Greg Miller
The acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree.

* This comes on the heels of Kevin O’Connor’s “Water under the dam” regarding the Deron Williams trade.

More satisfying: Making the Playoffs, or making sure the Lakers don’t?
Making the Playoffs…Would that not add, to your point, to see also, a team that’s got a $ 100 million payroll not make the Playoffs, and a team that’s, you know, is well under, is underneath the luxury tax, and working hard, a scrappy team like we have here in this community, to make the Playoffs.

I think it speaks a lot, and you know, a lot of tea–people have sai–and your co–article, Gordon, about the Playoffs. And one thing I want to continue to say to this community, to all of us: There’s only 16 teams* that make the Playoffs. You know? Eight on each of these conferences.

And these are games that are now going to be seen, not only nationally, but internationally, and it speaks to, really the height of now building up towards, being, one, the NBA champion. And I, I mean, it’s really the ultimate place of where you’re now seeing the best of the best of basketball.

And so, the honor to be able to now be one of those Playoff teams means a lot. And I think it, and it’s seen a lot, internationally. And so, I think it’s really an honor that we should look at and say, “We want to be there to that dance, and to be, have gone, to win those games, that makes you qualify to be there.”

‘Cause then you never know what could potentially happen, and how things unfold, who gets on a run at the right time, different, ’cause some of the things that’s, breaks that happen, and I wa–you know what, I’m not talking about physical breaks, but sometimes it is physical breaks, but literally, things that can happen, that can allow you to advance even further.

* Sixteen, i.e. more than half the teams in the league. More teams make the Playoffs than don’t make the Playoffs every year. But you knew that already.

On honoring Jerry Sloan
There are discussions about that. And it’ll be forthcoming. It’s, you know. Jerry Sloan is well-deserving of some very nice accolades from us as an organization, and they will happen.

On the Jazz’s ballyhooed future Jumbotron
I’ll tell you what. Greg and Steve Miller are very passionate and we’re working very closely on some really exciting plans. It’s a little premature for me to say, definitely when. But it’s something that we definitely want to, is an improvement that we are very mindful of, and working very hard at…

[Fans] are not going to be disappointed. They, it, they’re going to lo–when it happens, they’re going to love it. (1280)

5 Comments leave one →
  1. stpx permalink
    April 5, 2013 5:53 pm

    do the owners and GM “really ” think corbin is doing a good job??

    • April 5, 2013 11:59 pm

      Loaded question…

      • stpx permalink
        April 6, 2013 1:22 am

        the “fighting” camels (lol)……………….which reminds me, what happened to eric griffin? Kid had talent……(didnt get drafted last year out of Campbell).

  2. April 6, 2013 1:21 am

    I’m sorry, but this is kinda heartbreaking:

    “… the honor to be able to now be one of those Playoff teams means a lot.”

    Seriously, Randy’s rhetoric sounds like what the Campbell Camels say about making the NCAA tournament.

    The Jazz aren’t supposed to be the Campbell Camels!!!!!!

    Has our team REALLY fallen this far?

  3. MyKroberts permalink
    April 6, 2013 5:38 am

    If Tyrone is his own biggest critic does that mean he is also on the #FireCorbin bandwagon?

    The suit thing is just mind boggling. I wonder how his wife dresses.


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