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Bits from Dennis Lindsey Interview, 3/15

March 16, 2013
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** Dennis Lindsey on the weather in Chicago, #UDQM: I’m a little soft. I’m a little soft. I don’t know how to handle this cold weather.

On losing eight of 10 games
Clearly, we’re headed in the wrong direction in a couple of areas…you know, we’re searching on a lot of different things, and hopefully the results will improve here real quick.

What areas most concern you?
Well, you know, it’s, the biggest area of concern is, you know, our defensive habits. You know, that’s been chronicled all year long, guys, so it’s not a new area. You know, we just have to, we have to do a better job of getting back, and in the pick and roll, and you know, following the game plan…

The good news is that, you know, all of our players are now, two years running, playing, they’re all playing in meaningful games the last 20, 30 games of each of the last two seasons, and in some ways, this is like an extended playoff run for us because every game matters.

On criticism of Tyrone Corbin’s rotations and player usage (e.g. Gordon Hayward playing 1.5 quarters straight through)
You can probably criticize Ty on his playing choices, but by and large, you know, right, as of today we’re a winning club [although] it’s not where we want to be, and the young guys are all contributing to that. So to balance that, have that perfect equation, you know, he’s just not going to be able to satisfy, you know, 100 percent of the people.

And we understand that. We’ve told him that. We’ve hopefully given him the internal support, you know, but again, it is what it is, and you know, we’re trying to win. We’re trying to develop, and very few teams have been able to do that successfully.

Win vs. develop or lose vs. lottery pick
Really, from my perspective, I really want us to win for Ty. You know, I think it’s important for a young coach. I really want us to win, because the players have done what we’ve asked them to do…

But you know, if we don’t, if we fall short and we’re ninth or tenth, you know, it’s my job specifically. The arrow needs to be pointed at me, and we need to make lemonade and I’m very confident with our two picks, we’ll make good things happen with that.

Are you eager to put your stamp on this team?
You know, I’m just anxious for us as a group, and it’s not that important to me to, you know, show that I’m in charge…I know people want the buck to stop somewhere and at the end of the day going forward that’s gonna be me, but that’s really not the nature of how you come about decisions.

And in the organizations in the league that I’ve been in, and been in some pretty good ones, and you know, Kevin [O’Connor]’s been very collaborative, so I wouldn’t say that.

How much do you utilize advanced metrics?
You know, really on an everyday basis. We have a stat that goes out every week. We’ve hired some analysts in consulting positions.

And so, really, we’re, and its something, again, guys, that I don’t, I want to present this in the proper light. You know, Scott Layden, Bob Hyde, Kevin O’Connor were using analytics way back. They really were. And there’s a lot of ways to be analytical…I’m very confident in where we’re at.

How disappointed were you by the lack of effort in New York and Oklahoma City?
To be honest with you, guys, and I don’t mean to punt on the question, I didn’t see either game ’cause I was at a conference tournament. I still need to watch those two games today.

Checketts: Don’t watch them.

DL: That’s what Kevin said…Clearly, guys, you know, we’re, you know, the performance that we’ve had the last two weeks, everybody understands it’s not acceptable. I do expect that we’ll come with a competitive response, and I’ll be disappointed if we don’t.

Do you weigh your analysis* of certain games based on quality of opponent?
You know, I think you have to. I think you look at all the individual games, but you know, you can parse the data so thin, that really you can paint any picture you want with the numbers, and that’s the danger in analytics. (1280)

* The word Spencer Checketts actually used was “analyzation.” Lindsey responded by calling him “Gordon.”

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  1. March 16, 2013 11:17 pm

    Love when Lindsey says: “there are a lot of ways to be analytic.” Kind of like when we say a gal is beautiful if you look at the inside. He’s clearly being rather generous with the use of “analytics” regarding past Jazz teams.


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