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Game 74 Jazz vs. Nets: MoFo Torches the Nets

March 31, 2013

Enough said?

foye bucket chart

P.S. Word on the street is, a certain Nets player wouldn’t allow P.J. Carlesimo onto the team plane, and Carlesimo was forced to fly commercial back to Brooklyn so he can think about what he did.

P.P.S. How much does Enes Kanter idolize Al Jefferson? As pointed out by @5kl, Enes is now going without one arm in tribute to “Armless Al“:

armless enes-s

** Tyrone Corbin: To come back after the win last night in Portland, and traveling back, and to understand where we are this time of year, and all that’s involved in that, and to come out with the focus that these guys have right from the beginning of the game, man, they, it’s pleasing to see.
** 80 seconds of Corbin: We’re playing better, you know, and it’s great for this group of guys, man…We had some times we didn’t play our best basketball, but this group of guys continue to show high character, and as a result, you see what’s going on now…This is a high-character group of guys, man, and they push each other, they support each other, they understand where we are…I just have great respect for this group of guys.

ty viThings were not peachy in Ty-Vi land, despite the Jazz’s record improving to 5-1 with Vi under Ty

** Corbin on Randy Foye: Hey. He, you know what? He’s been a treat all year for us, man. He’s just a pleasure to be around. First, he’s a great guy. But the way that he work everyday to continue to get better, and to see him have a game like tonight, it’s really rewarding.
** Foye on Foye (#UDQM): Man, I can’t even explain to you the feeling. It’s just, it’s a feeling where it’s just like, your body is numb. And you just out there, in your own little world.
** Derrick Favors on Foye: That what he do. You know’m sayin? That what he do.
** Mo Williams on Foye: He shot the, shot the [shakes head] Good Lord, he shot the…
** Gordon Hayward on Foye: He’s that hot, I might as well not shoot. Just keep giving him the ball.

gordon-deron-sGordon Hayward’s Revenge

** Deron Williams on Hayward: Jazz fans, they still talk about that, me yelling at him [in Gordon’s second NBA game], that time I threw him the ball*…It’s fun to go up against him. He’s going to be a special player.
* Threw him the ball…threw the ball at him. What’s the difference, right?
** Deron Williams on Hayward’s block: He knew he held me. He held me with his off-hand. (1280, Utah Jazz)

Random Stuff, etc.
** Jerry Sloan and Mrs. Jerry with @UkNo1Jazzfan’s monkey (#IDQM):

BGqRa2NCYAAq9cM.jpg large

** Some really bad suits on the Jazz bench tonight, and that’s not even with Ty in the picture. Look at Mike Sanders’ pants!

bad suits

** The Jazz honored Memo Okur during a timeout. Now, about honoring Jerry…

memo honored

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Night (UDQM)
** Boler: Big Al there on the backside to put it up and in.
** Boler: Millsap teaming up with Favors with a beauty. (H/T @griffinhoopes, who nominates this one for the #UDQMHOF)
** Harpring on Foye: There’s no one better when he’s hot! Boler: All because of quick hands.
** Boler: Mo was able to get up….Mo still trying to stretch it out.
** Harpring: something about “8 inches of room” (H/T @RxMike12)
** Boler: Push it up! Nice, soft touch. Al Jefferson.
** Harpring on Favors: You salivate over his “potential”….he’s got the complete package. (The quotation marks may be me editorializing)
** Boler: Uh oh. Watson just put the hammer down on Williams and he is on his knees. (H/T @griffinhoopes)
** Boler: Horn beater! (H/T @kidfromkor)
** Boler on Deron: Foye caught him out front. He thought he was riding him pretty well.
** Harpring on Foye: I want Randy to know that he can chest bump me any time he wants. Just lean over the table, I got you. (H/T @5kl, @kidfromkor)
** Thurl on Hayward’s bad shooting night: He did some other things that were unbelievable.
** Phil Johnson on Hayward and Foye: If these two guys would’ve made them tonight, it would’ve been a show.
** Big Al: Swing, swing, swing, and my man was there ready. You know, they were coming off me, coming off on him to double me, and he was knocking ’em down.

5 Comments leave one →
  1. March 31, 2013 10:36 pm

    Great stuff. Nothing better than honoring the perfect Turkish family at half court. :-)

  2. RedRockJazz permalink
    April 1, 2013 5:46 am

    This was my annual drive up to SLC and watch the Jazz lose game. Surprisingly, they played so well I lost my voice from cheering rather than screaming bloody murder. I don’t know how it came across on TV, but that place was LOUD!

    • modernagejazz permalink
      April 1, 2013 10:12 am

      Sweet! :D

    • April 1, 2013 11:57 am

      Many empty seats as usual, but the crowd was definitely way more into the game than we’ve seen in months!


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