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Bits from Randy Rigby Interview, 3/27

March 29, 2013
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State of the Jazz
It was a fragile, unfortunately, March, and we knew it was going to be a tough March. And it proved out to be a really tough March. But we’ve got to finish out here strong now…

You have to look at each and every one of these games and say, “We have to take care of business each and every night, and put our very best out on the floor.” And I know Ty[rone Corbin]’s gonna do that. I mean, we gonna, our guys are looking at this thing. We’re not out of this in any stretch of the imagination.

As we’ve always said, we’re in this thing to try to get to the Playoffs. That’s what every team–you can’t win the ring if you don’t get to the dance. And we’ve got to get to the dance, which is the Playoffs.

If Tyrone Corbin allowed you to address the team, what would you say to them?
Well, you know, and Ty, by the way, has been very good. We’ve had, in the last couple weeks, we had some really good one-on-one conversations between myself, the owners, Greg [Miller], and Kevin [O’Connor], and Dennis [Lindsey], and our coaching staff. And, I mean, one of the conversations that we continue to have is playing hard. And you’re playing, and playing as a team.

Now, it sounds a little cliche. I know it.

But right now, and there’s that continual struggle with a lot of our players, who are playing for new contracts. But we play together as a team. This is about team ball. And so, the emphasis I continue to make, I want to have, on the floor, those players who are willing to commit to play our style of basketball.

And if our players will do that, I want them to have the time on the floor, be it veteran or rookies. Or, not rookies, but our young guys. And so, you’ve got to play team ball. And then, we’ve got to play harder- and tougher-nosed defensively.

I think we’ve got to continue to s–improve our deven–our defensive toughness. For the rest of this season, and also, moving into next year, taking it continually another step up. And that’s gonna be something that I’m gonna be harping on in a major way, and I, and Dennis and Kevin and I have had conversations about that.

I know Ty is also having conversations about it. We’re gonna continue to want to improve our defyensive toughness as a team.

On Corbin’s huge success keeping the locker room together
COACH has done a remarkable job of really, to that point, he has kept that locker room together. He has given respect to each one of our players, and held them, also, at the same time, all of them responsible for improving and developing, and playing together, and I think Ty has done a remarkable job.

He’s done the job that we’ve asked him to do from a front office and from our ownership standpoint as well. And we’ve been very open and had very good communications. And so we’ve all been in sync together. And so I’ve been very impressed with the job that Ty has done.

And I don’t, it’s easy for him to, takes a lot of shots, from time to time, but Ty’s done a great job.

On Corbin’s rotations
Ty also’s like, he’s taking responsibility sometimes of, as we, at the end of a game, said “I maybe stayed with him too long” or “I maybe should have looked at this.”*

But you know what? Those are things, he’s at least recognizing when he’s made mistakes, taking accountability, and we’re holding him, he’s holding himself accountable like each and one of us is saying, are we doing the best that we can do in our area. (1280)

* Randy may be a little confused. Those are Jerry Sloan’s post-game comments right there. Ty has never questioned himself in post-games, and gets defensive and snippy if any beat writer asks him to explain why he did something or if he considered doing something differently.

P.S. Anywhere where you thought there was a typo in this post, it wasn’t a typo.

4 Comments leave one →
  1. March 29, 2013 10:09 pm

    Epic Freudian Slip here:

    “I want them to have the time on the floor, be it veteran or rookies. Or, not rookies, but our young guys.”

    That’s gold, RR.

  2. Kashif permalink
    March 29, 2013 11:49 pm

    Wow, I just lost all faith In Randy Rigby after that interview. He is impressed with Corbin??? Shoot me now, this team is screwed.

  3. FuninIdahoFalls permalink
    March 30, 2013 12:12 am

    What an absolute bumbling idiot! He LOVES Corbin! Doesn’t see a flaw in him. Fire Randy Rigby! Lets get some young blood into the mix here… These old dumb, NOT WITH REALITY management need to GO!

  4. March 30, 2013 2:25 am

    Just to give him the benefit of the doubt, Randy may have meant that Ty took responsibility for some end of game lineups not with the media, but behind the scenes in meetings with him and other mgmt members.


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